Texting Slang #1

Can you guess the meaning of these fourteen mostly American slang acronyms or shortenings commonly used in texting?
Quiz idea: PotatoDude
These are intentionally put in the fastest and most common way
Quiz by InfiniteBulk
Last updated: March 12, 2021
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First submittedMarch 10, 2021
Times taken250
Average score86.7%
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By The Way
I Know
Just Kidding
Laugh Out Loud
Oh My Gosh
Shaking My Head
So Much Hate
To Be Honest
Talk To You Later
See You
Level 59
Mar 10, 2021
Does anybody say so much hate? I don't think ive ever heard someone say that, or seen someone text that. great quiz tho
Level 66
Mar 10, 2021
Smh is commonly texted, and while "shaking my head" would never be texted, the same goes with "laugh out loud". Slang can take on different meanings than texting the meanings.
Level 35
Mar 10, 2021
This is a really smart idea, Im suprised QM hasnt done something lie this!
Level 66
Mar 10, 2021
Yeah, I had the idea individually, but then I checked and saw a low quality version. I put it as quiz idea so people wouldn't tell me the quiz was already out there.
Level 56
Mar 10, 2021
I will appreciate some easier type ins, like shake my head and laughing out loud. Also, I think it will be a good idea to merge Oh my god and oh my gosh as one answer, but both accepted, as these 2 means the same.

The quiz is currently very easy imo, these can also be added:


I really liked the idea and it is something I haven't seen yet here. But as I said, I felt it ended a bit too soon. If not all of these, about 20-25 in total will be a good amount. Now that I have noticed that it is the first part, I guess you might have reserved these for next part, but still, there are 100s of such acronyms one can find on internet, so I'll still suggest increase number of answers a bit :)

Level 66
Mar 10, 2021
Thanks for the positive feedback and constructive criticism! I did indeed reserve those for later versions, but I can increase the abbreviations for shortenings and abbreviations to 8 each. The omg one makes sense, I'll just add a type in for whichever one I don't do. The type-ins will be revised.

Edit: I couldn't find enough shortenings to expand, so I did the update but only avoided that.

Level 55
Mar 10, 2021
ugh I really do fear for the future of the English Language, in 150 years people will start talking like this.

Gq, ytcvw, btwwymapt

Translation: Great Quiz, You take Criticism very well, by the way, will you make a part two?

Level 66
Mar 10, 2021
No, I imagine it will be more like this:


Thanks! Love the translation. And yes, I will be making a second part.

Level 60
Mar 12, 2021
omg this is such a great quiz lol i got none jk, i got all of them, smh this was so easy, btw ik that smh has two meanings. wait this isn't featured?? smh, it deserves to be featured tbh. k i'm gonna wait until the quizmaster features it, r u gonna make a fourth sequel? thx for the quiz and y am i using so much texting slang in this comment? alright i have school now so cya. ttyl!
Level 66
Mar 13, 2021
Lol! I'm not sure about fourth sequel, as I have ran out of shortenings on second quiz, and I have used up almost every single well-known slang on third. I was surprised QM hadn't done this either, and I'm not quite sure if it is to niche. Thanks for compliments!
Level 51
Mar 17, 2021
Level 51
Mar 17, 2021
Thx 4 smh jk ttyl cya