Greatest Tekken Quiz of All Time

Something to do while you wait for Tekken 8 and stay Vanquisher for another 5 years. 10 story questions and 10 gameplay questions.
Quiz by Apollyon061
Last updated: October 3, 2022
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1. Who won the first ever King of Iron Fist Tournament?
Kazuya defeated his father and threw him off a cliff.
2. How are the Mishimas known to execute their family members?
Punch through the gut
Throw them off high places
Feed them to Kuma
Behead them with a katana
Kazuya was thrown off a cliff as a child, and Heihachi's corpse was thrown into a volcano.
3. Who is boxer Steve Fox's mother?
Nina Williams
Anna Williams
Julia Chang
Michelle Chang
Nina was artificially impregnated while in cryosleep.
4. Which of these Tekken characters' gender is ambiguous, and has kept changing throughout the series?
Lili De Rochefort
Leo Kliesen
Leo's name used to be Eleanor, but in 7 they are usually referred to with male pronouns.
5. King spared Marduk in his Tekken 4 ending after he saw a framed picture of who?
Young Marduk
Marduk and Armor King
Marduk's parents
Marduk's wife Christie
King saw a picture of Marduk's parents beside his hospital bed.
6. What fighting style does Hwoarang practice?
Jiu Jitsu
Jeet Kune Do
Hwoarang's style consists of many kicks and stances.
7. Which of these Tekken 7 newcomers was in the main story mode?
Heihachi hired Claudio for good PR.
8. What is usually Marshall Law's motive for entering the tournaments?
Money for his restaurant
Killing Paul Phoenix
Promoting his movies
Chasing after his son Forrest
Marshall Law's restuarant business is always on the verge of failing.
9. Which nickname did Lee Chaolan use when he went into hiding?
He entered Tekken 4 under the pseudonym "Violet".
10. Who belongs to the streets?
Jun Kazama
Katarina Alves
Ling Xiaoyu
No explanation needed.
11. Which of these moves belongs to Paul Phoenix?
Art of Phoenix
Demolition Man
Dragon Cannon
This is a damaging 3 hit string that starts with a low.
12. What move is Jin's variant of Electric Wind God Fist?
Electric Laser Scraper
Electric Thunder God Fist
Electric Demon Steel Pedal
Electric Wind Hook Fist
The Hook Fist variant launches into a screw.
13. What is the term for the strategy that involves attacking grounded opponents?
Okizeme is often shortened to "Oki".
14. Which of these move notations would most likely be considered a "jab string"?
4, 3
wr2, d2
df1, 4
1, 2
On most characters, 1 2 is a quick left jab + right jab.
15. What does it mean if an attack is "homing"?
Hits crouching opponents
Hits sidestepping opponents
Hits far away opponents
Hits airborne opponents
Homing attacks cannot be sidestepped.
16. Tekken 7 has a mechanic called "screw" which extends combos, but what combo extender did Tekken 6 and Tag 2 have?
A bound attack would spike an aerial opponent down for further hits.
17. Which of these characters does not have the movement tech known as "wavedash"?
Armor King
Devil Jin
Bryan Fury
Bryan Fury does have a standard crouch dash with qcf, but cannot chain into wavedash.
18. Which of these is not a universal or near-universal move?
Cross Chop
Running Slash Kick
Delayed Hopkick
Very few characters have a parry, among them are Jin Kazama and Steve Fox.
19. What tactic is known as a "chicken"?
To grab an opponent out of the air
To sidestep a move then launch
To escape a move reversal
To run away until the timer expires
To chicken you input either f 1+3 or f 1+2 during the reversal, based on which attack you did.
20. Which character has a move where she gives you head?
Alisa Bosconovitch
Asuka Kazama
Christie Monteiro
Lucky Chloe
Alisa has a throw that lets her detach her head and hand it to you right before it explodes.
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