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1,4022022-05-17Top 20 European Countries With The Strongest Militaries
1,0812022-06-13Top 50 Countries With The Tallest People
6022022-06-23European Countries by GDP Per Capita
3652022-03-05Top 15 Most Racist European Countries
2102021-12-25Top 50 Coldest Countries by Average Temperature
1572022-01-06All European Countries by GDP - In Order
1502022-01-12Countries Outside Europe With The Most White Population
1432022-02-17Top 50 Biggest Cities in Eastern Europe
1422022-03-12Top 50 Happiest Countries in the World
1402021-12-25Top 50 Hottest Countries by Average Temperature
1362022-02-28Top 100 Most Spoken Languages in the World
1222022-01-01Top 50 Biggest Cities in Latin America
1122022-02-18Top 50 Biggest Cities in Nordic Europe and Baltics
1062022-07-14Top 50 Countries With The Highest Life Expectancy
1012022-01-11All Countries that Do Not Use the Latin Alphabet
952022-02-19Top 50 Countries With The Biggest GDPs
922022-08-05Top 50 Countries With Most Immigrants
912022-07-02Top 50 Most Visited Countries
902022-01-30All African Countries by GDP - In Order
842022-02-06All European Countries by HDI - In Order
802022-08-05Countries With The Most European Ancestry
772022-01-12Top 10 Countries in The Americas with the Most Indigenous Population
732022-01-10Estados Brasileiros por PIB - Em Ordem
702022-06-12Top 50 Least Corrupt Countries
682021-12-22All Countries that Speak a Romance Language
672022-07-19Countries With The Most White People
662022-06-30All Countries of Asia from Richest to Poorest - In Order
662021-03-08US States by HDI
652022-02-02All Asian Countries by HDI - In Order
642022-01-30All Asian Countries by GDP - In Order
622022-03-19Top 50 Least Happy Countries in the World
622022-07-12Top 10 Richest and Poorest European Countries
622022-01-30All Countries in Oceania by GDP - In Order
622021-12-23All Countries rated with "Very High" HDI
602021-12-13Countries with the most Portuguese Speakers
592022-03-15European Countries by Land Area - In Order
582022-08-03Top 50 Richest Countries In The World
582022-04-20European Countries With The Most African Population
572021-12-10European Countries by Average Temperature
542022-07-02Top 25 Highest FIFA Ranked Countries
522022-04-21United States Immigration by Country - Extreme
522021-12-22Countries in Both Southern and Northern Hemisphere
502022-03-10Biggest "Port" Cities
502022-07-12Top 10 Richest and Poorest Countries in Asia
492022-07-30Top 50 Most Christian Countries
482022-08-04Top 50 Least Peaceful Countries
482022-07-15Countries Smaller Than Their Neighbors
482022-08-04Top 50 Most Peaceful Countries
482022-06-30All African Countries by GDP Per Capita - In Order
482022-04-06All Countries Ranked as Democracies
472022-03-20European Countries With The Highest Crime Rate
472022-03-14Biggest Cities in Germanic Europe
462022-08-02Top 50 Countries With The Highest Point On Land
442022-06-11Top 50 Poorest Countries In The World
432022-03-20European Countries With The Highest Murder Rate
432022-07-22Countries With The Heaviest Men
432022-06-18Host Cities for 2026 FIFA World Cup
432022-06-11Top 50 Least Densely Populated Countries
432022-06-23Countries in The Americas From Richest to Poorest - In Order
432022-07-17Countries With The Most Blue-Eyed People
432022-08-07Top 50 Most Corrupt Countries
422022-06-15Top 50 Countries With The Best Passports
422022-08-02Top 50 Cities With The Biggest GDP
422022-06-18Top 50 Countries With The Biggest Obesity Rate
412022-03-21Richest Countries in the World - With Exceptions
412022-03-03Top 20 European Countries With The Youngest Median Age
412022-06-24Richest to Poorest - Eastern Europe
412022-03-20Countries With the Least Poverty - With Exceptions
412022-08-01Top 50 Most Democratic Countries
402022-07-31Countries With The Most Olympic Medals
402022-07-11European Countries by Economy
402022-06-15NATO Countries by Military Strength
402022-06-27Countries That Are In More Than One Continent
402022-01-08All Countries Where the Majority of Population Live in Rural Areas
402022-02-04All Countries in The Americas by HDI - In Order
402022-07-01Most Visited Countries - With Exceptions
392022-03-12Countries With The Lowest Literacy Rate - With Exceptions
392022-03-11Least Obese European Countries
392022-06-13Countries by German Ancestry
382022-04-03Estados Brasileiros com Maiores Taxas de Obesidade
382022-03-09Top 50 Countries With The Greatest Obesity Rate - With Exceptions
382022-07-03Countries With The Most Germans
372022-08-06Top 50 Strongest Militaries
372022-06-29Top 50 Poorest Countries With Exceptions
372022-03-08Top 15 Countries in The Americas by Obesity Rate
372022-07-03Top 50 Countries by Urbanization
372022-07-24Top 50 Countries With The Highest Literacy Rate
372022-05-01All Countries in the Americas by GDP - In Order
372022-05-16Least Religious Countries
362022-04-06Countries With The Tallest People - With Exceptions
362022-05-28Countries By Italian Ancestry
352022-03-20Countries With the Most Poverty - With Exceptions
352022-06-26All Countries Richer Than World Average
342022-07-02Top Richest Countries That Speak a Germanic Language
342022-01-13Least Corrupt Countries With Exceptions
342022-06-30Top 50 Countries By HDI With Exceptions
342022-07-18Countries With The Most Light-Haired People
332022-03-22U.S. Cities With Most Brazilian Immigrants
322022-02-14Top 30 Countries With The Heaviest Women
322022-03-22Countries With The Most Brazilians
322022-07-02Richest Countries That Speak a Romance Language
322022-07-16Top 50 Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate
322022-06-19Top 20 U.S. States With The Biggest Obesity Rate
322022-06-27Richest Countries in Latin America and Caribbean
322022-08-01Top 50 Countries With The Highest IQ Scores
312022-07-01Countries by Russian Ancestry
312022-07-31Countries With Most Catholics
312022-07-03Top 50 Least Urbanized Countries
302022-05-02European Countries Losing Population
292022-07-19All Countries Mentioned in Overwatch
292022-06-06Busiest Airports In Latin America
292022-07-06Countries by Ukrainian Ancestry
292022-07-11Most Dangerous Cities in the World
292022-04-01Countries With The Most Instagram Users
292022-07-03South American Countries by Economy
292022-06-24Richest Southern Hemisphere Countries
292022-03-10Top 15 Least Corrupt Countries in The Americas
292022-04-16Cities With The Biggest GDPs In Latin America
282022-06-15European Countries With The Shortest People
282022-06-11Top 50 Most Densely Populated Countries
282021-12-24Countries with a Brazilian Embassy
282022-07-23Top 50 Countries With The Most Freedom
282022-04-03Countries With The Highest Childhood Obesity
272022-07-03Countries That Are The Greatest Source of Immigrants
272022-04-03European Countries With The Heaviest People
272022-06-15Top 50 Countries With The Tallest Women
272022-07-16Top 50 Countries By Suicide Rate
272022-03-20Smallest Countries by Area - With Exceptions
272022-03-19Cities With The Highest Elevation
272022-02-10Countries With The Lowest Murder Rate - With Exceptions
262022-03-22Top 15 Happiest Countries - With Exceptions
262022-04-09Richest Northern Hemisphere Countries
262022-07-02Top 10 Richest Spanish-Speaking Countries
262022-07-10Top 25 Most Obese U.S. States
262022-07-06Countries by Japanese Ancestry
252022-07-23Top 50 Countries With The Least Freedom
252022-06-30Top 50 Richest Countries With Exceptions
252022-07-01Countries by Spanish Ancestry
252022-06-23U.S. States or European Countries by GDP Per Capita
252022-07-15Countries With The Lowest Life Expectancy With Exceptions
252022-06-12Richest to Poorest - Western Europe
252022-07-21Top 50 Countries Hosting The Most Refugees
242022-05-22Richest Eastern European Countries
242022-02-21Biggest Metro Areas in Brazil
242022-07-02Top Countries by Wine-Consumption Per Capita
242022-05-28Latin American Diaspora
232022-07-22European Countries With The Highest Infant Mortality
232022-07-13All Countries in Order by GDP
232022-07-11Top European Countries by Education Spending
232022-08-01Top 50 Countries With The Lowest IQ Score
232022-06-07Countries With a Higher GDP Than New York City
232022-07-21Top 50 Countries With The Highest Depression Rate
232022-06-16Brazil ... or Argentina?
222022-06-14Countries Brazil Declared War On
222022-07-16Top 10 Richest and Poorest Countries in Africa
222022-06-15Top 50 Countries With The Shortest Men
212022-07-14Western European Countries From Richest to Poorest
212022-04-03Countries With Most Obese People
212022-07-24European Countries With The Lowest Literacy Rate
212022-05-29Countries By Portuguese Ancestry
212022-07-17Top 50 Countries With The Lowest Murder Rate
202022-08-01Most Democratic Countries - With Exceptions
202022-05-21Countries With The Tallest Women
202022-05-21Countries With The Tallest Women - With Exceptions
202022-07-11Eastern European Countries by HDI
202022-07-11U.S. States vs. Rest of The Americas - GDP
202022-03-12Countries With The Most Internet Hosts
202022-04-03Countries With The Highest Obesity Rate in Males
202022-04-20Where is This City? - Europe
202022-07-01Countries by Dutch Ancestry
202022-04-20Which City Is Located In This Country?
202022-07-17Top 50 Countries With The Lowest Fertility Rate
202022-06-28Least Corrupt Countries In The Americas
192022-07-21Countries Where People Smoke The Most
192022-07-16Top 50 Countries By Crime Rate
192022-07-18European Countries by Government Leader
192022-07-06Countries by French Ancestry
192022-07-17Top 10 Countries In The Americas With The Lowest Murder Rate
192021-12-27U.S. States GDP Compared to Other Countries GDP
192022-06-11All Continents From Richest To Poorest - In Order
182022-07-23Countries With The Most Freedom - With Exceptions
182022-05-14The Americas - Multiple Choice
182022-07-01All Island Countries From Richest to Poorest
182022-06-28Latin American Countries With The Greatest Economies
182022-07-18Top 50 Weakest Militaries
182022-06-27African or Latin American Countries by Population
172022-06-24American or Asian Countries by HDI
172022-06-27Richest Countries in North America
172022-07-21Top 50 Countries With The Shortest Women
172022-07-17Top 50 Countries By Murder Rate
162022-07-06Countries by Polish Ancestry
162022-04-01Countries With The Lowest Access to Electricity
162022-04-10Biggest Cities in the Southern Cone
162022-04-13Country Names - From Portuguese to English
162022-07-14Balkan Countries From Richest to Poorest
152022-07-17Top 50 Countries With The Biggest Fertility Rate
152022-05-15Brazil - True or False
142022-03-18American Countries by Highest Point on Land
142022-04-07Which Country in Latin America?
142022-07-21Top 50 Countries by Diabetes Rate
142022-06-27Latin American or African Countries by GDP Per Capita
142022-06-24Richest Eastern Hemisphere Countries
142022-07-05Countries With The Most Mestizos
142022-03-13Countries With Most COVID-19 Cases
132022-05-14South America - True or False?
132022-06-08Translate These Portuguese Verbs
132022-04-19Where is This City? - Asia
132022-06-27Southern Hemisphere Countries by HDI
132022-07-22Countries With The Lowest Infant Mortality With Exceptions
122022-06-09Most Populous First-Level Subdivisions In The World
122022-05-22Countries With The Heaviest People In The Americas
122022-03-19Countries of Asia by Highest Point on Land
122022-04-19Where is This City? - Americas
122022-06-13Countries In The Amazon Rainforest
112022-08-05NATO Countries From Richest to Poorest
112022-07-01Richest to Poorest Countries - Oceania
112022-06-26American or Asian Countries by GDP
112022-06-13Least Developed Countries
112022-07-17Countries With The Lowest Fertility Rate - With Exceptions
112022-05-26What Is The Capital Of...?
112022-06-24Richest Western Hemisphere Countries
102022-05-02Countries Ranked as "Medium" and "Low" HDI
102022-07-21Countries With The Most Depression Cases
102022-07-24Countries With The Least Reported Rape Cases
92022-03-25Which Country Has The Highest HDI?
92022-07-18American Countries by Military Strenght
92022-04-20Where is This City? - World
92022-07-24Countries Where Disney+ Is Available
72022-06-24American or Asian Countries by GDP Per Capita
72022-07-18American Countries by Government Leaders
72022-07-17Countries By Fertility Rate - With Exceptions
62022-07-21Countries With The Highest Cancer Rate
62022-07-22Countries With The Highest Infant Mortality Rate With Exceptions
52022-05-29Most Common Female First Names in Brazil
42022-08-08Countries With The Most Syrian Refugees