Progressive Geography Test #10

How do you rank in terms of your geography when compared to other quizzers? Test your geography and see how far you can progress through this geography bee!
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Quiz by QuizzerBros
Last updated: March 1, 2022
First submittedFebruary 20, 2022
Times taken150
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What is the official language of the United Kingdom?
What city is famous for its canals and gondolas?
What is the holiest city of Islam?
Which 'country' of the UK is at the northern end of Great Britain?
What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
What country is vegemite most famously from?
What is the capital of the German state of Bavaria?
And what famous festival is held annually in that city?
What is the name of the Dutch speaking region of Beligum?
On the shores of which lake is Toronto located?
What city was formerly known as Edo?
What capital is less than 100km from Tallinn?
What is the most populated river basin in the world?
What country also goes by the name of Aotearoa?
New Zealand
What Swedish city is connected to Copenhagen by a bridge?
What is Canada's largest first-level subdivision?
In what city would you find the Kowloon Peninsula?
Hong Kong
What national capital's name means "Red Hero"?
In which city would you find the largest airport by area?
In which country would you find the city of Port-Gentil?
Level 54
Mar 1, 2022
Great job again! I got stuck on Mecca but that's completely my fault.

I would swap 'What national capital's name means ...' and 'In which city would you find ...' since random trivia such as that is much less known. You forgot the question mark in 'What is the national animal ...', but I believe you already used it in #8. If you want, you can replace it with a question relating the U. K. An example would be the capital of Scotland, but that's lesser-known so that would go later on.

In the future, you should feature more about the U.K. They have 15% of the views as of this quiz.

Personally I would like to see more questions about naming landmass. This would include peninsulas (Anatolia, Brittany, Iberian, Kamchatka, etc) or islands (Hispaniola, Sakhalin, Luzon, etc.) and I think there's a lot of possible content there, but that's personal preference.

Level 54
Mar 1, 2022
Sorry for the wall of text! I'm glad to see this series is active and receiving the recognition it deserves. Keep it up!

(Posted as a reply since I reached the character limit.)

Level 61
Mar 1, 2022
Thanks! I've fixed those mistakes and replaced the bald eagle question (thanks for spotting it on #8) with one about the UK ;)