Criminal Minds Knowledge Quiz

Have you watched Criminal Minds? Think you know a lot? Take this quiz and find out! This quiz will have some basic knowledge about Criminal Minds but will also include harder questions as well! WARNING: There may be spoilers!!
Quiz by pandahoudini
Last updated: October 9, 2021
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Who was played by Mandy Patinkin? (Seasons 1-3)
Jason Gideon
Who was played by Lola Glaudini? (Seasons 1-2)
Elle Greenaway
Who is played by Shemar Moore? (Seasons 1-11 guest stars in seasons 12-13)
Derek Morgan
Who is played by Thomas Gibson? (Seasons 1-12)
Aaron Hotchner (Hotch)
Who is Hotch’s wife/ex-wife played by Meredith Monroe? (Seasons 1–3, 5, 9)
Haley Brooks Hotchner
Who is played by Molly Baker? (Plays above persons sister) (Seasons 1, 3, 5, 9–11)
Jessica Brooks
What’s the name of Hotch’s kid played by Cade Owens?
Who is played by Meta Golding? (Season 4)
Jordan Todd
Who is played by Rachel Nichols? (Season 6)
Ashley Seaver
Who is played by Beth Riesgraf? (Portrays Spencer's girlfriend in Season 8)
Dr. Maeve Donovan
Who is played by Jeanne Tripplehorn? (Seasons 8-9)
Alex Blake
Who is played by Jayne Atkinson (Seasons 2–3, 5–9)
Erin Strauss
Who is played by Nicholas Brendon? (He portrays Garcia's boyfriend) (Seasons 3–10)
Kevin Lynch
Who is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt? (Season 10)
Kate Callahan
Who is played by Hailey Sole? (Portrays the above persons niece) (Season 10)
Meg Callahan
Who is played by Esai Morales? (Replaces Strauss as Section Chief) (Seasons 9-10)
Mateo Cruz
Who is played by Rochelle Aytes? (She portrays Morgan's girlfriend) (Seasons 9-11)
Savannah Hayes
What is the name of Morgan's son?
Hank Spencer Morgan
Who is played by Damon Gupton? (Season 12)
Stephen Walker
Who is played by Brian Appel? (Side character that works at the BAU and is in 18 episodes)
Agent Grant Anderson
Who is played by Paget Brewster? (Seasons 2–7, 12–15; guest seasons 9, 11)
Emily Prentiss
Who is played by Matthew Gray Gubler? (Seasons 1-15)
Dr. Spencer Reid
Who is played by A.J. Cook? (Seasons 1–5, 7–15; recurring season 6)
Jennifer Jareau (JJ)
Who is played by Kirsten Vangsness? (Seasons 1-15)
Penelope Garcia
Who is played by Joe Mantegna? (Seasons 3-15)
David Rossi
Who is played by Amber Stevens West? (Portrays the above persons daughter) (Seasons 10, 11 & 14)
Joy Rossi Struthers
Who is played by Aisha Tyler? (Seasons 11-15)
Dr. Tara Lewis
Who is played by Adam Rodriguez? (Seasons 12-15)
Luke Alvez
Who is played by Daniel Henney? (Seasons 13–15; guest seasons 10, 12)
Matt Simmons
Who is JJ’s husband played by Josh Stewart? (Seasons 2–5, 7–9, 11–15)
Will LaMontagne Jr.
What’s the name of JJ’s first kid played by Mekhai Anderson?
What’s the name of JJ’s second kid played by Phoenix Anderson?
Who is portrayed by Jane Lynch? (Portrays Reid's mom) (Seasons 1–2, 4, 12 & 15)
Diana Reid
Who is played by Bellamy Young? (She portrays Hotch's girlfriend in seasons 7-9)
Beth Clemmons
Who is played by C. Thomas Howell? (The Reaper) (Seasons 4-5)
George Foyet
Who is played by Timothy V. Murphy? (He 'kills' Prentiss in Season 6)
Ian Doyle
Who is played by Bodhi Elfman? (Mr. Scratch) (Seasons 10-13)
Peter Lewis
Who is played by Aubrey Plaza? (Seasons 12-15)
Cat Adams
What species of animal did Gideon really like?
Reid has 3 doctorates. Name one.
Chemistry, Mathematics, and Engineering
He also has 2 BA's (Bachelor's Degrees). Name one.
Psychology and Sociology
What BA (Bachelor's Degree) is he studying for?
What does Garcia call Luke Alvez?
Newbie or New Guy
Why is Reid afraid of the dark?
Because of the inherent absence of light
What do they commonly call the person they are trying to catch?
UnSub or Unknown Subject
What did J.J. collect as a child?
True or False: David Rossi's middle name is Stephen?
What two characters first started the BAU?
Jason Gideon and David Rossi
What does Morgan call Garcia?
Baby Girl
What did Emily name her cat?
What state does it take place in?
What county?
What fake FBI agent do JJ, Emily, and Garcia have fun with?
What kind of FBI work do they all do?
Where do they work?
BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit)
How many times is Reid introduced as Agent Spencer Reid?
Twice. Season 1 Episode 1 and sometime later in the show
What is the name of the show?
Criminal Minds
How many season are there (as of 2020)?
What year did the show start?
What year did it end?
What is Reid’s IQ?
How many words can he read per minute?
What kind of memory does Reid have?
Eidetic Memory
Where is Reid from?
Las Vegas, Nevada
How old was Reid when he graduated high school?
What did Reid say Hotch kicked like in the 1st season? (I think that’s when it happened sorry if that’s wrong)
Like a 9 year old girl
Do you love Criminal Minds?
Level 21
Apr 25, 2021
100% Love this awesome quiz!!!!