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782020-12-02Capital cities that start with the letter C.
612020-12-16Capital Cities that start with the letter M.
602020-12-01Capital Cities that start with the letter L
602020-11-16Common aquarium fish
512020-12-0710 random Geography questions.
502020-12-03Challenging City names speed typing.
502021-01-05Guess the country.
502021-01-14Countries with the most bordering countries Europe.
472021-01-04Top 20 most busy airports on Earth.
382020-12-0810 random Geography questions 2#.
362021-01-04Ten six letter countries spelled backwords.
332021-01-07Citys on ___ rivers.
322020-11-1810 largest cities in Canada in 1871.
302020-12-03Challenging City names Africa speed typing.
292020-12-03Challenging City names speed typing 2.
292020-12-04Challenging city names Asia.
262021-01-06Guess the country 2.
262021-01-26Top ten teams with the most Stanley cups in the NHL.
252021-01-0410 questions of general knowledge names.
242021-01-0510 countries spelled backwords.
212020-12-1110 challenging general knowledge questions.
212020-12-04Top 10 largest islands on Earth.
172020-11-1910 longest rivers in the world
162020-12-02The tallest mtn on each of the 7 continents.
162020-12-17Multiple choice States and Provinces quiz.
162021-01-20Top 10 most copies sold all time books.
132020-11-18Top ten largest cities in Canada in 1901.
122020-11-19Top ten most environmentally friendly countries in the world
112020-12-03Challenging City names 3.
112020-11-16Canadian provincial capitals
82020-11-16Tallest mtns in the world
52020-12-17Tallest mtns in Canada