Human Violence Quiz

answer these basic question about Humans and what they have done to one another in a bad way. So yeah enjoy this brilliant quiz that I made
Last updated: October 30, 2020
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1. When did the first world war start ?
A man called Gavrilo Princip Killed the archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand
2. What was the name of the man who killed almost 50 million people in china?
Mao zedong
Kim Jong Un
Boris Johnson
Vladimir Putin
He called this period the great leap forward because he didn't like that China was so peasenty .
3. How long did the Rwandan Genocide last?
123 days
A week
100 days
1 Month
100 days of torture rape and burning of houses.
4. Who cause 9/11 attacks ?
al queda
The nazis
A brainwashed Mob
Al - Queda didn't like American imperialisim.
5. Who Killed JFK (John. F . Kennedy)?
Lee Harvey Oswald
Buddy Holly
Mark David Chapman
Gavrilo Pricip
I have know idea why he killed the president 35th president actually.
6. During WW2 in Germany, people were sent to die in what?
Acid Rain
Gas chambers
infected dog breath chambers
Firing squad chambers
it was a slow death and that is what they were used for.
7. Why did Mark chapman Kill John Lennon
Because he did not like the Beatles Success and fame in the music industry
He hated the sound of the Beatles album cover of magical mystery tour
because he hated that John Lennon was being bossy to ring and the others
In an interview in 1966 Lennon said that The Beatles were greater than God and it outraged him
John Lennon really did say that in an interview and it caused the burning of many Beatles albums
8. True or False did the Nazis invade Poland with the help of the Soviet Union (Russia)?
Well no way on earth
I don't know im not good at history
They did and Hitler Promised that he would share the land with Russia 50/50.
9. In schools in victorian times , how were children often punished ?
Whipped and were to be reported to the headteacher and be spanked one more time
Lock them up with a Lion in a cage for 2 hours
tell the police and be fined £2000 to the school for new equipment
Go begging on the streets for money naked
They were whipped whipped with belts and other leather stuff.
10. In estimate how many people died in the Rwandan Genocide ?
1,000,000 people dead
1000 people dead
120 people dead
225 people dead
That many people did actually die in just over 100 days.
11. What were the 2011 Tottenham riots for ?
For justice against a black man that was killed
a uprising against ladies unequality and to all be eaquel
A police officer killed by a terrorist group
a man being suffocated by a truck driver selling drugs
Racial unrest in the UK was at its most violent point .
12. In Russia, What was the name of the military camps you were placed in for speaking out against the Communist Government at the time ?
Snow Hell
The Killers garden
They would usually shoot you right on the spot or they would ask you do very hard work .
13. True of False, The Romans crucified Jesus.
no way they did not
have no idea
It is inside the easter story of the bible and it is really sad to hear .
14. During the reign of Queen Victoria , Many children and adults were sent down to the coal mines but what happened to them ?
They died because of the air and they would usually become sick harshly .
They were thrown down into a pit of coal dust and suffocate
They were shot if they didn't do their job properly
they just were sent to prison
They died because of the coals dust flowing into there lungs and destroying them and then they die.
15. How may people died in estimate at The Who's Cincinnati concert in 1979?
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