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2,0632023-06-12Updated: The Ukraine War
4642022-11-15The Giant Sports Scandals Picture Quiz
3822022-07-23Zurich or Geneva?
3432023-06-05111 «One» Questions
2662023-09-10Freedom Songs by Country
2082023-10-27Country Names in Swiss German
1852022-03-07Joe Biden multiple choice quiz
1752022-07-23European History by Letter - M
1722022-11-01European History by Letter - L
1692022-07-19European History by Letter - K
1682022-07-05European History by Letter - J
1642022-07-05European History by Letter - R
1582022-07-05European History by Letter - T
1582022-07-05European History by Letter - N
1532022-07-05European History by Letter - P
1512022-07-05European History by Letter - O
1492022-07-05European History by Letter - V
1482023-02-22European History by Letter - W
1412022-11-07European History by Letter - S
1402022-07-05European History by Letter - Y
1372022-08-07European History by Letter - Q
1372022-07-23European History by Letter - U
1272023-02-27Frequency of Letters in All Country Names
1222023-06-12The Ukraine War - Part II
1182022-07-05European History by Letter - X
1152022-07-23European History by Letter - Z
992023-07-16Canada or Russia?
872022-05-04Berlin or Bern?
812020-12-05Literary detectives quiz
792023-09-08Murders and wars in the Putin era
782022-02-14Top 10 Cities in Switzerland by picture
772023-07-16Switzerland Groups of Things
722023-08-24True or False: Astonishing facts about the moon
702023-02-1220 famous athletes from Switzerland
682021-12-14Embarrassing chapters in Swiss history
672023-10-23Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund?
642022-07-25God Save the Queen lyrics - Sex Pistols
622023-07-16All Countries by Famous People (with a map)
562020-10-23License plates in Switzerland
552023-06-12The Ukraine War - Part III
552022-03-22Parties in German Post-War Governments
522022-03-23Kamala Harris - Multiple Choice Quiz
502021-12-14Embarrassing chapters in Swiss history, part II
482023-01-12Earth or Mars?
472023-04-29Famous Ears Picture Quiz
462022-08-27Countries that failed to ratify the ICCPR human rights treaty
452023-10-17Famous Railway Stations
452022-12-19Ukraine - Tile Select
452021-09-01Europe but not EU
432023-02-27Frequency of Letters in All World Capital City Names
422021-09-01EU Country but not EU
422021-05-02The Labour Movement quiz
422021-09-01EU but not Europe
362023-10-19Disasters in Europe
352020-11-02All countries by civilian gun ownership in order
342021-01-20Women in major political offices
332022-08-13Amnesty International Report 2021/22
312023-03-28Which Country? The Amnesty International Report 2022/23
302022-08-06Lakes with the size of countries
282023-08-21The Fastest Women in the World
282023-06-12The Ukraine War - Part IV
252022-08-06"Most expensive" country names
242020-10-17Lowest sum of converted country names
242020-10-17Highest sum of converted country names
222022-08-01"Cheapest" country names
182023-04-26Upcoming solar eclipses
142022-08-01"Cheapest" country names - part II
132022-08-01"Most expensive" country names - part II
122023-02-11Literary detectives quiz, pt II
42022-07-23The Men They Couldn't Hang quiz