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Inspired by this blog.
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Last updated: August 11, 2022
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First submittedMarch 16, 2022
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What is the largest planet in our solar system?
Who is generally rewarded as being the first man on the moon?
Neil Armstrong
A commonly used measurement in astrology is the distance that what travels in one year?
What is the major US space agency acronym?
What was the name of the movie starring Tom Hanks about a famous failed moon landing?
Apollo 13
What is the name of our galaxy?
Milky Way Galaxy
What does the U in UFO stand for?
Which object is often considered the most expensive thing ever made on Earth?
International Space Station
What is the name of a gravitational field so strong, even light cannot escape it?
Black Hole
Which Soviet satellite, launched in 1957, began the 'Space Race'?
Sputnik 1
What is the name of the phenomena when the moon blocks out the Sun's light?
Solar Eclipse
To the nearest minute, how long does it take sunlight to reach Earth?
8 minutes
What is the closest known sun to our solar system?
Proxima Centauri
What is the most common type of star found in our galaxy?
Red Dwarf
What is the name of our closest known galaxy (besides our own)?
What is the largest object in the asteroid belt?
What is the largest moon in our solar system?
From which city did the astronomers who made the first written observation of Jupiter from?
What is the name of Mercury's unique atmosphere?
What is the name of the nebula that is the coldest known place in the universe?
Boomerang Nebula
Level 66
Mar 16, 2022
Thanks for playing! I will review the answer stats and reorder them after a few days, given my space knowledge is minimal, and my conception of what is more common knowledge is not very good to say the least. Hope you enjoyed the quiz though!
Level 59
Mar 17, 2022
Cool, though the moon is just projected from a Hollywood Studio, everyone knows that.
Level 66
Mar 17, 2022
Lol, thanks!