Pokémon Moves by Description

Difficulty: Brutal. Can you determine these Pokémon moves by their description? Not yet updated for SV.
Quiz by FroyoMNS
Last updated: February 8, 2024
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Attacking move which becomes more powerful at lower PP
Trump Card
User loses Fire typing after attacking
Burn Up
After the initial attack, this Grass move traps the target and damages them for 4-5 turns
Snap Trap
If the user goes before the target, the target's move for the turn becomes Electric type
User eats its held berry, gaining the berry's effect as well as +2 Defense
Stuff Cheeks
If target faints from this move, +3 Attack to user
Fell Stinger
Attacking Electric move which restores user's HP
Parabolic Charge
Attacking move with 80 power and 75 accuracy
If user faints to an attack before making another move, that attack loses all remaining PP
If the target uses a Fire move this turn, the target is damaged instead of using the move. Move has +1 priority
Protects team from having stats lowered for 5 turns
Signature move of Alolan Exeggutor
Dragon Hammer
-1 Attack, Special Attack, and Speed to poisoned target(s)
Venom Drench
Reverses target's stat changes
+1 Attack and Special Attack to all Grass Pokémon currently in battle
All Pokémon eat their held berry
Attacking move which prevents user and target from switching until one faints
Jaw Lock
-2 Attack to target. Flying type move
Feather Dance
Attacking move that bypasses accuracy checks. Move has -1 priority
Vital Throw
User's attack the next turn is guaranteed to result in a Critical Hit
Laser Focus
Fairy move, +1 Special Defense to an ally
Aromatic Mist
Psychic attacking move which removes screens
Psychic Fangs
Makes target weaker to Fire moves and drops target's speed one stage
Tar Shot
Physical Grass move which may cause flinching
Needle Arm
Prevents all non-Ghost Pokémon from switching out or running away the next turn
Fairy Lock
+1 Attack and Special Attack to allies with Plus or Minus
Gear Up
Attacking move which burns opponent(s) whose stats increased the same turn
Burning Jealousy
+1 Defense to all Grass Pokémon currently in battle
Flower Shield
Attacking move which requires the user to eat its held berry
-2 Special Attack to target(s). Only works on Pokémon of the opposite gender
Non-signature Physical move which is guaranteed to result in a Critical Hit
Storm Throw
Heals target's status condition and, if successful, heals user by 50% of their max HP
-1 Attack to target. Move has +1 priority
Baby-Doll Eyes
Heals user and allies by 25% of their max HP
Life Dew
Physical Grass move which also lowers target's Attack one stage
Trop Kick
Changes the target to a pure Psychic type
Magic Powder
+1 Defense and Special Defense to allies with Plus or Minus
Magnetic Flux
Prior to Generation VII, it was the only Special move with positive priority
Vacuum Wave
Swaps the Defense and Special Defense stats of all Pokémon for 5 turns
Wonder Room
Attacking move with 40% chance to lower Accuracy
Night Daze
Ground move with same effect as Recover
Shore Up
Heals target by 50% of max HP. Heals more in Grassy Terrain
Floral Healing
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