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He was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers to test a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. (Sword Art Online).Kirigaya Kazuto
Is a leading soldier in the Survey Corps, and is said to be humanity's most powerful soldier. He is also the leader of the Special Operations Squad. (Attack On Titan)..Levi Ackerman
A member of the Survey Corps. He has the ability to transform into a Titan and is the current holder of the power known as the Coordinate. (Attack On Titan).Eren Yeager
She was the sub-leader of the "Knights of the Blood" in Sword Art Online. (Sword Art Online).Yuki Asuna
Is a Human who has Shinigami powers. He is also a Substitute Shinigami. (Bleach).Ichigo Kurosaki
Is the current Guild Master, and former S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail, who is famous for her usage of Requip Magic. She is also a member of Team Natsu. (Fairy Tail).Erza Scarlet
Half demon who wields his father's fang as a sword. (Inuyasha)Inuyasha
The fifteen year spawn of Satan who had his power sealed in his sword. (Blue Exorcist).Rin Okumura
Is the 13th commander of the Survey Corps. (Attack On Titan).Erwin Smith
He is also the current holder of the title, "Greatest Swordsman in the World" in his anime.(One Piece).Dracule Mihawk
A human reincarnated as a devil in the house of Gremory as a Knight. (Highschool DxD).Yuuto Kiba
a strong-willed and cheerful girl with a fondness for cute things. She has a reputation for being a genius with the sword. (Black Butler)Elizabeth Midford
A cheerful childlike man who wields two dueling swords made out of thorns.(Karneval).Yogi

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