Quizzes by Terran

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Terran.
# of Quizzes 60
# Subscribers 8
Times taken 6,904
Quizmaker Rank # 2,545
9402021-12-12Among Us Logic Characters
6822023-04-13Star Wars Characters by Last Words
6582022-01-03Random Among Us Logic Characters by Quotes
5962023-01-25Have you read your Bible?
4432021-01-20Among Us Logic Trivia #1
2782021-01-20Among Us Logic Trivia #2
2052020-11-25Among Us Chain
1922021-04-28Cuphead Bosses Quiz
1862021-01-20Among Us Logic Trivia #3
1622021-01-04Pokémon By First 2 Letters #1
1552021-05-19Cuphead Quiz
1492021-03-29Among Us Logic Trivia #4
1402021-03-03Name a Valid Pokemon
1362023-02-22BFDI or Inanimate Insanity?
1342021-01-28Gametunes Songs
1302022-05-20Pokemon - Two Truths and One Lie
1242022-05-11Groups of Things - Star Wars
962021-08-20Friday Night Funkin Mods Quiz
912022-09-06Pokemon - All Max and G-Max Moves
802020-12-17Pokémon Sword + Shield - Isle of Armor Pokédex
782021-04-28Cuphead - 'Roll or Die' Lyrics
782021-03-21Books of the Bible Etymology
692020-11-04Name a Valid Pokemon #2
682021-05-04Cookie Run Ovenbreak: All Cookies
632022-04-27Books of the Bible by Clue
602021-01-13Pokémon Sword + Shield - Crown Tundra Pokédex
552021-05-05Cuphead Levels Quiz
492022-05-04Books of the Bible by Clue #2
472020-09-23Pokémon by Random Three Letters
462023-05-17Pokémon by Emoji - Gen 9
452020-10-07Pokémon Characters by Quotes
422022-04-20Periodic Table - Metals (Part 1)
422020-12-11Name a Valid Gen I Pokémon
402023-01-25Inanimate Insanity Characters by Quote
392021-06-30Friday Night Funkin Characters Quiz
392020-12-10Pokemon- All Unused type Combos
372022-09-23Periodic Table - Non-metals
362020-11-04Pokemon - All Z-Moves
362022-11-23Cuphead A-Z
322020-10-28Pokemon Type Combos Used by Only One Pokemon
322021-03-03Cookie Run Ovenbreak: All Cookies - Easy
312020-11-12Pokemon by Pokedex Description
302021-01-27Name a Valid Gen II Pokémon
292022-10-05Cuphead bosses based on Cuphead Wiki descriptions
282023-02-08Places in Inanimate Insanity
272020-12-23Inanimate Object Pokemon
212023-02-15Pokémon - Which doesn't belong?
192021-07-07Friday Night Funkin - Monster Lyrics
152021-08-25Friday Night Funkin' Mods Quiz 2
122021-07-14Friday Night Funkin' - Winter Horrorland Lyrics
112021-02-10Pokémon GO Scenario Quiz
112023-01-11Inanimate Insanity Characters in Real Life #2
112022-04-27Element Symbols That Are Also US State Abbreviations
102023-02-01Pokémon Tile Select
102021-07-14Friday Night Funkin' - All Songs
92023-03-15Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - All Paradox Pokémon
92022-12-07Inanimate Insanity Characters in Real Life
52023-03-01Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - Gym Leaders
42021-03-11Cookie Run Ovenbreak: Cookies by Unlock Requirement
22021-03-09Cookie Run Ovenbreak: All Pets