Hyrule Warriors DE All Weapons

Enter the name of each weapon in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition as it appears in the North American version of the game.
Level 3 and 4 weapons have the same name and design, so they are both included under the Level 3 weapon answer box. Level 4+ weapons have unique names and therefore have their own answer box.
Quiz by Wanax
Last updated: March 10, 2022
First submittedMarch 7, 2022
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Hylian Sword Lv1
Knight's Sword
Hylian Sword Lv2
White Sword
Hylian Sword Lv3
Magical Sword
Hylian Sword Lv4+
Darkmagic Sword
Magic Rod Lv1
Fire Rod
Magic Rod Lv2
Prism Rod
Magic Rod Lv3
Magical Rod
Magic Rod Lv4+
Crackling Rod
Great Fairy Lv1
Great Fountain Fairy
Great Fairy Lv2
Great Forest Fairy
Great Fairy Lv3
Great Sky Fairy
Great Fairy Lv4+
Great Fairy of Tempests
Gauntlets Lv1
Silver Gauntlets
Gauntlets Lv2
Golden Gauntlets
Gauntlets Lv3
Power Gloves
Gauntlets Lv4+
Burning Gloves
Master Sword
Master Sword
Horse Lv1
Horse Lv2
Twilight Epona
Horse Lv3
Epona of Time
Horse Lv4+
Stormy-Eyed Epona
Spinner Lv1
Ancient Spinner
Spinner Lv2
Enhanced Spinner
Spinner Lv3
Triforce Spinner
Spinner Lv4+
Giant Blade Lv1
Giant's Knife
Giant Blade Lv2
Biggoron's Knife
Giant Blade Lv3
Biggoron's Sword
Giant Blade Lv4+
Biggoron's Sunblade
Naginata Lv1
Guardian Naginata
Naginata Lv2
Scorching Naginata
Naginata Lv3
Sheikah Naginata
Naginata Lv4+
Crackling Naginata
Harp Lv1
Goddess's Harp
Harp Lv2
Typhoon Harp
Harp Lv3
Triforce Harp
Harp Lv4+
Shining Harp
Book of Sorcery Lv1
Spirit's Tome
Book of Sorcery Lv2
Sealing Tome
Book of Sorcery Lv 3
Sorceress Tome
Book of Sorcery Lv 4+
Tome of the Night
Spear Lv1
Deku Spear
Spear Lv2
Kokiri Spear
Spear Lv3
Faron Spear
Spear Lv4+
Sun Faron Spear
Summoning Gate Lv1
Gate of Time
Summoning Gate Lv2
Guardian's Gate
Summoning Gate Lv3
Gate of Souls
Summoning Gate Lv4+
Gate of Tides
Rapier Lv1
Polished Rapier
Rapier Lv2
Glittering Rapier
Rapier Lv3
Gleaming Rapier
Rapier Lv4+
Gloomy Rapier
Baton Lv1
Wind Waker
Baton Lv2
Sacred Baton
Baton Lv3
Glorious Baton
Baton Lv4+
Liquid Glorious Baton
Dominion Rod Lv1
Old Dominion Rod
Dominion Rod Lv2
High Dominion Rod
Dominion Rod Lv3
Royal Dominion Rod
Dominion Rod Lv4+
Volcanic Dominion Rod
Great Swords Lv1
Swords of Despair
Great Swords Lv2
Swords of Darkness
Great Swords Lv3
Swords of Demise
Great Swords Lv4+
Swords of Renewal
Trident Lv1
Thief's Trident
Trident Lv2
King of Evil Trident
Trident Lv3
Trident of Demise
Trident Lv4+
Burning Trident
Hammer Lv1
Magic Hammer
Hammer Lv2
Igneous Hammer
Hammer Lv3
Megaton Hammer
Hammer Lv4+
Darkfire Hammer
Zora Scale Lv1
Silver Scale
Zora Scale Lv2
Golden Scale
Zora Scale Lv3
Water Dragon Scale
Zora Scale Lv4+
Sun Dragon Scale
Parasol Lv1
Butterfly Parasol
Parasol Lv2
Luna Parasol
Parasol Lv3
Princess Parasol
Parasol Lv4+
Incandescent Parasol
Shackle Lv1
Cursed Shackle
Shackle Lv2
Twilight Shackle
Shackle Lv3
Sol Shackle
Shackle Lv4+
Thunderhead Shackle
Scimitars Lv1
Usurper's Scimitars
Scimitars Lv2
Shadow Scimitars
Scimitars Lv3
Scimitars of Twilight
Scimitars Lv4+
Darkwater Scimitars
Goddess Blade Lv1
Goddess Sword
Goddess Blade Lv2
Goddess Longsword
Goddess Blade Lv3
True Goddess Blade
Goddess Blade Lv4+
Liquid Goddess Blade
Demon Blade Lv1
Demon Tribe Sword
Demon Blade Lv2
Demon Longsword
Demon Blade Lv3
True Demon Blade
Demon Blade Lv4+
Darkfire Demon Blade
Scepter Lv1
Scepter of Time
Scepter Lv2
Guardian's Scepter
Scepter Lv3
Scepter of Souls
Scepter Lv4+
Crackling Scepter
Dragon Spear Lv1
Dragonbone Pike
Dragon Spear Lv2
Stonecleaver Claw
Dragon Spear Lv3
Flesh-Render Fang
Dragon Spear Lv4+
Darkfire Fang
Ring Lv1
Blue Ring
Ring Lv2
Red Ring
Ring Lv3
Magical Ring
Ring Lv4+
Darkwater Ring
Mirror Lv1
Mirror of Shadows
Mirror Lv2
Mirror of Silence
Mirror Lv3
Mirror of Twilight
Mirror Lv4+
Darklight Mirror
Mask Lv1
Fierce Deity Mask
Mask Lv2
Furious Deity Mask
Mask Lv3
Vengeful Deity Mask
Mask Lv4+
Inflamed Deity's Mask
Balloon Lv1
Rosy Balloon
Balloon Lv2
Love-Filled Balloon
Balloon Lv3
Mr. Fairy Balloon
Balloon Lv4+
Liquid Fire Balloon
Crossbows Lv1
Simple Crossbows
Crossbows Lv2
Hylian Crossbows
Crossbows Lv3
Legend's Crossbows
Crossbows Lv4+
Luminous Crossbows
Boots Lv1
Winged Boots
Boots Lv2
Roc Boots
Boots Lv3
Pegasus Boots
Boots Lv4+
Gleambolt Pegasus Boots
Ocarina Lv1
Fairy Ocarina
Ocarina Lv2
Lunar Ocarina
Ocarina Lv3
Majora's Ocarina
Ocarina Lv4+
Crackling Ocarina
Light Sword Lv1
Hero's Sword
Light Sword Lv2
Phantom Sword
Light Sword Lv3
Lokomo Sword
Light Sword Lv4+
Lokomo Sword of Oceans
Sand Wand Lv1
Sand Wand
Sand Wand Lv2
Jeweled Sand Wand
Sand Wand Lv3
Nice Sand Wand
Sand Wand Lv4+
Darkfire Nice Sand Wand
Cutlass Lv1
Pirate Cutlass
Cutlass Lv2
Jeweled Cutlass
Cutlass Lv3
Regal Cutlass
Cutlass Lv4+
Cutlass of Light
Sail Lv1
Windfall Sail
Sail Lv2
Swift Sail
Sail Lv3
Sail of Red Lions
Sail Lv4+
Supercharged Sail
Rito Harp Lv1
Sacred Harp
Rito Harp Lv2
Earth God's Harp
Rito Harp Lv3
Din's Harp
Rito Harp Lv4+
Din's Harp of Oceans
Bell Lv1
Sea Lily Bell
Bell Lv2
Wavelet Bell
Bell Lv3
Awakening Bell
Bell Lv4+
Awakening Sunbell
Phantom Arms Lv1
Protector Sword
Phantom Arms Lv2
Warp Sword
Phantom Arms Lv3
Wrecker Sword
Phantom Arms Lv4+
Flaming Wrecker Sword
Rental Hammer Lv1
Wooden Hammer
Rental Hammer Lv2
White Bunny Hammer
Rental Hammer Lv3
Nice Hammer
Rental Hammer Lv4+
Crackling Nice Hammer
Picture Frame Lv1
Wooden Frame
Picture Frame Lv2
Frame of Sealing
Picture Frame Lv3
Demon King's Frame
Picture Frame Lv4+
Burning Frame
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