Have you read your Bible?

Answer these general knowledge questions about the Bible.
Quiz by Terran
Last updated: January 25, 2023
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First submittedMay 18, 2022
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Who fought the battle of Jericho?
What animal is the Holy Spirit often depicted as?
a Dove
In the Ten Commandments, which day does God say to keep holy?
the Sabbath
How many chapters are in the book of Psalms?
Who was Abraham's first son?
What was often poured on a man's head as a sign that he would be king?
Olive Oil
What word means "spending money or resources freely and recklessly"?
What was the surname of the disciple Judas? (The one who betrayed Jesus)
Who was the last king of Babylon?
What does John 11:35 say?
Jesus wept
What Hebrew name for God starts with Y?
What does AD stand for?
Anno Domini
Which tribe of Israel was split between two plots of land? (East and West)
What body part did Peter cut off from the servant of the High Priest?
His Ear
Where did the showdown between Jehovah and Baal take place?
Mount Carmel
Who passed by the man who was attacked by robbers on the other side? (any of the two)
the Priest/Levite
What major Jewish holiday celebrates the Israelites' escape from slavery?
What kind of man is unstable in all his ways?
a Double-minded one
What year did Nebuchadnezzar capture Jerusalem?
597 B.C.
What is 1 Corinthians 13 often referred to as?
the Hymn of Love
Level 61
Jan 8, 2023
Hello quizzer! Just wanted to tell you to have a nice day. You're a wonderful person, and you matter! :)
Level 61
Jan 4, 2023
Hello quizzer! Just wanted to tell you to have a nice day. You're a wonderful person, and you matter! :)
Level 71
Jan 14, 2023
What does John say at 11:35? "It's almost lunchtime"
Level 83
Jan 25, 2023
This really isn't general knowledge. I typically get 100% on Bible general knowledge quizzes. I suspect that most pastors wouldn't know that Jerusalem was conquered by Babylon in 597 BC, since that date definitely isn't mentioned in the Bible. Likewise, Nabonidus isn't mentioned by name in the Bible. A Biblical scholar wouldn't be able to complete this quiz unless they were also a historian. If it requires that level of scholarship, it most certainly isn't general knowledge.