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40,3412022-05-28 Trace the Coast of the Americas with a Map
39,5582021-05-19 Trace the Coast of the World Map
5,0182024-05-17Countries of the World in 1959 on Map
4,3492022-05-21Modern Day European Countries ever Controlled By Muslims
3,3202022-05-12Brand Logos A-Z
3,0732021-04-10Exclusive Economic Zones of World with a Map
2,5842024-03-22Donald Trump or Joe Biden........ Multiple Choice Quiz
1,8892022-07-29Regions of Honduras on Map
1,6202023-04-08Shortest International Borders
1,4012022-05-22Tracez les côtes des Amériques avec une carte
1,1802023-03-27Modern Day Countries of the Mamluk Empire on Map
1,0262024-03-26Windows 7 Logo Coloring book
9942024-03-25Allies of Russia in the Russia-Ukraine War
7142021-05-06Modern Day Countries of Sur Empire on Map
6732021-03-25Modern Day Countries of Rashidun Caliphate on Map
5402021-02-13Modern Day Countries of Ghaznavid Empire on map
5142022-05-2720 Biggest Muslim cities on map
4832021-02-13Modern Day Countries of Ghurid Empire on map
4382022-05-28Colours of the Rainbow on map
4182020-11-03regiones de españa con un cuestionario de mapa vacío
4182021-01-0610 Countries on satelite map quiz
4092022-08-30Allies of Taliban
4052021-03-18Orthodox... or Catholic?
3482021-04-16Countries in the Jetpunk Fish of The World Map
3162024-03-261 letter words in English
3022024-03-28Régions de France avec une carte vide
2912020-12-20Countries that border Saudi Arabia with an empty map
2822024-03-26Regions of France with an empty map quiz
2682021-02-21Random world cities by giant dots on map
2502021-03-22Traza la Costa y las Fronteras Internacionales de España
2462021-02-06Saharan Countries on map quiz
2072021-03-12Countries of the Far East on Map
1952024-03-28Quiz sur la Palestine
1862021-02-18régions de france avec une carte en voie de disparition
1722021-10-23Countries that were Formed as a Result of Cold War
1692024-03-26Countries by nickname
1572020-11-30Countries below Tropic of Capricon
1572021-02-15Maghreb countries on map quiz
1572021-02-01History by picture.... Multiple Choice #01
1542021-09-24Longest rivers A-Z
1422021-03-292000 plus grandes villes de France
1392020-09-27Countries completely surrounded by two countries
1382021-02-21Rice Eating countries
1382021-01-31Saudi Arabia True or False?
1372021-04-22Hawaii True.... or False
1352024-03-26Countries where slavery still exists
1332024-03-31Permanent member of security council
1282020-10-29Countries by audio pronunciation
1252020-11-13U.S. States by Population in 2070
1212020-11-24Countries between Tropics on Map
1202021-04-12Zone économique exclusive du monde avec une carte
1202021-04-23Countries by relief Map #1
1192024-03-25Verfolgen Sie die Küste Amerikas mit einer Karte
1182021-02-08Largest South Asian cities on Map
1182021-03-21Random 5 Biggest Trading Partners
1182021-02-062,000 takes of Jetpunker180
1052021-02-11Non-European countries that are member of NATO
1032021-02-02Type ORCSPEL on map
1012020-11-02Countries where Google is not available
972020-10-27Spelling of longest word in English
942020-11-02Countries by alternative name
932021-05-03100 quizzes of Jetpunker180 Special : Country Shapes in Cake on Map
932021-11-12Countries with Most Visitors to International Space Station
922022-11-19Nine Divisions of United States - Click Map Quiz
922021-02-25Countries of Europe Hidden in the Map
902021-01-02Countries by single picture #01
862024-03-22Regions of Gaza on Map
852021-01-30Austria True Or False?
812021-01-02Countries that end in "AN"
792021-04-24Countries in Pakistani Flag on map
762022-05-29Countries that have sent Military Aid to Ukraine
752024-03-22World cities by giant dots on map
712022-06-07Countries with the Most Mulims in 2060
712020-11-18Countries that discovered elements
712020-12-03Countries in Indian flag on map
702022-03-05Word - scramble megacities
702020-11-05former countries by flag
662021-02-28Countries of the World Hidden in the Map
662021-02-07Non-island countries with capital on an island
642020-11-20Countries that don't recognize dual citizenship
632021-02-28Countries with Islamic Republic in there name
632023-03-31Island Countries Closest to Land
602020-11-04countries that spend most time doing homework
602024-03-26Landlocked countries in southern hemisphere
592020-11-20Cities by old name
582021-02-26Countries of South America Hidden in the Map
572021-03-29600 Biggest Cities in Russia
572024-04-19Top 15 US States to live in
562020-11-13U.S. States by Median Household Income
522022-11-19Countries with out railway
482021-01-21PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Map quiz
482021-02-19US Cities by Giant Circles on Map
472020-11-21Highest Mountains A-Z
462020-11-03países completamente rodeados por otro país
422020-10-01Island countries in southern hemisphere
412020-12-22Chrome or Firefox .....multiple choice quiz
382020-11-13US States by Education Level
382020-11-29Countries in Heart on map
372020-11-29Countries in star on map
362021-04-30Countries that are free from C.O.V.I.D.
362020-12-03Countries in US flag on map
342020-12-02Countries completely below Tropic of Capricorn
332020-12-22Countries by highest Orders
292020-12-01Countries in crescent on map
262020-12-10African Countries with Nobel Laureates
232024-05-16Is it Banned?
222020-11-13U.S. States by Commute Time
222022-06-30دنیا کے ممالک
192021-01-09People that won multiple Noble prizes
52024-05-23Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi....? Multiple Choice Quiz
42021-02-23Quiz series by @Faropor