Wonder Woman: A Comprehensive Quiz

As is so often the case, treatment of Wonder Woman lags behind that of Superman and Batman, although she is catching up. This is also the case here. There is no point-winning quiz for her just yet, like there is for Batman and Superman, and none quite to the quality of the generalized Superman and Batman quizzes. This is my attempt to rectify that with a pretty comprehensive quiz on Wonder Woman, mainly focused on the comic book series. This is meant to be moderately challenging to long-time Wonder Woman readers and educational to all fans of Wonder Woman, alike.
Quiz by Milo74
Last updated: December 21, 2021
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First appeared Winter (December) of what year?
Comic book title where she made her first cover appearance?
Sensation Comics
Writer who created her?
Dr. William Moulton Marston
The above got his Bachelor’s Degree from what college/university?
The type of unusual relationship he and his wife were in?
WW’s alter ego? (full name)
Diana Prince
WW’s long-standing romantic love interest for the majority of her publishing history? (full name)
Steve Trevor
The Greek name (in the English alphabet) of the Island she is from? (the name they started using in the 1987 reboot)
In the Golden age of the 1940s, WW’s secret identity rose from being an Army Nurse with a rank of 2nd Lieutenant to being what higher rank in the Army?
Her arch-nemesis (first appeared in #6 from 1943)?
The Cheetah
Golden age (1940s) secret identity of the above? (last name)
Priscilla Rich
Copper age (early-mid 1980s) secret identity of the above? (last name)
Deborah Domaine
Modern (1987-1990s and beyond) secret identity of the above? (last name)
Dr. Barbara Minerva
Item of jewelry in her costume that it was once explained that allowed her to breathe in outer space?
Starting in the late 1950s, her boots were replaced for a while with...?
Especially in the 1960s, but through the 1980s, WW often exclaimed...?
"Suffering Sappho"
Also, as above, WW often exclaimed...?
"Great Hera"
Also, as above, WW sometimes exclaimed...?
"Thunderbolts of Jove"
Also as above, WW occasionally exclaimed...?
"Mists of Nepenthe"
Name of the man who trained WW to fight when she was without powers in the late 1960s – early 1970s?
Black Amazon, who has also been Wonder Woman, who was introduced in the comic in 1973?
Black Amazon with rank of Captain of the Guard who was introduced in the 1987 reboot?
Red-haired Amazon who successfully challenged WW for her title in the comic in 1978 and was killed shortly thereafter?
Red-haired Amazon who successfully challenged WW for her title in the comic in 1994 and was also killed shortly thereafter?
WW’s breastplate was modifed from being an Eagle to being a Double-W, that also finally gave her a logo, on the occasion of what anniversary?
Her 40th Anniversary
With her 1987 reboot, several of the Greek deities gave her superpowers upon her creation, but only one of them was a male god. Which one was it?
What artist illustrated WW for the first 24 issues of the 1987 reboot and wrote the comic book until issue #62 of that reboot?
George Perez
The star artist who illustrated WW in the comic from 2000-2003?
Phil Jimenez
Star writer who wrote the comic from 2003-2006?
Greg Rucka
The highly critically acclaimed graphic novel the above wrote previously in 2002?
The Hiketeia
The star female writer who started writing the WW comic in 2007?
Gail Simone
In her 2011 reboot with a dramatically redone origin, WW’s father is revealed to be… ?
And also her mother is revealed to be…?
Actress who portrayed WW in the 1974 made-for-TV movie? (last name)
Cathy Lee Crosby
Actress, with legendarily stunning blue eyes, who portrayed WW in the 1970s TV series? (full name)
Lynda Carter
Recently deceased actor who portrayed Steve Trevor in the same series? (last name)
Lyle Waggoner
Actress currently portraying WW in the movies starting in 2017? (last name)
Gal Gadot
The above is a native of what country?
In the comic book in 1990, it was revealed that most of the Amazons were of what sexuality?
Gay / Lesbian / Homosexual
The publisher of the WW comic book, DC Comics, had for over 20 years been a subsidiary of what company at the time that the above happened? (This is the same company that owns Bugs Bunny)
Warner Brothers
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