Can You Name Every Minecraft Block and Item? [Java 1.21]

Try and Name Every Minecraft Block and Item!
I usually keep this updated after each minecraft update if I remember to
If you want to try to 100% this quiz, please pause the timer! It would require you to do 60.2666... wpm for 60 minutes straight with no thinking time to do it with the timer. Its only 60 minutes because that's the limit on Jetpunk
If you happen to 100% this quiz, please share it with me via the google form and i will add your name to the description in the next update!
There May be a few spelling mistakes or typos, so if you find any post them in the comments and i'll fix them next time Minecraft updates
Quiz by DojoDanger
Last updated: June 13, 2024
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First submittedJanuary 16, 2021
Times taken5,093
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Grass Block
Oak Planks
Oak Sapling
Coal Ore
Iron Ore
Gold Ore
Oak Log
Oak Leaves
White Wool
Light Grey Wool
Grey Wool
Black Wool
Red Wool
Orange Wool
Yellow Wool
Lime Wool
Green Wool
Light Blue Wool
Cyan Wool
Blue Wool
Purple Wool
Magenta Wool
Pink Wool
Brown Wool
Block of Gold
Red Mushroom
Brown Mushroom
Smooth Stone Slab
Block of Iron
Mossy Cobblestone
Diamond Ore
Block of Diamond
Crafting Table
Leather Cap
Leather Tunic
Leather Pants
Leather Boots
Chainmail Helmet
Chainmail Chestplate
Chainmail Leggings
Chainmail Boots
Iron Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Iron Legginngs
Iron Boots
Iron Shovel
Iron Sword
Flint and Steel
Iron Axe
Iron Pickaxe
Gold Ingot
Iron Ingot
Wooden Sword
Wooden Axe
Wooden Pickaxe
Wooden Shovel
Stone Sword
Stone Axe
Stone Pickaxe
Stone Shovel
Diamond Sword
Diamond Axe
Diamond Pickaxe
Diamond Shovel
Golden Sword
Golden Axe
Golden Pickaxe
Golden Shovel
Mushroom Stew
Wooden Hoe
Stone Hoe
Iron Hoe
Golden Hoe
Diamond Hoe
Golden Helmet
Golden Chestplate
Golden Leggings
Golden Boots
Diamond Helmet
Diamond Chestplate
Diamond Leggings
Diamond Boots
Raw Porkchop
Cooked Porkchop
Oak Sign
Oak Door
Monster Spawner
Oak Stairs
Cobblestone Stairs
Golden Apple
Water Bucket
Lava Bucket
Redstone Ore
Redstone Torch
Oak Pressure Plate
Stone Pressure Plate
Stone Button
Iron Door
Snow block
Sugar Cane
Oak Fence
Soul Sand
Carved Pumpkin
Nether Portal
Milk Bucket
Clay Ball
Minecart with Furnace
Minecart with Chest
Glowstone Dust
Cooked Cod
Raw Cod
Oak Boat
Fishing Rod
Lapis Lazuli Ore
Block of Lapis Lazuli
Note Block
Birch Log
Birch Leaves
Spruce Log
Spruce Leaves
Cobblestone Slab
Petrified Oak Slab
Sandstone Slab
Smooth Stone
Red Bed
Redstone Repeater
Birch Sapling
Spruce Sapling
Powered Rail
Detector Rail
Dead Bush
Oak Trapdoor
Sticky Piston
Stone Bricks
Cracked Stone Bricks
Mossy Stone Bricks
Infested Stone
Infested Cobblestone
Infested Stone Bricks
Brick Slab
Stone Brick Slab
Brick Stairs
Stone Brick Stairs
Glass Pane
Iron Bars
Oak Fence Gate
Mushroom Stem
Red Mushroom Block
Brown Mushroom Block
Bone Meal
Lapis Lazuli
Cocoa Bean
Ink Sac
Light Grey Dye
Grey Dye
Red Dye
Orange Dye
Yellow Dye
Lime Dye
Green Dye
Light Blue Dye
Cyan Dye
Purple Dye
Magenta Dye
Pink Dye
Raw Chicken
Cooked Chicken
Raw Beef
Ender Pearl
Melon Seed
Melon Slice
Pumpkin Seed
Rotten Flesh
Nether Bricks
Nether Brick Stairs
Nether Brick Fence
Nether Wart
Lily Pad
Brewing Stand
Enchanting Table
End Portal Frame
End Portal
End Stone
Dragon Egg
Blaze Rod
Ghast Tear
Gold Nugget
Nether Wart
Blaze Powder
Fermented Spider Eye
Glass Bottle
Magma Cream
Spider Eye
Eye of Ender
Glistering Melon Slice
Water Bottle
Awkward Potion
Mundane Potion
Thick Potion
Potion of Fire Resistance
Potion of Harming
Potion of Healing
Potion of Poison
Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Slowness
Potion of Strength
Potion of Swiftness
Potion of Weakness
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance
Splash Potion of Harming
Splash Potion of Healing
Splash Potion of Poison
Splash Potion of Regeneration
Splash Potion of Slowness
Splash Potion of Strength
Splash Potion of Swiftness
Splash Potion of Weakness
Creeper Spawn Egg
Spider Spawn Egg
Skeleton Spawn Egg
Zombie Spawn Egg
Slime Spawn Egg
Ghast Spawn Egg
Enderman Spawn Egg
Cave Spider Spawn Egg
Silverfish Spawn Egg
Blaze Spawn Egg
Magma Cube Spawn Egg
Pig Spawn Egg
Sheep Spawn Egg
Cow Spawn Egg
Chicken Spawn Egg
Squid Spawn Egg
Wolf Spawn Egg
Mooshroom Spawn Egg
Villager Spawn Egg
Jungle Log
Jungle Leaves
Jungle Sapling
Redstone Lamp
Chiseled Stone Bricks
Birch Planks
Spruce Planks
Jungle Planks
Cut Sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone
Bottle o' Enchanting
Fire Charge
Ocelot Spawn Egg
Oak Slab
Birch Slab
Spruce Slab
Jungle Slab
Emerald Ore
Block of Emerald
Ender Chest
Sandstone Stairs
Tripwire Hook
Spruce Stairs
Birch Stairs
Jungle Stairs
Oak Wood
Birch Wood
Spruce Wood
Jungle Wood
Book and Quill
Written Book
Enchanted Golden Apple
Command Block
Flower Pot
Oak Button
Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Creeper Head
Player Head
Skeleton Skull
Wither Skeleton Skull
Zombie Head
Chipped Anvil
Damaged Anvil
Nether Brick Slab
Potion of Night Vision
Splash Potion of Night Vision
Golden Carrot
Baked Potato
Poisonous Potato
Potion of Invisibility
Splash Potion of Invisibility
Carrot on a stick
Nether Star
Pumpkin Pie
Enchanted Book
Firework Rocket
Firework Star
Witch Spawn Egg
Bat Spawn Egg
Item Frame
Nether Quartz Ore
Block of Redstone
Daylight Detector
Redstone Comparator
Trapped Chest
Light Weighted Pressure Plate
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
Activator Rail
Block of Quartz
Chiseled Quartz Block
Quartz Pillar
Quartz Slab
Quartz Stairs
Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Quartz
Nether Brick
Nether Quartz
Minecart with Hopper
Minecart with TNT
White Carpet
Light Grey Carpet
Grey Carpet
Black Carpet
Red Carpet
Orange Carpet
Yellow Carpet
Lime Carpet
Green Carpet
Light Blue Carpet
Cyan Carpet
Blue Carpet
Purple Carpet
Magenta Carpet
Pink Carpet
Brown Carpet
Hay Bale
Block of Coal
White Terracotta
Light Grey Terracotta
Grey Terracotta
Black Terracotta
Red Terracotta
Orange Terracotta
Yellow Terracotta
Lime Terracotta
Green Terracotta
Light Blue Terracotta
Cyan Terracotta
Blue Terracotta
Purple Terracotta
Magenta Terracotta
Pink Terracotta
Brown Terracotta
Iron Horse Armor
Golden Horse Armor
Diamond Horse Armor
Name Tag
Horse Spawn Egg
Azure Bluet
Blue Orchid
Oxeye Daisy
Rose Bush
Orange Tulip
Pink Tulip
Red Tulip
White Tulip
Tall Grass
Large Fern
Packed Ice
Infested Cracked Stone Bricks
Infested Mossy Stone Bricks
Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks
Red Sand
White Stained Glass
Light Grey Stained Glass
Grey Stained Glass
Black Stained Glass
Red Stained Glass
Orange Stained Glass
Yellow Stained Glass
Lime Stained Glass
Green Stained Glass
Light Blue Stained Glass
Cyan Stained Glass
Blue Stained Glass
Purple Stained Glass
Magenta Stained Glass
Pink Stained Glass
Brown Stained Glass
White Stained Glass Pane
Light Grey Stained Glass Pane
Grey Stained Glass Pane
Black Stained Glass Pane
Red Stained Glass Pane
Orange Stained Glass Pane
Yellow Stained Glass Pane
Lime Stained Glass Pane
Green Stained Glass Pane
Light Blue Stained Glass Pane
Cyan Stained Glass Pane
Blue Stained Glass Pane
Purple Stained Glass Pane
Magenta Stained Glass Pane
Pink Stained Glass Pane
Brown Stained Glass Pane
Acacia Log
Acacia Wood
Acacia Leaves
Acacia Sapling
Dark Oak Log
Dark Oak Wood
Dark Oak Leaves
Dark Oak Sapling
Acacia Stairs
Acacia Slab
Dark Oak Stairs
Dark Oak Slab
Acacia Planks
Dark Oak Planks
Tropical Fish
Raw Salmon
Cooked Salmon
Potion of Water Breathing
Splash Potion of Water Breathing
Minecart with Command Block
Polished Granite
Polished Diorite
Polished Andesite
Slime Block
Barrier Block
Iron Trapdoor
Prismarine Bricks
Dark Prismarine
Sea Lantern
Coarse Dirt
Wet Sponge
White Banner
Light Grey Banner
Grey Banner
Black Banner
Red Banner
Orange Banner
Yellow Banner
Lime Banner
Green Banner
Light Blue Banner
Cyan Banner
Blue Banner
Purple Banner
Magenta Banner
Pink Banner
Brown Banner
Red Sandstone
Cut Red Sandstone
Chiseled Red Sandstone
Smooth Red Sandstone
Red Sandstone Slab
Red Sandstone Stairs
Birch Fence
Spruce Fence
Jungle Fence
Acacia Fence
Dark Oak Fence
Birch Fence Gate
Spruce Fence Gate
Jungle Fence Gate
Acacia Fence Gate
Dark Oak Fence Gate
Birch Door
Spruce Door
Jungle Door
Acacia Door
Dark Oak Door
Endermite Spawn Egg
Prismarine Crystal
Prismarine Shard
Guardian Spawn Egg
Raw Mutton
Cooked Mutton
Raw Rabbit
Cooked Rabbit
Potion of Leaping
Splash Potion of Leaping
Rabbit's Foot
Rabbit Hide
Rabbit Spawn Egg
Rabbit Stew
Armor Stand
Chorus Plant
Chorus Flower
Dragon Head
End Gateway
End Rod
End Stone Bricks
Dirt Path
Purpur Block
Purpur Pillar
Purpur Slab
Purpur Stairs
Structure Block
Spectral Arrow
Arrow of Fire Resistance
Arrow of Harming
Arrow of Healing
Arrow of Invisibility
Arrow of Leaping
Arrow of Luck
Arrow of Night Vision
Arrow of Poison
Arrow of Regeneration
Arrow of Slowness
Arrow of Strength
Arrow of Swiftness
Arrow of Water Breathing
Arrow of Weakness
Beetroot Seed
Beetroot Soup
Chorus Fruit
Popped Chorus Fruit
Shulker Spawn Egg
Splash Water Bottle
Mundane Splash Potion
Thick Splash Potion
Awkward Splash Potion
Dragon's Breath
Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance
Lingering Potion of Harming
Lingering Potion of Healing
Lingering Potion of Invisibility
Lingering Potion of Leaping
Lingering Potion of Luck
Lingering Potion of Night Vision
Lingering Potion of Poison
Lingering Potion of Regeneration
Lingering Potion of Slowness
Lingering Potion of Strength
Lingering Potion of Swiftness
Lingering Potion of Water Breathing
Lingering Potion of Weakness
Lingering Water Bottle
Lingering Mundane Potion
Lingering Awkward Potion
Lingering Thick Potion
End Crystal
Potion of Luck
Splash Potion of Luck
Spruce Boat
Birch Boat
Jungle Boat
Acacia Boat
Dark Oak Boat
Chain Command Block
Repeating Command Block
Uncraftable Potion
Splash Uncraftable Potion
Lingering Uncraftable Potion
Uncraftable Tipped Arrows
Bone Block
Magma Block
Nether Wart Block
Red Nether Bricks
Polar Bear Spawn Egg
Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg
Stray Spawn Egg
Husk Spawn Egg
Elder Guardian Spawn Egg
Donkey Spawn Egg
Mule Spawn Egg
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg
Zombie Horse Spawn Egg
Structure Void
Shulker Box
White Shulker Box
Light Grey Shulker Box
Grey Shulker Box
Black Shulker Box
Red Shulker Box
Orange Shulker Box
Yellow Shulker Box
Lime Shulker Box
Green Shulker Box
Light Blue Shulker Box
Cyan Shulker Box
Blue Shulker Box
Purple Shulker Box
Magenta Shulker Box
Pink Shulker Box
Brown Shulker Box
Zombie Villager Spawn Egg
Llama Spawn Egg
Evoker Spawn Egg
Vex Spawn Egg
Vindicator Spawn Egg
Shulker Shell
Totem of Undying
Explorer Map
Iron Nugget
White Concrete
Light Grey Concrete
Grey Concrete
Black Concrete
Red Concrete
Orange Concrete
Yellow Concrete
Lime Concrete
Green Concrete
Light Blue Concrete
Cyan Concrete
Blue Concrete
Purple Concrete
Magenta Concrete
Pink Concrete
Brown Concrete
White Concrete Powder
Light Grey Concrete Powder
Grey Concrete Powder
Black Concrete Powder
Red Concrete Powder
Orange Concrete Powder
Yellow Concrete Powder
Lime Concrete Powder
Green Concrete Powder
Light Blue Concrete Powder
Cyan Concrete Powder
Blue Concrete Powder
Purple Concrete Powder
Magenta Concrete Powder
Pink Concrete Powder
Brown Concrete Powder
White Glazed Terracotta
Light Grey Glazed Terracotta
Grey Glazed Terracotta
Black Glazed Terracotta
Red Glazed Terracotta
Orange Glazed Terracotta
Yellow Glazed Terracotta
Lime Glazed Terracotta
Green Glazed Terracotta
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta
Cyan Glazed Terracotta
Blue Glazed Terracotta
Purple Glazed Terracotta
Magenta Glazed Terracotta
Pink Glazed Terracotta
Brown Glazed Terracotta
White Bed
Light Grey Bed
Grey Bed
Black Bed
Orange Bed
Yellow Bed
Lime Bed
Green Bed
Light Blue Bed
Cyan Bed
Blue Bed
Purple Bed
Magenta Bed
Pink Bed
Brown Bed
Parrot Spawn Egg
Knowledge Book
Birch Button
Spruce Button
Jungle Button
Acacia Button
Dark Oak Button
Birch Pressure Plate
Spruce Pressure Plate
Jungle Pressure Plate
Acacia Pressure Plate
Dark Oak Pressure Plate
Birch Trapdoor
Spruce Trapdoor
Jungle Trapdoor
Acacia Trapdoor
Dark Oak Trapdoor
Stripped Oak Log
Stripped Birch Log
Stripped Spruce Log
Stripped Jungle Log
Stripped Acacia Log
Stripped Dark Oak Log
Dried Kelp Block
Prismarine Stairs
Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Brick Stairs
Prismarine Brick Slab
Dark Prismarine Stairs
Dark Prismarine Slab
Turtle Egg
Tube Coral Block
Brain Coral Block
Bubble Coral Block
Fire Coral Block
Horn Coral Block
Dead Tube Coral Block
Dead Brain Coral Block
Dead Bubble Coral Block
Dead Fire Coral Block
Dead Horn Coral Block
Tube Coral
Brain Coral
Bubble Coral
Fire Coral
Horn Coral
Dead Tube Coral
Dead Brain Coral
Dead Bubble Coral
Dead Fire Coral
Dead Horn Coral
Tube Coral Fan
Brain Coral Fan
Bubble Coral Fan
Fire Coral Fan
Horn Coral Fan
Dead Tube Coral Fan
Dead Brain Coral Fan
Dead Bubble Coral Fan
Dead Fire Coral Fan
Dead Horn Coral Fan
Blue Ice
Stripped Oak Wood
Stripped Spruce Wood
Stripped Birch Wood
Stripped Jungle Wood
Stripped Acacia Wood
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
Debug Stick
Dried Kelp
Turtle Shell
Potion of the Turtle Master
Splash Potion of the Turtle Master
Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master
Arrow of the Turtle Master
Phantom Spawn Egg
Turtle Spawn Egg
Bucket of Cod
Bucket of Salmon
Bucket of Pufferfish
Cod Spawn Egg
Salmon Spawn Egg
Pufferfish Spawn Egg
Tropical Fish Spawn Egg
Bucket of Tropical Fish
Drowned Spawn Egg
Dolphin Spawn Egg
Phantom Membrane
Potion of Slow Falling
Splash Potion of Slow Falling
Lingering Potion of Slow Falling
Arrow of Slow Falling
Heart of the Sea
Nautilus Shell
Sea Pickle
Wither Rose
Lily of the Valley
Birch Sign
Spruce Sign
Jungle Sign
Acacia Sign
Dark Oak Sign
Stone Slab
Andesite Slab
Polished Andesite Slab
Diorite Slab
Polished Diorite Slab
Granite Slab
Polished Granite Slab
Mossy Stone Brick Slab
Mossy Cobblestone Slab
Smooth Sandstone Slab
Smooth Red Sandstone Slab
Smooth Quartz Slab
Red Nether Brick Slab
End Stone Brick Slab
Stone Stairs
Andesite Stairs
Polished Andesite Stairs
Diorite Stairs
Polished Diorite Stairs
Granite Stairs
Polished Granite Stairs
Mossy Stone Brick Stairs
Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
Smooth Sandstone Stairs
Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs
Smooth Quartz Stairs
Red Nether Brick Stairs
End Stone Brick Stairs
Brick Wall
Andesite Wall
Diorite Wall
Granite Wall
Prismarine Wall
Stone Brick Wall
Mossy Stone Brick Wall
Sandstone Wall
Red Sandstone Wall
Nether Brick Wall
Red Nether Brick Wall
End Stone Brick Wall
Blast Furnace
Cartography Table
Fletching Table
Smithing Table
Jigsaw Block
Berry Bush
Cut Sandstone Slab
Cut Red Sandstone Slab
Flower Charge Banner Pattern
Creeper Charge Banner Pattern
Skull Charge Banner Pattern
Thing Banner Pattern
White Dye
Black Dye
Blue Dye
Brown Dye
Ravager Spawn Egg
Panda Spawn Egg
Pillager Spawn Egg
Suspicious Stew
Sweet Berries
Wandering Trader Spawn Egg
Trader Llama Spawn Egg
Fox Spawn Egg
Cat Spawn Egg
Leather Horse Armor
Globe Banner Pattern
Bee Nest
Bee Hive
Honey Block
Honeycomb Block
Honey Bottle
Bee Spawn Egg
Ancient Debris
Block of Netherite
Crimson Stem
Warped Stem
Stripped Crimson Stem
Stripped Warped Stem
Crimson Planks
Warped Planks
Crimson Sign
Warped Sign
Crimson Slab
Warped Slab
Crimson Stairs
Warped Stairs
Crimson Fence
Warped Fence
Crimson Fence Gate
Warped Fence Gate
Crimson Pressure Plate
Warped Pressure Plate
Crimson Button
Warped Button
Crimson Door
Warped Door
Crimson Trapdoor
Warped Trapdoor
Crimson Fungus
Warped Fungus
Crimson Nylium
Warped Nylium
Crimson Roots
Warped Roots
Nether Sprouts
Soul Fire
Soul Lantern
Soul Torch
Soul Soil
Warped Wart Block
Weeping Vines
Crying Obsidian
Crimson Hyphae
Warped Hyphae
Stripped Crimson Hyphae
Stripped Warped Hyphae
Nether Gold Ore
Twisting Vines
Polished Basalt
Respawn Anchor
Blackstone Stairs
Blackstone Slab
Blackstone Wall
Polished Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Stairs
Polished Blackstone Slab
Polished Blackstone Wall
Polished Blackstone Button
Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate
Chiseled Polished Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Bricks
Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs
Polished Blackstone Brick Slab
Polished Blackstone Brick Wall
Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
Gilded Blackstone
Chiseled Nether Bricks
Cracked Nether Bricks
Quartz Bricks
Soul Campfire
Netherite Helmet
Netherite Chestplate
Netherite Leggings
Netherite Boots
Netherite Axe
Netherite Shovel
Netherite Hoe
Netherite Pickaxe
Netherite Sword
Netherite Ingot
Netherite Scrap
Hoglin Spawn Egg
Piglin Spawn Egg
Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg
Warped Fungus on a Stick
Strider Spawn Egg
Zoglin Spawn Egg
Snout Banner Pattern
Piglin Brute Spawn Egg
Block of Copper
Exposed Copper
Weathered Copper
Oxidised Copper
Waxed Block of Copper
Waxed Exposed Copper
Waxed Weathered Copper
Waxed Oxidised Copper
Cut Copper
Exposed Cut Copper
Weathered Cut Copper
Oxidised Cut Copper
Waxed Cut Copper
Waxed Exposed Cut Copper
Waxed Weathered Cut Copper
Waxed Oxidised Cut Copper
Cut Copper Slab
Exposed Cut Copper Slab
Weathered Cut Copper Slab
Oxidised Cut Copper Slab
Waxed Cut Copper Slab
Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Slab
Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Slab
Waxed Oxidised Cut Copper Slab
Cut Copper Stairs
Exposed Cut Copper Stairs
Weathered Cut Copper Stairs
Oxidised Cut Copper Stairs
Waxed Cut Copper Stairs
Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Stairs
Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Stairs
Waxed Oxidised Cut Copper Stairs
Small Amethyst Bud
Medium Amethyst Bud
Large Amethyst Bud
Amethyst Cluster
Block of Amethyst
Budding Amethyst
Copper Ore
Lightning Rod
Tinted Glass
White Candle
Orange Candle
Magenta Candle
Light Blue Candle
Yellow Candle
Lime Candle
Pink Candle
Grey Candle
Light Grey Candle
Cyan Candle
Purple Candle
Blue Candle
Brown Candle
Green Candle
Red Candle
Black Candle
Powder Snow
Dripstone Block
Pointed Dripstone
Sculk Sensor
Glow Lichen
Flowering Azalea
Azalea Leaves
Flowering Azalea Leaves
Cave Vines
Small Dripleaf
Big Dripleaf
Hanging Roots
Rooted Dirt
Moss Block
Moss Carpet
Spore Blossom
Polished Deepslate
Deepslate Bricks
Deepslate Tiles
Chiseled Deepslate
Polished Deepslate Slab
Deepslate Brick Slab
Deepslate Tile Slab
Polished Deepslate Stairs
Deepslate Brick Stairs
Deepslate Tile Stairs
Polished Deepslate Wall
Deepslate Brick Wall
Deepslate Tile Wall
Cobbled Deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate Slab
Cobbled Deepslate Stairs
Cobbled Deepslate Wall
Deepslate Iron Ore
Deepslate Gold Ore
Deepslate Diamond Ore
Deepslate Redstone Ore
Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
Smooth Basalt
Cracked Deepslate Bricks
Cracked Deepslate Tiles
Deepslate Coal Ore
Deepslate Copper Ore
Deepslate Emerald Ore
Infested Deepslate
Block of Raw Iron
Block of Raw Gold
Block of Raw Copper
Amethyst Shard
Copper Ingot
Powder Snow Bucket
Axolotl Spawn Egg
Bucket of Axolotl
Glow Ink Sac
Glow Squid Spawn Egg
Glow Berries
Raw Copper
Raw Iron
Raw Gold
Glow Item Frame
Goat Spawn Egg
Reinforced Deepslate
Sculk Catalyst
Sculk Shrieker
Sculk Vein
Pearlescent Froglight
Verdant Froglight
Ochre Froglight
Mangrove Log
Mangrove Wood
Stripped Mangrove Log
Stripped Mangrove Wood
Mangrove Planks
Mangrove Pressure Plate
Mangrove Button
Mangrove Fence
Mangrove Fence Gate
Mangrove Slab
Mangrove Stairs
Mangrove Sign
Mangrove Door
Mangrove Trapdoor
Mangrove Propagule
Mangrove Leaves
Mangrove Roots
Muddy Mangrove Roots
Packed Mud
Mud Bricks
Mud Brick Slab
Mud Brick Stairs
Mud Brick Wall
Warden Spawn Egg
Frog Spawn Egg
Tadpole Spawn Egg
Bucket of Tadpole
Mangrove Boat
Oak Boat with Chest
Spruce Boat with Chest
Birch Boat with Chest
Jungle Boat with Chest
Acacia Boat with Chest
Dark Oak Boat with Chest
Mangrove Boat with Chest
Allay Spawn Egg
Echo Shard
Recovery Compass
Disc Fragment
Goat Horn
Iron Golem Spawn Egg
Snow Golem Spawn Egg
Ender Dragon Spawn Egg
Wither Spawn Egg
Chiseled Bookshelf
Bamboo Planks
Bamboo Pressure Plate
Bamboo Button
Bamboo Fence
Bamboo Fence Gate
Bamboo Slab
Bamboo Stairs
Bamboo Sign
Bamboo Door
Bamboo Trapdoor
Oak Hanging Sign
Spruce Hanging Sign
Birch Hanging Sign
Jungle Hanging Sign
Acacia Hanging Sign
Dark Oak Hanging Sign
Crimson Hanging Sign
Warped Hanging Sign
Mangrove Hanging Sign
Bamboo Hanging Sign
Bamboo Mosaic
Bamboo Mosaic Slab
Bamboo Mosaic Stairs
Block of Bamboo
Block of Stripped Bamboo
Piglin Head
Cherry Log
Cherry Wood
Stripped Cherry Log
Stripped Cherry Wood
Cherry Planks
Cherry Pressure Plate
Cherry Button
Cherry Fence
Cherry Fence Gate
Cherry Slab
Cherry Stairs
Cherry Sign
Cherry Hanging Sign
Cherry Door
Cherry Trapdoor
Cherry Sapling
Cherry Leaves
Decorated Pot
Pink Petals
Suspicious Sand
Suspicious Gravel
Calibrated Sculk Sensor
Sniffer Egg
Pitcher Plant
Bamboo Raft
Bamboo Raft with Chest
Camel Spawn Egg
Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template
Coast Armor Trim Smithing Template
Dune Armor Trim Smithing Template
Eye Armor Trim Smithing Template
Rib Armor Trim Smithing Template
Sentry Armor Trim Smithing Template
Silence Armor Trim Smithing Template
Snout Armor Trim Smithing Template
Spire Armor Trim Smithing Template
Vex Armor Trim Smithing Template
Ward Armor Trim Smithing Template
Wild Armor Trim Smithing Template
Tide Armor Trim Smithing Template
Wayfinder Armor Trim Smithing Template
Shaper Armor Trim Smithing Template
Host Armor Trim Smithing Template
Raiser Armor Trim Smithing Template
Cherry Boat
Cherry Boat with Chest
Angler Pottery Sherd
Archer Pottery Sherd
Arms Up Pottery Sherd
Blade Pottery Sherd
Brewer Pottery Sherd
Burn Pottery Sherd
Danger Pottery Sherd
Explorer Pottery Sherd
Friend Pottery Sherd
Heart Pottery Sherd
Heartbreak Pottery Sherd
Howl Pottery Sherd
Miner Pottery Sherd
Mourner Pottery Sherd
Plenty Pottery Sherd
Prize Pottery Sherd
Sheaf Pottery Sherd
Shelter Pottery Sherd
Skull Pottery Sherd
Snort Pottery Sherd
Sniffer Spawn Egg
Torchflower Seeds
Pitcher Pod
Armadillo Scute
Wolf Armor
Armadillo Spawn Egg
Chiseled Copper
Exposed Chiseled Copper
Weathered Chiseled Copper
Oxidised Chiseled Copper
Waxed Chiseled Copper
Waxed Exposed Chiseled Copper
Waxed Weathered Chiseled Copper
Waxed Oxidised Chiseled Copper
Copper Bulb
Exposed Copper Bulb
Weathered Copper Bulb
Oxidised Copper Bulb
Waxed Copper Bulb
Waxed Exposed Copper Bulb
Waxed Weathered Copper Bulb
Waxed Oxidised Copper Bulb
Copper Door
Exposed Copper Door
Weathered Copper Door
Oxidised Copper Door
Waxed Copper Door
Waxed Exposed Copper Door
Waxed Weathered Copper Door
Waxed Oxidised Copper Door
Copper Trapdoor
Exposed Copper Trapdoor
Weathered Copper Trapdoor
Oxidised Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Exposed Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Weathered Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Oxidised Copper Trapdoor
Copper Grate
Exposed Copper Grate
Weathered Copper Grate
Oxidised Copper Grate
Waxed Copper Grate
Waxed Exposed Copper Grate
Waxed Weathered Copper Grate
Waxed Oxidised Copper Grate
Tuff Slab
Tuff Stairs
Tuff Wall
Polished Tuff
Polished Tuff Slab
Polished Tuff Stairs
Polished Tuff Wall
Tuff Bricks
Tuff Brick Slab
Tuff Brick Stairs
Tuff Brick Wall
Chiseled Tuff
Chiseled Tuff Bricks
Trial Spawner
Heavy Core
Ominous Trial Spawner
Ominous Vault
Breeze Rod
Wind Charge
Breeze Spawn Egg
Trial Key
Ominous Trial Key
Ominous Bottle
Bogged Spawn Egg
Potion of Infestation
Potion of Oozing
Potion of Weaving
Potion of Wind Charging
Splash Potion of Infestation
Splash Potion of Oozing
Splash Potion of Weaving
Splash Potion of Wind Charging
Lingering Potion of Infestation
Lingering Potion of Oozing
Lingering Potion of Weaving
Lingering Potion of Wind Charging
Arrow of Infestation
Arrow of Oozing
Arrow of Weaving
Arrow of Wind Charging
Flow Banner Pattern
Guster Banner Pattern
Bolt Armor Trim Smithing Template
Flow Armor Trim Smithing Template
Flow Pottery Sherd
Guster Pottery Sherd
Scrape Pottery Sherd
Creator (Music Box)
Level 78
Feb 24, 2021
I found a few misspellings and inconsistencies with the names of the items. Please change these :)

"Oak Fence," not "Oak WOOD Fence"

"Chest Minecart," not "Chest Mincart"

"Spruce Leaves," not "SpURce Leaves"

"Oak Fence Gate," not "Oak Fence GateS"

"Popped Chorus Fruit," not "Popped ChorOus Fruit

"Sea Lantern," not "Sea LanternS"

"Potion of the Turtle Master," not "Potion of Turtle Master"

"Splash Potion of the Turtle Master," not "Splash Potion of Turtle Master"

"Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master," not "Lingering Potion of Turtle Master

"Arrow of the Turtle Master," not "Arrow of Turtle Master"

"Lectern," not "LectUrn"

"Gilded Blackstone," not "GUilded Blackstone"


Level 20
Apr 23, 2022
Thank you for showing me my terrible spelling haha. It is fixed now
Level 78
Feb 24, 2021
Also some items were missing, like

Emerald Block

Potion of Weakness

Splash Potion of Weakness

Lingering Potion of Weakness

Mundane Potion

Water Bottle

Awkward Potion

Thick Potion

Tropical Fish

Hopper Minecart

TNT Minecart


Oak Boat

Spruce Boat

Acacia Boat

Jungle Boat

Dark Oak Boat

Birch Boat

Level 78
Mar 3, 2021
Looking back, Sea Pickles are also missing
Level 20
Apr 23, 2022
Some of these are in here, such as "Bucket of Tropical Fish" or "Tropical Fish Spawn Egg" for "Tropical Fish" but thanks for the rest of them!
Level 36
Mar 20, 2023
Glass pane is called "glass panes"

there is also an item called "mangove" something

you may also want to reconsider renaming "clownfish" to "tropical fish", as that is what the item in game is called. Or at the very least, make tropical fish an accepted answer for clownfish

Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
Level 44
Dec 19, 2023
Also, I think you can extend the time to 90:00, in the new JetPunk update.
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Its still not letting me make it 90 minutes unfortunately, it still says 60 is the maximum
Level 27
Feb 28, 2021
Air is missing
Level 20
Apr 23, 2022
Air counts as a technical block, such as piston head and bubble column, which I am not including
Level 76
Jul 1, 2022
if you're not including technical blocks then void, structure, barrier, far etc probably shouldn't be on here. amazing quiz otherwise though, i can't even begin to imagine how long it must have taken!
Level 60
Apr 17, 2023
Those are items as well though

(Except void)

Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
I have now included all technical blocks
Level 56
Jul 24, 2022
Far doesn't count - it's a music disc
Level 20
Sep 15, 2022
Music Discs count as Items
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
I have now added air (i decided to include all technical blocks)
Level 42
May 31, 2021
There are a few misspellings, but the worst one has to be "Crimson Roots", which aren't even a thing. (Also "Warped Sprouts" are called "Nether Sprouts".) Also, the potions, splash potions, lingering potions, and tipped arrows aren't separate items, they're just "Potion", "Splash Potion", "Lingering Potion", and "Tipped Arrow", kind of like with enchanted books.
Level 78
Jun 29, 2021
all of the Potions, Splash potions, Lingering potions, and tipped arrows are separate items. It's just that the Bedrock creative inventory groups them all together. The problem with enchanted books is that there are way too many combinations to realistically list them all.
Level 20
Apr 23, 2022
This is a Minecraft Java Edition Quiz, and the items are listed like this in Java Edition
Level 52
Apr 30, 2022
Fantastic quiz
Level 20
Sep 15, 2022
Thank You!
Level 73
Jul 1, 2022
Two things.

First, more minor thing, some moderately obvious oversights such as birch (and spruce) stairs apparently not existing. Could easily be corrected by the other thing though:

Given the realities of time limits on this kind of quiz, you should really group things together. This would also let you include things like enchanted books - have the quiztaker guess one version of each thing, rather than all versions of each thing. For example, you could have every color (dye) be an answer, then "bed", and "[any color] bed" rather than guessing each color of bed again. The same with wool, carpets, etc etc.

This could even be applied to common sets like "stairs, slab, planks, bricks, fence" where just typing those words would fill in that part of the answer, then typing the material would fill in the other half.

There are like 4 similar ways of doing this, and I'm not sure if a single one or combination of them would work best, plus more work for you, but it's worth a try here IMO.

Level 20
Sep 15, 2022
The first thing I have now fixed, I just forgot about them I guess lol

The second thing I won't do though. The time limit of 60 minutes is only there because that's the maximum that Jetpunk allows for. I would put it at at least 150 minutes if I could have more, so I am advising that if you want to 100% you pause the timer.

I'm not going to group them because the point of this quiz is to see if you know the most obscure stair variants for example, like "Deepslate Tiles Stairs", and just writing "stairs" wouldn't test that. But I do agree that it can seem tedious to write out everything

Level 56
Jul 24, 2022
Just a quick note - Cut Sandstone slab has a typo - Cut Sandsone slab
Level 20
Sep 15, 2022
Thanks for said quick note, it is now fixed
Level 57
Sep 29, 2022
Just a couple spelling errors - it says Mangove Boat and Mangove Boat with Chest instead of Mangrove
Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
Level 57
Sep 29, 2022
Also, I think witch spawn egg may be missing
Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
Level 33
Oct 20, 2022
GG :) Gotten 596 within an hour. I realized spawn eggs were part of the item list at the last minute so I could have gotten higher score, but good map!
Level 53
Nov 28, 2022
i got lingering potion of luck but forgot iron sword
Level 66
Dec 12, 2022
I have noticed two typos: 'mangRove boat' and 'mangRove boat with chest' (missing the R in mangrove) I gave up thinking they haven't made boats out of mangrove wood but they actually did ^^

Also I'm not sure about the stripped log version but the mangrove one is swapped on your quiz, I tried 'stripped mangrove log' which might be the proper one (need to be checked)

Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
mangrove fixed!
Level 39
Dec 22, 2022
I’m not sure if this is a mistake but is there supposed to be an “oak slab”? I know there a “petrified oak slab” so I’m just wondering
Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
fixed! (no idea how i missed it lol)
Level 18
Feb 16, 2023
missing stuff:

bat spawn egg

dolphin spawn egg

witch spawn egg

cod spawn egg

salmon spawn egg

pufferfish spawn egg

tropical fish spawn egg

petrified oak slab

item frame

glow item frame

stripped warped stem

stripped warped hyphae

stripped crimson stem

stripped crimson hyphae

repeating command block

chain command block

minecart with command block

fishing rod

wrong stuff:

there's no warped or crimson sprouts - just nether sprouts

mangrove boat and boat with chest are missing the 'r'

that's all I remember for now - I'll post more when I do this again!

Level 27
Mar 15, 2023
and armor stand
Level 18
May 5, 2023
okay, rename 'mangrove stipped log' to 'stripped mangrove log', just like everything else is

add 'stripped mangrove wood'

Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
Level 49
Mar 23, 2023
netherite hoe?
Level 20
Jun 7, 2023
fixed! (can't believe i forgot this smh)
Level 35
Jun 8, 2023
glistering melon, chorus fruit, and painting
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 59
Jul 20, 2023

It could've been better

Level 14
Jul 26, 2023
I think you've forgotten the painting and chorus fruits. You also need to change Cherry Gate to Cherry Fence Gate, and Cherry Stripped Log and Cherry Stripped Wood to Stripped Cherry Log and Stripped Cherry Wood. Also, I'm not sure if this reflects actual Minecraft, but things like Block of Gold and Block of Emerald weren't consistant. Some were Gold Block, and some were Block of Emerald. Not these specific examples, but I'm pretty sure several Block of ____ items were labeled as ______ block and vise versa. Oh and the minecarts were inconsistent in the same way- some were ____ minecart, some were minecart with ______. Also it's missing the Turtle Egg.
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Thank you! All of this is fixed now. (there may still be some inconsistencies between ___ block and block of ___ but all entries are now correct to what the game says)
Level 50
Aug 22, 2023
Disc 13 and 11 should be accepted
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
for the disc names just write the song name (e.g. just 13 or 11)
Level 33
Oct 6, 2023
Chorus Fruit, Far (disc), cat (disc), field masoned banner pattern, border intended banner patterns are missing. And the Zombified Piglin Spawn egg aswell
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Chorus fruit and zombified piglin fixed! But far and cat are already in here, and the 2 banner patterns are exclusive to bedrock edition
Level 33
Oct 9, 2023
No way nobody noticed that bro forgot all 32 concrete + concrete powder blocks
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
what are you on about no i didn't
Level 39
Oct 19, 2023
I couldn’t find “Turtle egg” on this list though I could be wrong.
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 21
Oct 26, 2023
i am pretty sure that "spawner" is actually called "monster spawner"
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 22
Nov 2, 2023
Ender dragon spawn egg?? since when?
Level 41
Dec 7, 2023
Since 1.19.3

There are also spawn eggs for every single mob as of that update, including mobs that didnt have one before like the wither and both golems

Level 22
Nov 2, 2023
Wait.. no cherry fence gate?
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 20
Nov 30, 2023
"cherry fence gate" is listed as "cherry gate"

"stripped cherry log" is listed as "cherry stripped log" (same issue with the stripped cherry wood)

"zombified piglin spawn egg" and "goat spawn egg" are missing

"chorus fruit" is also missing

The pottery shards should probably also have "shard" as a type in, I'm aware that the sherd typo is in the actual game, but it can easily throw people off when it doesn't have the correct spelling of the word as an option

Level 15
Dec 4, 2023
Sherd is defined as a broken piece of ceramic material, especially found on an archaeological site, so it's actually correct.

Also there are more things to correct. "Painting" is missing, "muddy mangrove roots" are listed as "muddy roots", there is no "piglin banner pattern" but "snout banner pattern" and I would argue that a buried treasure map is a type of an explorer map item subset.

And one little typo I noticed: "whither rose" written as an answer although it accepts "wither rose". Hope that changes will be applied after 1.21 update

Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
fixed! (and yeah buried treasure map is a subset of explorer maps so I've changed that too)
Level 20
Dec 5, 2023
"Copper Block" should be "Block of Copper" (only the base version is incorrect, all variants are correct)

"Diamond Block" should be "Block of Diamond"

"Coal Block" should be "Block of Coal"

"Emerald Block" should be "Block of Emerald"

"Lapis Lazuli Block" should be "Block of Lapis Lazuli"

"Redstone Block" should be "Block of Redstone"

"Chest Minecart" should be "Minecart with Chest"

"Furnace Minecart" should be "Minecart with Furnace"

"Knowledge Book" is missing (understandably considering it is pretty obscure but it is still an item)

"Structure Void" is missing

"Uncraftable Potion", "Uncraftable Splash Potion", "Uncraftable Lingering Potion", and "Uncraftable Tipped Arrow" are missing if you want to include those

Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
fixed! Also i have now decided to include all technical blocks and items so the knowledge book and uncraftable potions have been added
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
fixed! But sherd isn't a typo its a real archaeological term
Level 46
Jan 8, 2024
Nice game! Got 1211 score. Here are a few things I have pointed out while playing -

muddy roots - same thing & muddy mangrove roots

path - grass path

cherry stripped wood etc - stripped cherry wood

daylight sensor - same thing & daylight detector

piglin banner pattern - same thing & snout banner pattern

waxed block of copper - same thing & waxed copper

turtle eggs - turtle egg

"trim" armor trim smithing template - "trim" smithing template

Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
fixed! except it turns out its actually dirt path, and I'm not sure what you mean by the last one
Level 23
Jan 19, 2024
This is awful and causing me to go insane

(I mean this in the best way possible lol, good job!)

Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 24
Jan 31, 2024
Waxed lightly weathered cut copper stairs are missing
Level 59
Mar 25, 2024
lightly weathered got renamed to exposed in some snapshot of 1.17
Level 24
Apr 18, 2024
Thanks For Telling Me Sorry I'm Late
Level 34
Feb 21, 2024
great quiz
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
thank you!
Level 15
Feb 23, 2024
I hated typing out all the copper variants, but I got 719. Love the quiz though.
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
yeah that's one of the worst bits, but thanks for playing!
Level 14
Mar 12, 2024
Some things are missing or named incorrectly:

Cherry blocks are named wrong (Ex. "Cherry Stripped Log" -> "Stripped Cherry Log", "Cherry Fence" -> "Cherry Fence Gate")

Most Deepslate blocks have improper grammar (Ex. "Deepslate Bricks Slab" -> "Deepslate Brick Slab")

All ore blocks should be named "Block of _"

All Minecarts should be named "Minecart with _"

"Daylight Sensor" should be named "Daylight Detector"

"Turtle Eggs" -> "Turtle Egg"?

Creeper, Flower, & Skull Banner Pattens should have "Charge" before "Banner Pattern"

"Spawner" -> "Monster Spawner"

Tripwire is missing? (not sure if you're counting this)

Paintings are missing

Structure Void is missing

Knowledge Book is missing

Chorus Fruit is missing

Filled Map is missing?

Explorer/Treasure maps aren't separate items? What about Ominous Banner?

Goat Spawn Egg is missing

Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg is missing

Cat Spawn Egg is missing

Level 59
Mar 25, 2024
it's called Tripwire Hook, which is in the quiz, and I guess the maps and ominous banner don't count because they *are* maps/banners but have italicized text in game, meaning that they are renamed.
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
thank you, all fixed! except tripwire is "tripwire hook" and ominous banners are not separate items (its a white banner with stuff on top of it), also treasure map is removed (its an explorer map)
Level 19
Mar 16, 2024
its "wither rose" not "wHither rose"
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 34
Mar 19, 2024
100% with 20 minutes left
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
Level 59
Mar 25, 2024
1051/1331, and first one to say 16 different pottery sherds and armor trims! nice quiz
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
thanks for playing!
Level 32
Apr 27, 2024
me and my friend worked together and after a literal week of doing this quiz (we kept the tab open) my friend got all the items :)
Level 20
Jun 13, 2024
great job!
Level 38
May 7, 2024
1229/1331 untimed over a few days. there's a couple inconsistencies though, like how stripped cherry logs and wood are listed as "cherry stripped log/wood" when all others are "stripped ___ log", also chorus fruit isn't in the quiz at all?

cherry gate should be cherry fence gate as well :)

Level 20
Jun 13, 2024