Baldur's Gate 3 Quiz

WARNING!!! SPOILERS FOR EVERY ACT! Do not attempt this quiz if you have not finished Baldur's Gate 3, go play it.
Quiz by Apollyon061
Last updated: November 26, 2023
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1. Where does the Mind Flayer ship crash?
Baldur's Gate
A beach
The Underdark
A valley
2. What is the default race for the Dark Urge origin?
Lolth-sworn Drow
White Dragonborn
3. What do all Origin Characters have in common?
Baldur's Gate is their home
The only voice-acted companions
Were in BG1 or BG2
Infected with tadpole
4. Which of these is Astarion most likely to approve?
Ask for payment after a quest
Kill Gale
Solve one of his riddles
Help a child find their parents
5. A certain NPC wants you to steal a Githyanki Egg, what faction are they from?
Society of Brilliance
Ironhand Gnomes
6. Which of these statements is true?
You can unlock a hidden subrace
Tactician bans multiclassing
Sorcerers can prepare spells
Glaives get extra-reach
7. Which of these statements is NOT true?
Raphael has 666 HP
Zevlor can help in the final fight
Scratch is a girl
Minthara can be romanced
8. What damage type does no weapon have?
9. Which two companions are impossible to have in the same party (without exploits)?
Lae'zel & Shadowheart
Jaheira & Minsc
Wyll & Karlach
Minthara & Halsin
10. Who gains access to the Divine Smite attack?
All Paladins and Clerics
All Paladins and Zariel Tieflings
All Paladins except Oathbreaker
All Paladins
11. A group of Kuo-toa in the Underdark worship a "god" named BOOOAL. What is he really?
A redcap
A dragonborn
A mephit
An ogre
12. Which stat has the Saving Throw for maintaining Concentration on a spell when you are attacked?
13. What kind of dragon was Ansur, the "Heart of the Gate"?
Gold Dragon
Red Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Blue Dragon
14. "Targets have disadvantage on Attack Rolls and take 2d6 Psychic when they miss" which Tadpole power am I describing?
Psionic Backlash
Psionic Overload
Stage Fright
15. What is the personality of The Nightsong?
Intense, heroic, unwavering
Skeptical, aloof, secretive
Merciful, pacifist, selfless
Conflicted, afraid, regretful
16. What is the Moon Druid subclass built around?
Spirit Summons
17. Which of these quests can you begin in Rivington?
Kill Raphael's Old Enemy
Find Dribbles the Clown
Find Mystic Carrion's Servant
Stop the Presses
18. Of the damage numbers below, which are you highly unlikely to find on a weapon's stats?
19. What does the Emperor do if you choose to free Orpheus?
He allies with the Absolute
He kills Orpheus on the spot
He starts combat with you
He agrees to free Orpheus
20. What does Tav never say?
"Is that, blood? No, nevermind..."
"Still alive, so that's progress"
"Can never have too much gold"
"I wish I had a Bag of Holding"
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