Statistics for Best Episodes of Parks and Recreation

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SeasonEpisodeRatingDescriptionEpisode% Correct
5149.2The clock is ticking -- Leslie and Ben have two hours to complete a years-long project. Meanwhile, Ron gets in trouble when his temper gets the best of him.Leslie and Ben
749.5The gang locks Leslie and Ron in the old Parks Department office overnight and force them to settle their differences and end their feud.Leslie and Ron
6229.2During the Unity Concert, Leslie invites some coworkers to join her at her new job in Chicago, while Andy thinks about reuniting Mouse Rat. Meanwhile, Tom's Bistro prepares for the Unity Concert after-party.Moving Up: Part 2
7129.5As the team gathers one final time before they go their separate ways, we look 10 years into the future for each team member.One Last Ride

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