Tekken Trivia

Test your knowledge on the premier 3D fighting game franchise.
Quiz by Apollyon061
Last updated: March 17, 2023
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1. Before the official release of Tekken 7, what was the arcade-only edition of the game called?
Dark Resurrection
Bloodline Rebellion
Fated Retribution
Blood Vengeance
Tekken 7's arcade release received a massive update called Fated Retribution.
2. While Jin Kazama is at the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, what organization is Kazuya Mishima leading to fight against them?
Kazama Zaibatsu
United Nations
Violet Industries
G-Corps revived Kazuya after Tekken 2 and helped him understand his Devil Gene.
3. What is the name of Ling Xiaoyu's best friend from school?
Miharu appears in many of Xiaoyu's endings and was playable in Tekken Tag 2.
4. What is Bryan Fury's low sweep launcher called?
Dragon Tail
Snake Edge
Demolition Man
Bryan's Snake Edge is performed by inputting df3.
5. "Imprisoned after being framed for my father's death, a fellow prisoner taught me his martial art, and then I taught it to his granddaughter." Whose story am I describing?
Wang Jinrei
Baek Doo San
Paul Phoenix
Eddy Gordo
Eddy Gordo is the mentor of Christie Monteiro, whose grandfather was Eddy's mentor.
6. Which of these statements is NOT true?
Laser moves consume meter
1+2 input can break some throws
High attacks can be ducked
Not every character wavedashes
Kazuya and Devil Jin can fire a laser, and neither have a meter bar.
7. On PlayStation, which button does the notation '2' correspond to?
1, 2, 3, and 4 represent left punch, right punch, left kick, and right kick respectively.
8. What was the only main Tekken game that the robot Jack was not playable in?
Tekken Tag 1
Tekken 4
Tekken 6
Tekken 3
Marduk and Kuma/Panda were the only large characters in Tekken 4.
9. What does Feng Wei's rage art from Tekken 7 look like?
Double kick, headbutt
Flurry of punches
Kick, sweep, punch
Elbow, uppercut, punch
Like many other rage arts, Feng Wei's ends with a launcher into a mid-air hit.
10. Which of these two characters are NOT just different forms of the same character (i.e. they are two separate people entirely)?
King and Armor King
Violet and Lee Chaolan
Bob and Slim Bob
Jaycee and Julia Chang
Armor King is King's rival-turned-mentor.
11. What do you see in the background during Tekken 2's final boss battle with Devil?
Tekken 2's final boss arena has mirrors which show reflections of the two characters.
12. Tekken 7's combo extender was called "screw". What was Tekken 6's combo extender called?
Bound involved spiking the opponent down from mid-air.
13. Which non-Mishima character has a friendly rivalry with Jin Kazama?
Steve Fox
Lars Alexandersson
Hwoarang is a Taekwondo practitioner who once fought to a draw with a young Jin.
14. If EWGF stands for 'Electric Wind God Fist', what does the H in EWHF stand for?
The Electric Wind Hook Fist is a move exclusive to base Jin since Tekken 4.
15. Which character in Tekken 5's intro says the phrase "Heihachi Mishima... is dead"?
Lee Chaolan
Kazuya Mishima
Raven appears near the end of the 1st cutscene, after the Hon-Maru explosion.
16. Which of these was NOT a game mode in Tekken 3?
Tekken Force
Fight Lab
Tekken Ball
Fight Lab was a tutorial available only in Tekken Tag 2.
17. How many Tekken Tag games have been released so far?
There have been 2 Tag Tournament games, in 2000 and 2011.
18. Which of Tekken 7's guest characters is considered a canon, in-universe addition?
Negan (The Walking Dead)
Geese (Fatal Fury)
Akuma (Street Fighter)
Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)
Akuma appeared in the story mode of Tekken 7 and played a pivotal role.
19. If I were to input 3+4 with Lee Chaolan, what would happen?
I'd enter a stance
I'd do a backflip
I'd do a 2-hit kick combo
I'd perform a command throw
3+4 with Lee or Violet enters Hitman Stance.
20. Which of these female characters was in the first Tekken game?
Jun Kazama
Ling Xiaoyu
Nina Williams
Christie Monteiro
Nina Williams has appeared in every mainline Tekken game.
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