All Breathing Forms Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Name all of the Breathing Forms in the Anime/Manga. Also counting Modified/Improved Forms.
Note: Hinokami Kagura and Sun Breathing are the same so they don't get seperate sections.
Note: I named Insect Breathing by Dance because they aren't numbered, but they're all end in dance so I called it that
Note: Sun Breathing Last Form is just Thirteenth Form because it doesn't actually have a name, because it is all of the forms consecutively.
Quiz by DuckBuster
Last updated: May 23, 2023
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Breathing Form
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Form and Form Number
Form Name
Water Breathing First Form
Water Surface Slash
Water Breathing Second Form
Water Wheel
Water Breathing Second Form Improved
Lateral Water Wheel
Water Breathing Third Form
Flowing Dance
Water Breathing Third Form Game Exclusive Form
Flowing Dance Shadows of Dawn
Water Breathing Fourth Form
Striking Tide
Water Breathing Fourth Form Improved
Striking Tide Turbulent
Water Breathing Fifth Form
Blessed Rain After The Drought
Water Breathing Sixth Form
Water Breathing Sixth Form Improved
Whirlpool Flow
Water Breathing Seventh Form
Drop Ripple Thrust
Water Breathing Seventh Form Improved
Drop Ripple Thrust Curve
Water Breathing Eighth Form
Waterfall Basin
Water Breathing Eighth Form Game Exclusive Form
Waterfall Basin Destruction
Water Breathing Ninth Form
Splashing Water Flow Turbulent
Water Breathing Ninth Form Game Exclusive Form
Splashing Water Flow
Water Breathing Ninth Form Game Exclusive Form
Splashing Water Flow Flash
Water Breathing Ninth Form Game Exclusive Form
Splashing Water Flow Turbulent Effervescence
Water Breathing Tenth Form
Constant Flux
Water Breathing Eleventh Form
Dead Calm
Water Breathing Eleventh Form Game Exclusive Form
Dead Calm Tidal Waves
Thunder Breathing First Form
Thunderclap and Flash
Thunder Breathing First Form Improved
Thunderclap and Flash Sixfold
Thunder Breathing First Form Improved
Thunderclap and Flash Eightfold
Thunder Breathing First Form Improved
Thunderclap and Flash Godspeed
Thunder Breathing First Form Game Exclusive Form
Thunderclap and Flash Prime
Thunder Breathing Second Form
Rice Spirit
Thunder Breathing Third Form
Thunder Swarm
Thunder Breathing Fourth Form
Distant Thunder
Thunder Breathing Fifth Form
Heat Lightning
Thunder Breathing Sixth Form
Rumble and Flash
Thunder Breathing Seventh Form
Honoikazuchi no Kami
Thunder Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Air Spin
Flame Breathing First Form
Unknowing Fire
Flame Breathing Second Form
Rising Scorching Sun
Flame Breathing Third Form
Blazing Universe
Flame Breathing Fourth Form
Blooming Flame Undulation
Flame Breathing Fifth Form
Flame Tiger
Flame Breathing Ninth Form
Wind Breathing First Form
Dust Whirlwind Cutter
Wind Breathing Second Form
Claws-Purifying Wind
Wind Breathing Third Form
Clean Storm Wind Tree
Wind Breathing Fourth Form
Rising Dust Storm
Wind Breathing Fifth Form
Cold Mountain Wind
Wind Breathing Sixth Form
Black Wind Mountain Mist
Wind Breathing Seventh Form
Gale Sudden Gusts
Wind Breathing Eighth Form
Primary Gale Slash
Wind Breathing Ninth Form
Idaten Typhoon
Stone Breathing First Form
Serpentinite Bipolar
Stone Breathing Second Form
Upper Smash
Stone Breathing Third Form
Stone Skin
Stone Breathing Fourth Form
Volcanic Rock Rapid Conquest
Stone Breathing Fifth Form
Arcs of Justice
Flower Breathing Second Form
Honorable Shadow Plum
Flower Breathing Fourth Form
Crimson Hanagoromo
Flower Breathing Fifth Form
Peonies of Futility
Flower Breathing Sixth Form
Whirling Peach
Flower Breathing Final Form
Equinoctial Vermilion Eye
Serpent Breathing First Form
Winding Serpent Slash
Serpent Breathing Second Form
Venom Fang of the Narrow Head
Serpent Breathing Third Form
Coil Choke
Serpent Breathing Fourth Form
Twin-Headed Reptile
Serpent Breathing Fifth Form
Slithering Serpent
Love Breathing First Form
Shivers of First Love
Love Breathing Second Form
Love Pangs
Love Breathing Third Form
Catlove Shower
Love Breathing Fifth Form
Swaying Love Wildclaw
Love Breathing Sixth Form
Cat-Legged Winds of Love
Sound Breathing First Form
Sound Breathing Fourth Form
Constant Resounding Slashes
Sound Breathing Fifth Form
String Performance
Beast Breathing First Fang
Beast Breathing Second Fang
Beast Breathing Third Fang
Beast Breathing Third Fang Game Exclusive Form
Devour Rush
Beast Breathing Fourth Fang
Slice n' Dice
Beast Breathing Fifth Fang
Crazy Cutting
Beast Breathing Sixth Fang
Palisade Bite
Beast Breathing Seventh Fang
Spatial Awareness
Beast Breathing Eighth Fang
Explosive Rush
Beast Breathing Ninth Fang
Extending Bendy Slash
Beast Breathing Tenth Fang
Whirling Fangs
Beast Breathing Eleventh Fang
Sudden Throwing Strike
Beast Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Boar Rush
Mist Breathing First Form
Low Clouds, Distant Haze
Mist Breathing Second Form
Eight-Layered Mist
Mist Breathing Third Form
Scattering Mist Splash
Mist Breathing Fourth Form
Shifting Flow Slash
Mist Breathing Fifth Form
Sea of Clouds and Haze
Mist Breathing Sixth Form
Lunar Dispersing Mist
Mist Breathing Seventh Form
Obscuring Clouds
Insect Breathing First Dance
Butterfly Dance: Caprice
Insect Breathing First Dance Game Exclusive Form
Butterfly Dance: Caprice Illusory Light
Insect Breathing Second Dance
Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter
Insect Breathing Third Dance
Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon
Insect Breathing Fourth Dance
Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag
Insect Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Swift Thrust
Insect Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Rising Thrust
Insect Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Sixfold Thrust
Moon Breathing First Form
Dark Moon Evening Palace
Moon Breathing Second Form
Pearl Flower Moongazing
Moon Breathing Third Form
Loathsome Moon Chains
Moon Breathing Fifth Form
Moon Sprit Calamitous Eddy
Moon Breathing Sixth Form
Perpetual Night Lonely Moon
Moon Breathing Seventh Form
Mirror of Misfortune Moonlit
Moon Breathing Eighth Form
Moon-Dragon Ringtail
Moon Breathing Ninth Form
Waning Moonswaths
Moon Breathing Tenth Form
Drilling Slashes Moon Through Bamboo Leaves
Moon Breathing Fourteenth Form
Catastrophe Tenman Crescent Moon
Moon Breathing Sixteenth Form
Moonbow Half Moon
Sun Breathing First Form
Sun Breathing First Form Improved
Dancing Flash
Sun Breathing Second Form
Clear Blue Sky
Sun Breathing Third Form
Raging Sun
Sun Breathing Fourth Form
Burning Bones Summer Sun
Sun Breathing Fifth Form
Setting Sun Transformation
Sun Breathing Sixth Form
Solar Heat Haze
Sun Breathing Seventh Form
Beneficent Radiance
Sun Breathing Eighth Form
Sunflower Thrust
Sun Breathing Ninth Form
Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance
Sun Breathing Tenth Form
Fire Wheel
Sun Breathing Eleventh Form
Fake Rainbow
Sun Breathing Twelfth Form
Flame Dance
Sun Breathing Final Form
Thirteenth Form
Sun Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Cross Slash
Sun Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Scorching Rush
Sun Breathing Game Exclusive Form
Phoenix Flash
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