Quizzes by Kirboi

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Kirboi.
# of Quizzes 52
# Subscribers 3
Times taken 5,953
Quizmaker Rank # 3,263
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1,5392021-01-20Fast Typing: ABCs and 123s
1,0412021-03-03Dialects of England on a Map
3102023-12-01Kirby True or False
2742021-03-03The EVIL A Quiz
1832021-01-15Kirby Right Back At Ya Theme Song Lyrics
1802023-09-21Ultimate Philippines Country Quiz
1532021-03-03Philippines A-Z
1522020-11-06Lupang Hinirang (Philippine National Anthem)
1472021-03-03Roman Provinces Click Map Quiz
1412021-02-27The 30 Quiz
1322021-02-11Mexikanischer Staaten
1272021-03-22Fast Typing in the Middle Seat
1222024-04-04Fast Typing ABCs and 123s: THE SEQUEL
1202021-02-05Count to 10 in Filipino
1182023-09-21Progressively Harder ABC's and 123's Quiz
1032021-05-27The Language Isolate- Basque
922021-02-26Largest Philippine Islands Click Map Quiz- Sprint
712021-03-10Groups of Things And First Two Letters #1
712021-03-03Countries not Invaded By Britain at Any Point
672021-01-07Every Final Boss in Kirby (Play if you want spoilers)
592023-06-07Philippine Provinces by Capital
522021-04-19Tile Select of Doom!
512021-03-01Flags and more of the Former German Colonies
492022-02-02Lightning Fast Random Country Unscramble
442021-04-19Countries that occupied Moscow
432021-04-30Country Finder Puzzle #2
372021-03-01Capitals of the World: Countries Edition (On a Map)
342020-12-17ASEAN Member States
342021-02-19Countries and Subdivisions I have been to by Flags
302021-04-28Southeast Asian Countries and Capitals
302021-01-06States and their Governors (Now Click Map)
292021-03-02Countries by Largest City- By Continent- South America
272021-03-03Countries that Somethinged Washington D.C.
262021-03-10Countries by Largest City- By Continent- Europe
252021-03-09Countries of the World: Capitals Edition (On A Map)
252021-03-08French Regions in 30 Seconds
252021-04-12Countries by Largest City- By Continent- North America
242021-04-12People on the Philippine Peso Banknotes
232022-01-05Countries of Europe with 10 Random Cities #1
212021-05-03Random Countries- Asia
212021-02-28Largest Philippine Islands- By Largest City
182021-04-29Flags of Palauan Regions
182023-06-02Philippine Provinces by Region
172021-04-12Countries by Largest City- By Continent- Asia
162022-12-21Hardest Geography/History Questions I Know (Update 1)
92023-05-24Mga Presidente/Pangulo ng Pilipinas
62022-01-14Countries of Asia with 10 Random Cities #1
52021-04-26Country Finder Puzzle #1
52023-06-02Mga Random na Probinsya ng Pilipinas
42021-12-17Districts and Local Government Areas of Bougainville
22023-05-24Mga Bansa ng Europa
12024-03-19Mga Kapital ng Probinsya ng Pilipinas