Two Truths and a Lie - U.S. States

For each of these 20 U.S. states, there are 3 facts presented. Identify the one that is not true for each state and click that one. Let's see how you do.
Quiz by NPSWild
Last updated: February 10, 2022
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1. Identify the lie about Alaska
You can walk from Alaska to Russia any time of year
There are giant sand dunes within the Arctic Circle in Alaska
The world's most prominent mountain is in Alaska
You can only feasibly cross when the water freezes over in winter
2. Identify the lie about Arizona
There are cacti in Arizona that can live for 200 years
Arizona is nicknamed "The Desert State"
Phoenix is the most populous state capital by city proper
It is called "The Grand Canyon State"
3. Identify the lie about California
California is the location of the highest recorded temperature in the world
California has more national parks than any other state
Los Angeles is further west than all of Nevada
Los Angeles is east of Reno
4. Identify the lie about Florida
The oldest city in the continental U.S. is in Florida
Florida has the smallest elevation range of any state
Walt Disney World is the oldest theme park in the state of Florida
Busch Gardens Tampa opened more than a decade earlier
5. Identify the lie about Georgia
The Stone Mountain carving is larger than Mount Rushmore
The world's largest aquarium is in Atlanta
Georgia has two nicknames: "The Peach State" and "The Empire State of the South"
It is the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China
6. Identify the lie about Hawaii
The word "Hawai'i" means "Island of Sun"
Hawaii boasts a black sand beach
The world's tallest mountain is in Hawaii
It is adapted from another language where a similar word means "homeland"
7. Identify the lie about Illinois
The first ever McDonald's was built in Illinois
The majority of people in Illinois live in the Chicago metro area
Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be born in Illinois
He was born in Kentucky
8. Identify the lie about Minnesota
Despite the nickname, Minnesota is home to only about 1,000 lakes
The Twins play Spring Training games in Florida
The Northern Lights can be seen from Minnesota
There are around 14,380 lakes in Minnesota
9. Identify the lie about Missouri
Kansas City is the most populous city in the state
The Gateway Arch is a national park
Missouri is home to the world's largest ball of twine
The record is held by a ball in Cawker City, Kansas
10. Identify the lie about Nevada
Nevada has mountains over 13,000 feet tall
The oldest tree in the world was chopped down in Nevada
MGM owns every casino in Las Vegas
MGM owns seven of the casinos
11. Identify the lie about New York
The One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall
Cheesecake was invented in New York
The Statue of Liberty is green due to oxidation, not paint
It was invented by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago
12. Identify the lie about Oregon
Crater Lake formed when a volcano collapsed in on itself
Portland is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the U.S.
The original Voodoo Donuts has been open for over 100 years
It opened in 2003
13. Identify the lie about Pennsylvania
Though he started his company in Pennsylvania, Milton Hershey was born in New York
The nation's first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh
The Liberty Bell cracked after being rung
Hershey was born in Derry Township, Pennsylvania
14. Identify the lie about South Dakota
The carving on Crazy Horse Monument was finished before Mount Rushmore
There are more bison in South Dakota than any other state
Pierre is the second least populous state capital city
Construction on Crazy Horse Monument is not finished yet
15. Identify the lie about Tennessee
Tennessee has more caves than any other state
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited U.S. national park
Elvis was born in Graceland
He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi
16. Identify the lie about Texas
The lowest temperature ever recorded in Texas is -23 degrees Fahrenheit
There is a fossilized coral reef in Texas that dried up millions of years ago
Six Flags Over Texas is named for the six redesigns of Texas's state flag
It is named for the six nations who owned Texas throughout its history
17. Identify the lie about Utah
Besides the Great Lakes, Great Salt Lake is the largest lake in the U.S.
The Tatooine scenes in Star Wars were shot in Utah
In 2019, more people visited Zion National Park than Yellowstone
They were shot in Tunisia
18. Identify the lie about Virginia
Eight U.S. presidents were born in Virginia
The state was named for Queen Elizabeth I
Virginia was the first U.S. state to ratify the Constitution
Delaware was the first
19. Identify the lie about Washington (not D.C.)
The original Starbucks is in Washington
Mount St. Helens is the tallest mountain in the state
There is a city called George in the state of Washington
Mount Rainier is the tallest
20. Identify the lie about Wyoming
Yellowstone is the world's oldest national park
Wyoming is not only the least populous state, but also the least densely populated state
Kanye West lives in Cody, Wyoming
Alaska is the least densely populated state
Level 74
Jan 20, 2022
Fun quiz! But st Augustine isn't the oldest city in the US. It's not even the oldest continually-existing, European-founded city, which is what some people mean when they say that. That distinction belongs to San Juan, Puerto Rico, by about 50 years.
Level 57
Jan 21, 2022
Thank you for the feedback. Would changing the clue to continental make the clue valid or should I come up with a different fact?
Level 74
Jan 21, 2022
To the best of my knowledge, that makes it correct. There may be additional nits to pick regarding native villages, but none that I am aware of. Thanks for making great quizzes!
Level 63
Feb 10, 2022
Illinois isn’t actually home to the first McDonalds. That was in California, started by the McDonalds brothers. When Ray Kroc joined the company he built his first franchised restaurant in Illinois and - to stick it to the McDonalds brothers as he stole their own company from them - called it ‘McDonalds Location 1.’ But in reality, it was not first.
Level 66
Feb 10, 2022
Interesting quiz. I was reading question 14 when the time ran out. I also kept forgetting whether to look for a truth or a lie, because I was going too fast. So another minute or more would be good.
Level 57
Feb 10, 2022
I will add a minute.
Level 76
Feb 10, 2022
The world's most prominent mountain is Everest. It's also the tallest.
Level 56
Feb 10, 2022
Mauna Kea is taller, but not more prominent because most of it is underwater.
Level 95
Feb 10, 2022
So how does that make Denali the "world's most prominent"?
Level 71
Feb 10, 2022
Nice quiz...

Kayne West no longer lives in Cody WY.

The world's tallest mountain is not in Hawaii, measured by the vastly most standard sea-level measurement.

Level 59
Feb 10, 2022
lol i got the question about my own state wrong
Level 74
Feb 11, 2022
Nice quiz idea!
Level 54
Nov 7, 2023
The first mcdonalds was in california