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5242021-02-01Fast Typing B
2982021-01-05Nourriture qui commence par A
2212020-11-20Nourriture qui commence par E
2112020-11-26Nourriture qui commence par P
1962021-02-26Puzzle Coloriage de Logos n°1
1932020-11-24Nourriture qui commence par R
1922020-11-22Nourriture qui commence par M
1772020-11-25Nourriture qui commence par S
1742020-11-21Nourriture qui commence par F
1602020-11-23Nourriture qui commence par B
1532020-11-20Nourriture qui commence par D
1522021-01-31SUPER EASY QUIZ
1462020-11-19Nourriture qui commence par C
1422020-12-13Rapide Typage 1 à 100
1402020-11-22Nourriture qui commence par L
1402020-11-23Nourriture qui commence par O
1332020-11-21Nourriture qui commence par G
1332020-11-26Nourriture qui commence par T
1222020-11-22Nourriture qui commence par H
1092020-12-16Subjects in Elementary School
1092021-01-08Among Us Colors
1082021-02-16Capitales de América del Sur
1062021-01-04Tapez l'Alphabet en 15 Secondes
1022021-02-01Fast Typing D
972021-02-26Tic Tac Toe
952021-02-09Spell JetPunk Quick!
902021-02-01Fast Typing C
852021-02-01Fast Typing A
832020-12-0250 Biggest Cities in China by Population
812020-12-14How fast can you type 'Qwerty'?
762021-02-01Fast Typing H
762021-02-03Are you scared of anything?
742021-02-01Fast Typing F
702021-02-01Fast Typing E
692021-02-23African Countries by First Letter
642021-02-25Brand Logo Coloring Book Puzzle #1
602020-12-26How smart are you?
592021-02-02Fast Typing K
572024-03-08Famous People from Canada by Picture
562021-01-02African Countries Ending in "IA"
562021-02-10Pays en Forme de M. Bean avec une Carte
542020-12-16Pays d'Amérique de Sud
542024-03-08Are You Living Under a ROCK?
542021-02-24Formes d'États de États Unis - Choix Multiple
542021-01-27Random Fast Typing Countries - Hard
532021-02-01Fast Typing I
522021-02-15Zodiaque Chinois Quiz
512021-01-28Countries with a Population under 1 Million
502021-02-04Get Lucky! ☘️
492020-11-17Roblox or Minecraft (Read Rules)
492021-01-31Countries that End in Land
492020-11-22Who for president 2020 (Read Rules)
482021-01-22Countries of South America by First Letter in 15 Seconds
482021-01-09Is that it's capital?
472021-02-05Formes de Pays Diaporama
462021-01-26Countries Missing there First and Last Letter
462021-01-08Pinky Malinky Quiz
462021-02-01Fast Typing G
462021-01-07Countries Starting with Q-U-I-Z
462021-02-21Couleurs de l'Arc-en-ciel Carte Quiz
452021-01-30Easiest Quiz Ever
452020-12-20Holidays by Emojis
452021-02-04Which Continent?
442021-02-21Rainbow Colours Map Quiz
442020-12-174 Letter Words Ending in Ing
442021-01-30European Countries with more than 10 Million People
442021-01-28Candy by Picture
432020-12-06Jours de la Semaine
432024-03-07Top 10 Most Popular Fruits
432020-12-05Fast Typing JetPunk
432021-02-02Fast Typing J
422021-02-20Pays du Cercle Polaire - Carte Quiz
422021-02-19Africains île Pays
412021-01-12Fast Typing COUNTRIES
412020-12-08100 Words Starting with A
412021-01-25Zoomed in Country Flags
402021-01-28Flags of the Countries that Start with Y
392020-12-23Jobs by Emoji
392020-12-181 Letter Words
382021-02-02Fast Typing L
382020-12-18Countries of Africa Ending in A
382020-12-27Do You Know These Very Important Dates in Human History?
372020-11-20Jours de la Semaine en 15 Secondes
372021-01-14Social Media Logos
372020-12-30Spell Commonly Used Words that are Easy to Misspell
362020-12-27Toy Story Quiz
362021-01-14Three Real and One Fake Information about Myself
352020-12-02Most Popular Countries
342020-12-31Things by Clue and Image #1
342020-12-21Food by Emoji
342020-12-23Body Parts by Emoji
332021-01-24Dog or Cat? - One minute sprint
332020-12-30Countries that Start with United
322021-01-16Fast Clicking and Indentifying - Almost Impossible
322021-02-02Defeat the Hacker!
322021-02-20Dot Explosion on the World Map
312020-11-30North America Capitals
312021-02-01Easiest Quiz In The World
312021-01-12General Knowledge about Geography for Beginners
312020-11-23Hard Quiz (Possible)
312021-02-03Colors on the JetPunk Fish
302021-01-18Color to Picture of the Color
302021-01-17Country to Image
302021-02-25Pays les Plus Proches du Japon
302021-01-05Two Words Combined into 1 Word
302021-01-02South American Countries by First 2 Letters in 15 Seconds
302021-02-03Modern-Day Countries of the Afsharid Dynasty
292021-02-11Colors in the Google Logo (With a Map)
292020-12-14Countries of North America with Two or More Words
292021-01-26Country Flags with a Plus Sign
282021-01-19U.S. Presidents that Resigned
282020-12-20Activities by Emojis
282020-12-22What Color is it?
282021-01-02Countries that Australia Borders
282020-11-19Fast Easy Math
282021-01-05General Knowledge About the U.S.
282020-11-29How many countries in that continent?
272020-12-16The Simpsons Theme Song Lyrics
272020-12-24Countries Bordering "Stan" Countries
262021-01-14Escritura rápida de 1 a 100
262021-01-16Which flag belongs to that country? (2 Similar Flags)
262020-12-20Animals by Emoji
252021-02-08Things by Clue and Image #3
252021-01-20Cuestionario sobre planetas del sistema solar
252020-12-25Christmas Things by Emoji
252021-02-26Continents of the World - Counting Everything
252021-01-03Countries that Start with X
242021-01-28The Thundermans Theme Song Lyrics
242021-01-07U.S. States Starting with M with a Map
232021-01-05Months of the Year
232020-12-07Countries of South America Without a Map
232021-01-02Countries that End with Guay
232021-01-09Algeria's shape and flag
232021-01-20Word Scramble - Continents
232020-12-17Fast Typing Words - Food Edition
232021-01-06Countries of the World in 1945
232021-01-30Most Populous African Countries
222021-01-27This quiz is only for legends
222021-01-02African Countries Ending in "IA" (With a Map)
222020-12-22Flags of Countries of South America by Emojis
222021-01-14Type the Alphabet in 15 Seconds
222021-02-05Paesi a Forma di Mr. Bean con una Mappa
222021-01-23Three Letter Animals by Clue
222020-12-173 Letter Words Starting with Z in Scramble
212021-01-25Country Flags with Castles
212020-12-14Countries Starting with Z
212021-01-30Countries with more than 10 Million People
212021-01-08The Inbestigators
212021-01-02South American Countries by Last 2 Letters in 20 Seconds
212021-02-21Countries by Borders in 30 Seconds
212021-01-09Guess The Minecraft Mob
212021-01-25Country Flags with the British Flag
212020-12-23Count to Ten in 15 Seconds
212021-01-26Capital Picture Puzzle Quiz #1
212020-12-05Countries that start with Saint
202020-12-22Mammals by Emojis
202020-12-15Fast Typing Words #1
202020-12-22Least Guess Presidents in US Presidents One Minute Sprint
202021-01-28Flags of the Countries that Start with O
202021-01-30Asian Countries with more than 100 Million People
202021-01-27Country Shapes Zoomed In
202021-01-19Modern-Day Countries of the Inca Empire
202021-01-12Google Most Asked #3
202021-01-01Type Many A's for the Answers
202021-01-01small ANSWER
202021-02-01Things by Clue and Image #2
202020-12-16Fast Typing Words #4
202021-01-12Google Most Asked #2
192021-01-19Find the Letter or Symbol
192020-12-04Celebrity Quiz
192021-02-25Noms des Unités de l'Armée
192021-01-30Most Populous Asian Countries
192020-12-11Countries Stating with South and North
192021-01-27Capital Picture Puzzle Quiz #2
192021-02-22Fill-in-the-Blank JetPunk Users
192020-12-30Countries by There Borders
182021-01-30Jurassic Park Movies
182021-01-25Country Flags with Animals
182021-01-25Country Flags with Trees
182020-12-09Can you spell the longest English word?
182021-01-25Country Flags with Crosses
182021-01-25Country Flags with Plants
182020-11-30All African Countries in 30 Seconds
182021-02-16Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts in the U.S.
182021-02-22TheBerryLegend's Simple Geography Quiz #1
182021-01-03Countries that Start with W
182020-12-20Basic Emotions by Emojis
172020-12-14Countries of South America with 3 Syllables
172021-01-01Countries of Oceania That End with 'Islands'
172021-01-26Country Flags with Circles - Advanced
172021-01-26U.S. Presidents by there Mouth and Chin
172020-12-16Fast Typing Words #3
172020-12-20Songs by Emojis
172021-01-05Flags of African Island Countries
172020-12-15Fast Typing Words #2
172021-01-21Word Scramble - U.S. Presidents
172021-01-14Type the Alphabet Backwards in 15 seconds
172021-01-18Colors of the Rainbow
172020-12-14Nordic Countries
172021-01-09Characters by Clue in Victorious
172021-02-08Countries @MG17 Has Visited
172021-01-20Word Scramble - Oceanic Countries
172021-01-14Países limítrofes con Arabia Saudita
172021-02-23Just get lucky...
162021-01-30Flags of the Most Populous Countries
162020-12-29Hidden Color Answer
162021-02-01Countries of the World - 30 Second Sprint
162021-01-08Texting Acronyms
162020-12-15Countries Including Guinea
152021-01-28Bunk'd Theme Song Lyrics
152021-01-27Asian Flags with Stars
152020-12-04Countries of Yugoslavia
152021-02-21The Three R's
152021-01-31Countries with the Least COVID-19 Cases
152021-01-30Countries with the Most COVID-19 Cases
152021-02-06Quizzes Made by @Freely
152021-01-03"Stan" Countries Alphabetically
152021-01-08Teen Years
152021-01-30Top 10 Countries with the Largest Land Area
152020-12-16School Supplies by Picture
152021-02-05Flag Emblèmes Chasse au Trésor
152021-01-15Countries Beginning with the Letters of TheBerryLegend
142021-02-16Countries that are Mostly Run by the President
142021-01-04U.S. States Starting with New
142020-11-13Italian Quiz
142020-12-11U.S. States Starting with South and North
142020-12-02Who is your first Pokémon (Read Rules)
142021-02-01Countries of the World Alphabetically
142020-12-17Fast Typing Words #5
142020-12-17Countries Inside Italy
142020-12-17Countries that Border the U.S.
142021-01-28Quiz About Me
132020-12-13General Knowledge About Mexico
132021-02-05Christmas Things
132021-02-22Countries of the World in the Exact Spelling
132020-12-13Weird Images
132020-12-17Fast Typing Words #6
132021-01-26Flags of One Border Countries
132020-12-20People who Have Lifted Thor's Hammer
132021-01-08Teen Titans Go Members
122021-01-26Vermont True or False
122020-12-15Simpsons Family Characters
122020-12-15Countries Brazil Borders
122021-02-22Regions of Italy Map Quiz - One Minute Sprint
122021-01-25Country Flags with Lions
122020-12-18Flag Quiz
122021-01-27Country Flags with Weapons
122021-02-26I am now shadowbanned......
122021-01-31Country Flags with 3 or More Colors
112021-01-03JetPunk Quiz
112021-01-29Finish the Famous Quote
112021-02-20Countries with the largest area - Map Quiz
112021-01-30Countries with the Largest Land Area
112020-12-17Fast Typing Words - Ending in Ing Edition
112020-12-19Players of Bayern Munich
112020-12-30Practice Typing Saskatchewan
112020-12-17Countries that Border Mexico
112021-02-16Quiz Types
102021-02-23Countries with a Square Flag
102021-02-20Countries of the World - 15 Second Sprint
102021-01-25Country Flags with Crowns
102020-12-08Fast Typing Pangrams
92021-02-23Countries of the World by Emoji Flag
92021-02-04Formula One World Champions Quiz - One Minute Sprint
82020-12-16100 Quiz and Snow!
82021-01-14Presidentes de Estados Unidos para ganar el Premio Nobel de
82021-02-22TheBerryLegend's Simple Geography Quiz #3
82021-01-07Horse Quiz
82021-02-08Countries @Quizmaster Has Visited
82021-02-08Countries @GrandOldMan Has Visited
82020-12-29Colors on Pikachu
82020-12-15Parts of Popular Song Titles
82020-12-05Highest Mountains in The World
82024-03-09Exploring Earth's Wonders: Easy
82021-02-03Capitales Africanas por Mapa
82020-12-07Factors from Littlest to Biggest
82021-01-25Country Flags with Blue
82020-12-21Mammal Emojis
82021-02-24Full Name of Bangkok
82021-02-23TheBerryLegend's Simple Geography Quiz #4
82021-01-31Countries with the Biggest Net Change
72024-03-0115 Animals in 20 Seconds
72021-02-09Legend Land
72021-02-10Quizzes Made by @Mitchedon
72021-01-12Google Most Asked #1
72020-12-18Countries of Africa Including Guinea
72021-02-27I don't think I should have been shadowbanned
72020-12-28Countries by The Animals People Say They Look Like
72021-02-22TheBerryLegend's Simple Geography Quiz #2
72021-02-24What's in an EGOT?
72021-02-20ASEAN Countries
72020-12-16Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books
72020-12-07DO NOT LOOK
72021-02-18Countries @BigGeographyGuy Has Visited
72020-12-0110 Biggest Cities in Gabon by Population
72020-12-05I knew you were trouble with missing lyrics
62020-12-19Ingredients to making My Nachos
62021-02-23Countries @FaroPor Has Visited
62021-02-04Capitals of the World Alphabetically
52021-02-24My Collab Accounts
52021-02-04Places on a Risk Board Quiz - One Minute Sprint
52021-02-18Countries @Jiaozira Has Visited
52021-01-19Random Punctuation to Name
42021-01-29Countries of the Regional Security System in the Caribbean
42021-02-26Full Shadowbanning Story (Read description)
32021-02-24Countries Where Women Outnumber Men
32021-02-27About my "first incident" (Read description)
32021-02-18Countries @youtubeplayer Has Visited
32021-02-27Did I say that? No, Quizzer!!!!!
32020-12-06Days of the Week in Finnish
22021-02-26Ban? Sad~~~
22021-01-12Blogs of Quizmaster
22021-02-05Quizzes Made by @Nazgul
22021-02-06Quizzes Made by @johnnyaitch
12021-02-07Quizzes Made by @potato123
12021-02-10Lordz.io Buildings
12021-02-05Quizzes Made by @dug28
12021-02-26How I am dealing with my shadowban
12021-02-05Quizzes Made by @nonono
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @BigGeographyGuy
02021-02-27How Quizzer knows my password
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @Webfoot
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @Foulfortune
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @jess1769
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @Sinarya
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @MajesticSheep
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @mtthw
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @mariofan367
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @zxcvbnm
02021-02-07Quizzes Made by @QatariFerrari
02021-02-07Quizzes Made by @Liam
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @turnbacktwo
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @lafpark12
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @thalassemia
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @milvus
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @Amburr
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @angel0703
02021-02-08Quizzes Made by @SirPhilippines.
02021-02-05Quizzes Made by @LegendBlackKyurem
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @Fing0lfin17
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @mac212121
02021-02-06Quizzes Made by @Kesuko
02021-02-10Lordz.io Units