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Who was the only liar Alison said she could trust?Emily
Okay last question... It's a big one.. Who is "Big A"?? - Lets see who gets it right (;I wish it was that easy... We will just have to wait and see.. :)
Who kidnapped Malcolm and took him the the carival?Spencer
What is Ezra's real name?Ezra Fitzgerald
Who was revealed to be the Queen of hearts on the halloween train?Melissa
What does "Miss Aria you're a killer, not Ezra's wife" stand for?Maya knew
What did Spencer's doll from "A" say when she pulled the string?"Keep Toby safe"
What peice of jewellery that Jenna was wearing made Hanna realize that Caleb was using her?Owl necklace
Finish the "A" quote.. "Mona played with dolls, I play with..."Body parts
What is the name of Emily's old girlfriend that "A" forced her to break up with?Samara
What was the word that Toby used to win the game of scrabble against Spencer in season one?Goofball
What is the name of Spencer's friend from Radley who recently went missing?Eddie Lamb
What did "A" write on Spencer's mirror when she was locked in the steam room that prompted her to tell the girls about Toby?"Steamy with Wren, steamy with me."
What pastry dish did Aria bring over to Ezra's apartment that sparked their reconcilliation? (season five)Key lime pie
What did the pocket watch that Spencer gave to Toby have engraved on it?"You are my once upon a time"

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