Biography Online's 100 Most Influential People

Source: Including religious figures
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100: Tirthankara of Jainism
99: Emperor of Byzantium
98: Greek poet and "Illiad" author
97: 9th century emperor who united Europe
96: Egyptian Pharaoh who united Egypt in 3000 BC
95: Soviet premier who dissolved the Soviet Union
Mikhail Gorbachev
94: Tudor Queen of England
Elizabeth I
93: Prophet and founder of Zoroastrianism
92: Chinese philosopher and interpreter of Confucianism
91: Owner of automobile manufacturer during the 1920s and 30s
Henry Ford
90: Philosopher and statesman, creator of scientific figures during the Enlightenment
Francis Bacon
89: Dictator of China from 1947-1974
Mao Zedong
88: Tsar who expanded Russia during the 1700s, making it a European power
Peter the Great
87: Founder of the Achaemenid Persian Empire
Cyrus the Great
86: Portuguese explorer and first European to reach India
Vasco da Gama
85: Founder of the Sui Dynasty during the 6th century
Sui Wen Ti
84: Leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution
Vladimir Lenin
83: Founder of Manichaeism
82: American scientist who created the oral contraceptive
Gregory Pincus
81: 38th President of the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis, famous for his death in 1963
John F. Kennedy
80: English scholar who raised concern of rising population
Thomas Malthus
79: Italian diplomat who is considered the father of political science
Nicoli Machiavelli
78: French philosopher and author of "Social Contract"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
77: Swiss mathematician who made discoveries in calculus and graphing
Leonhard Euler
76: Italian-American physicist who made the first nuclear reactor
Enrico Fermi
75: German mathematician who created the laws of planetary motion
Johannes Kepler
74: French political author who wrote during and about the French Revolution
73: Founder of Taoism
Lao Tzu
72: German composer. Some of his most famous pieces are played on cello
Johann Sebastian Bach
71: German scientist who discovered electromagnetic waves
William C. Roentgen
70: Developed the first vaccine
Edward Jenner
69: Austrian pseudoscientist who founded psychoanalysis
Sigmund Freud
68: First Norman king of England
William I (The Conquerer)
67: Roman ruler who ran military campaigns throughout Europe until his assassination in 44 BC on the Ides
Julius Caesar
66: Brutal dictator of the Soviet Union from 1924 throughout WWII to his death in 1953
Joseph Stalin
65: Queen of Castile who helped create a much more powerful Spain
Isabella I
64: 3rd President of the US, principle author of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
63: Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs
Hernando Cortes
62: Also a Spanish conqueror, this time ending the Incan Empire
Francisco Pizarro
61: German engineer who fathered the petrol engine
Nikolaus August Otto
60: British surgeon who first used antiseptic during his 19th century surgery
Joseph Lister
59: German theoretical physicist who developed quantum theories and discovered energy quanta
Max Planck
58: Czech-Austrian scientist who founded the modern study of genetics
Gregor Mendel
57: Christian theologian who developed his own brand of Protestant Christianity
John Calvin
56: British physicist who first split the atom
Ernest Rutherford
55: English physician who developed the idea of blood circulation
William Harvey
54: Christian saint and writer who developed much of Western Christian thought
St. Augustine
53: Indian monarch who founded the Maurya Empire
52: Powerful Muslim caliph and close senior companion to Prophet Muhammad
Umar ibn al-Khattab
51: Pope who called the First Crusade in 1096
Urban II
50: Renaissance painter who created the roof of the Sistine Chapel
49: French philosopher who said "I think therefore I am"
Rene Descartes
48: Latin American liberator
Simon Bolivar
47: French artist and photographer who is believed to have invented the camera
Louis Daguerre
46: German pioneer of Quantum mechanics
Werner Heisenberg
45: German composer who was deaf
Ludwig van Beethoven
44: English political philosopher who promoted modern liberal democracy
John Locke
43: Scottish father of penicillin
Alexander Fleming
42: Scottish father of the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
41: Leader of the Roundheads during the English Civil War
Oliver Cromwell
40: Greek philosopher who taught Aristotle
39: Dictator of Nazi Germany from 1933-45
Adolf Hitler
38: Italian engineer who developed radio transmittion
Guglielmo Marconi
37: American dentist who developed modern anaesthetic
William T.G. Morton
36. Dutch chemist and father of microbiology
Antony van Leeuwenhoek
35: Inventor of the light bulb
Thomas Edison
34: French general who commanded France throughout European wars in the early-1800s
Napoleon Bonaparte
33: King of Macedonia and founder of the Macedon Empire
Alexander the Great
32: English chemist who made influential contributions to atomic theory
John Dalton
31: English poet and playwright who revolutionized the English language
William Shakespeare
30: Scottish social philosopher who pioneered modern economics
Adam Smith
29: Leader of the Mongols and created the largest land empire in history
Genghis Khan
28: Brothers who flew the first plane
Wright Brothers
27: Author of the "Communist Manifesto" along with Friedrich Engels
Karl Marx
26: 1st President of the US and Founding Father
George Washington
25: Father of the Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther
24: Scottish mathematician who revolutionized electromagnetism
James Clerk Maxwell
23: English scientist who contributed in electromagnetism and electrochemistry
Michael Faraday
22: Scottish engineer who created the first efficient steam engine
James Watt
21: Roman Emperor who accepted Christianity into the Roman emperor
Constantine the Great
20: French chemist who lead the Chemical Revolution
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
19: Mathematician who believed the Sun was at the centre of the universe rather than Earth
Nicolaus Copernicus
18: First Emperor of Rome
17: King of the State of Qin who united China in 221 BCE
Shih Huang Ti
16: Scientist who proposed the theory of evolution
Charles Darwin
15: Jewish/Christian prophet who wrote the Ten Commandments and parted the seas
14: Greek mathematician who fathered geometry
13: Greek philosopher who was taught by Plato
12: Italian scientist who confirmed the heliocentric view of the universe
Galileo Galilei
11: French scientist who developed efficient ways to clean food products and developed cures for infectious diseases
Louis Pasteur
10: German-American scientist who developed the theory of relativity
Albert Einstein
9: Explorer who discovered the Americas
Christopher Columbus
8: Inventor of the printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
7: Inventor of paper
Ts'ai Lun
6. Christian missionary who wrote the majority of the New Testament
Saint Paul
5: Chinese philosopher
4: Founder of Buddhism
3: Son of God and founder of Christianity
2: British scientist who discovered gravity and electromagnetism
Isaac Newton
1: Prophet of Islam
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