40 More Historical People (Everyone Should Know)

Do you know who these guys are?
Quiz by kleafer
Last updated: August 7, 2015
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Led 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae
Leonidas I
First Roman Emperor
Last Pharaoh of Egypt
King of the Franks who united Western Europe
First Norman King of England
William the Conqueror
Muslim leader during the Third Crusade
Founder of the Mongol Empire
Genghis Khan
First European to document travel to China
Marco Polo
First to circumnavigate the world
Ferdinand Magellan
Wrote Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes
Longest reigning King of France
Louis XIV
Discovered the Mississippi River
Hernando de Soto
Spanish Conqueror of the Aztec Empire
Hernán Cortés
Inventor of the telescope
Galileo Galilei
Painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling
King who created the Church of England
Henry VIII
Father of the American Constitution
James Madison
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
Created the process of Pasteurization
Louis Pasteur
She trained nurses during the Crimean War
Florence Nightingale
Led the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
Wrote the Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx
Iron Chancellor of Germany
Otto von Bismarck
French woman who discovered Polonium
Marie Curie
Spanish painter who founded Cubism
Pablo Picasso
Creator of the Model T and the Assembly Line
Henry Ford
He made the first Trans-Atlantic flight
Charles Lindbergh
Discovered penicillin
Alexander Fleming
Notorious gangster during Prohibition
Al Capone
Holocaust victim famous for her diary
Anne Frank
"Mad" Scientist who designed the modern AC unit
Nikola Tesla
Proposed the theory of relativity
Albert Einstein
Leader of fascist Italy
Benito Mussolini
Soviet dictator during World War II
Joseph Stalin
Creator of Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney
Broke the color barrier in baseball
Jackie Robinson
Watergate Scandal President
Richard Nixon
King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley
Founding member of The Beatles
John Lennon
Ended Apartheid in South Africa
Nelson Mandela
Level 44
Jan 12, 2015
Benjamin Franklin did NOT discover electricity, all he did was fly a kite. People had been experimenting with electricity for centuries before his kite experiment, which may not have ever happened. He did offer some theories(that are wrong) about electricity, and deserves some credit for our 'current' understanding, but saying he discovered it is silly.
Level 68
Jan 12, 2015
needs more time, please.
Level 69
Jan 22, 2015
Sorry, Galileo didn't invent the telescope, it was most likely Hans Lippershey in the Netherlands. And, Magellan himself didn't circumnavigate the globe, only his ships did. Besides that, good idea.
Level 68
Feb 27, 2015
Nice quiz! Good mix of subjects, and I learned something new :) 36/40
Level 77
Mar 15, 2015
Another good one. As a non-American, I don't consider Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman and Hernando de Soto part of my vital general knowledge. The only other one I didn't get was Nikola Tesla, a blackout. Then the Beatles question is strange, because John Lennon was not their only founding member.
Level 43
Jun 25, 2015
I swear just 'von Bismarck' doesn't work.. :/
Level 83
Sep 9, 2016
Good quiz. Plenty of time. Fair questions. Though... it's hard to believe we've gotten through 80 people everyone is supposed to know already and still no mention of Confucius. if I was making one of these he might be in the top 5, or at least the top 20.
Level 46
Feb 2, 2023
Good quiz!