Supernatural Characters

Don't even bother guessing Sam, Dean, Bobby, or Castiel. What, you really think I'd make it that easy?
Quiz by Rachel24601
Last updated: April 16, 2014
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Seasons 1-8. Spoilers everywhere.
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Sam and Dean's mother
Mary Winchester
Sam and Dean's father
John Winchester
Sam's college girlfriend
Jessica Moore
A demon Sam meets while hitchiking
Meg Masters
Team of amateur ghost hunters with a website
Sam's first date since college, whom he meets at an art auction
Sarah Blake
The yellow-eyed demon
The reaper whom Dean meets in the hospital, post car wreck
An old friend of John's and proprietor of a roadhouse bar
Ellen Harvelle
Daughter of the above
Jo Harvelle
Roadhouse regular and computer whiz
A hunter who loves killing and specializes in vampires
Gordon Walker
A young man with mind-control abilities and an evil twin
Andy Gallagher
Another "psychic child", who had visions of Sam dying in an explosion
Ava Wilson
FBI Agent who really wants Sam and Dean behind bars
Victor Henrikson
Fallen angel who goes by "The Trickster"
Kills Sam by stabbing him in the back
Jake Talley
A demon who teaches Sam to drink demon blood
An old flame, and later long-term girlfriend, of Dean
Lisa Braeden
Son of the above
Ben Braeden
Steals and sells occult objects to rich clients
Bela Talbot
Demon whose vessel is a little girl, and who wants Sam dead
Hunter who introduced Bobby to the supernatural
Rufus Turner
A psychic who was blinded after seeing Castiel
Pamela Barnes
Angel who specializes in smiting entire towns
Mental patient who was actually a fallen angel
Anna Milton
Demon who tortured Dean while the latter was in Hell
Prophet who made Sam and Dean's life into a book series
Chuck Shirley
Angel who wants the brothers to agree to being vessels
Sam and Dean's younger half-brother
Adam Milligan
Castiel's vessel
Jimmy Novak
Fallen angel whose release begins the apocalypse
Sam Winchester's #1 fan
Becky Rosen
Archangel who wants to use Dean as a vessel
Archangel who killed, and was later killed by, Castiel
Crossroads demon who later takes over as King of Hell
Sam and Dean's maternal grandfather
Samuel Campbell
Their maternal grandmother
Deanna Campbell
Bobby's wife, who died after being possessed
Karen Singer
The sheriff of Sioux Falls
Jody Mills
Fourth, most powerful, and most difficult-to-find horseman
Angel who faked his death and stole weapons from Heaven
"Mother of All" who was released from Purgatory
Leviathan who burned down Bobby's house
A kitsune whom Dean kills, despite Sam telling him not to
Amy Pond
Big businessman and head leviathan
Dick Roman
Dorky hunter who took over Bobby's job after the latter's death
Garth Fitzgerald IV
A teenaged hunter who can take care of herself, thank you very much
Krissy Chambers
Castiel's faith-healer alias after he loses his memory
Emmanuel Allen
Skilled lesbian hacker and LARPer
Charlie Bradbury
AP student and prophet who can read tablets
Kevin Tran
Girlfriend of the above
Channing Ngo
And mother of the above
Linda Tran
Vampire who befriends Dean in Purgatory
Benny Lafitte
Sam's girlfriend while Dean was in Purgatory
Amelia Richardson
Ex-husband of the above
Don Richardson
Angel whose vessel is a teen named Alfie
Angel in charge of the garrison that rescued Castiel from Purgatory
Sam and Dean's paternal grandfather
Henry Winchester
Demon who tried to kill the above
Angel who recorded the word of God
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