Hajime no Ippo Quiz

'Hajime no Ippo' is a popular Japanese boxing manga adapted to anime. Quiz will contain spoilers for the anime but not the manga.
Quiz by Apollyon061
Last updated: October 2, 2020
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1. What is the name of Ippo's boxing gym?
Ippo's gym owner and coach is retired boxer Genji Kamogawa.
2. What role does Masaru Aoki play in the anime?
Ippo's school bully
Owner of another boxing gym
Comic relief
Ippo's rival
Aoki is Ippo's gym partner, unorthodox boxer, and the butt of many jokes.
3. What family business does Ippo help out his mother with?
Fishing boat business
Flower shop
Pawn shop
Ippo and his mother Hiroko own a fishing boat, inherited from his late father.
4. Which two real-life boxers do characters in the anime often compare Ippo's style to?
Muhammad Ali & Roberto Duran
Jack Dempsey & Mike Tyson
Manny Pacquiao & Ricardo Lopez
Rocky Marciano & Joe Louis
His peekaboo style is reminiscent of Tyson, and his signature move is the 'Dempsey Roll'.
5. After Japanese featherweight champion Date Eiji vacates the title, who is the next boxer to win it?
Alexander Volg Zangief
Ryo Mashiba
Takeshi Sendo
Ichiro Miyata
Sendo and Zangief faced off for the belt, with the former winning by decision.
6. The world featherweight champion in the anime hails from which nation?
Ricardo Lopez is a legendary undefeated Mexican boxer, and gave Date Eiji his distinctive scar.
7. Ippo's mentor and friend, Mamoru Takamura, has an older brother Suguru, who is a former athlete. What was his sport?
Suguru Takamura was a promising rugby player, but he abandoned the sport to run his father's business.
8. Who was the first of these characters to join Ippo's gym?
Manabu Itagaki
Tatsuya Kimura
Mamoru Takamura
Ichiro Miyata
Though Takamura is the senior-most member, Miyata was already training at the gym when Takamura joined.
9. Ryo Mashiba "cheats" to beat Miyata during the Rookie King Tournament. How so?
Hits Miyata after the bell had rung
Takes performance enhancing drugs
Bribes the referee
Steps on his foot
During the fight, Mashiba steps on Miyata's foot and then punches him, which severely hampers his footwork.
10. In which boxing arena do the majority of the fights in the anime take place?
Ryogoku Kokukigan
Kourakuen Hall
Yokohama Arena
Osaka Prefetcural Gymnasium
The majority of fights in the series take place in Kourakuen, though it never hosts a world title bout.
11. Who is Ippo's primary love interest?
Tomoko Yamaguchi
Imura Mari
Nanako Itagaki
Kumi Mashiba
Ippo and Ryo Mashiba's sister have feelings for each other, but are not yet officially dating.
12. How do Japanese boxing fans feel about two of Takamura's American rivals, Bryan Hawk & David Eagle?
Hawk is liked, Eagle is disliked
Eagle is liked, Hawk is disliked
Both are disliked
Both are well liked
Hawk is a pervert and looks down on the Japanese. Eagle is his polar opposite, well-mannered and unusually nice.
13. Who does Miyata beat to claim the Oriental Pacific title?
Ryuhei Sawamura
Arnie Gregory
Jimmy Sisphar
Randy Boy Jr.
Arnie Gregory is an Australian boxer and former OPBF champion.
14. Which of Alexander Volg Zangief's sick family members does he leave Russia to fight for?
Younger Brother
Younger Sister
Zangief's only family that we are made aware of in the series is his mother, who is dying.
15. What is Ippo's surname?
His full name is Makunouchi Ippo.
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