Guess the manga/anime by description

Using the description, try to guess which anime or manga it refers to !
Quiz by Talim76
Last updated: January 19, 2016
First submittedJanuary 22, 2015
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Elastic boy and his nakamas try to become the greatest pirates of all time.
One Piece
Juvenile delinquent has to take care of the Devil's son with the help of his best friend, a lolita demon girl and Alain Delon.
Teenage girl travels with monkeyboy to find seven magic items.
Dragon Ball
Middle school students have to kill each other until only one remains.
Battle Royale
Awkward archeologist, amnesiac princess, bunny-like creature, psychopath ninja and loony wizard travel across dimensions to find feathers.
It's supposed to be about swimming. It's about hot guys in swimming trunks.
Free !
Clumsy girl uses the power of the moon to save the world with her friends, her magic cat, and a masked guy wearing tuxedo.
Sailor Moon
You're not reading it for the main character, but for Hiruma.
Eyeshield 21
Teenage boys kill dinosaurs and create tsunamis while playing tennis.
Prince of Tennis
Boy travels the world to catch innocent creatures and condemns them to live in tiny balls for the rest of their lives.
High school student develops a God-complex when he finds a deadly notebook
Death Note
Teenage boys and androgynous men in armors must protect their Goddess against evil forces.
Saint Seiya
Inexplicable plot, but there is a badass biker headless woman in it.
Durarara !!
Boy meets girl in high school and falls in love with her. In a parallel universe, a strange girl builds a robot and befriends it.
Two brothers travel the world to get their limbs and body back.
Full Metal Alchemist
Ninjas, demon animals and cloning. Basically.
The adventures of a Victorian brat and his demon servant.
Black Butler
Jaded girl dresses as boy in her highschool and works with handsome students in their club to repay them.
Ouran High School Host Club
Two samuraïs travel across Japan with a young girl to find a man who smells of sunflowers. Yes. That's the plot.
Samurai Champloo
Cursed men and women transform into animals according to their Chinese Zodiac signs.
Fruits Basket
School uniforms transform into deadly revealing armors. Hilarious fanservice ensues
Kill La Kill
Japanese doctor unintentionally saves the life of a psychopath and tries to stop him.
Perverted young teacher has to deal with troublesome students and tries to help them to get their lives back in order.
Great Teacher Onizuka
Boy turns into girl when he touches cold water. Having a panda for a father and being engaged to a girl who hates men do not help.
Ranma 1/2
Peaceful boy with no ambition enters a tournament to become the greatest Shaman of his generation.
Shaman King
It's supposed to be about an egyptian ghost and a young japanese boy with a crazy haircut. But all we remember are men and women summoning virtual monsters while playing cards.
Yu-Gi-Oh !
And you thought Game of Thrones was a good example of "Dark Fantasy"... Meet Guts, Casca and Griffith !
See you, Space Cowboy...
Cowboy Bebop
The hero is a hamster. Do you really need another clue?
Man gets turned into kid by illogical science and solves mysteries.
Case Closed
Young girl accidentally releases powerful magic cards across Japan and has to capture them.
Card Captor Sakura
Level 48
Jan 23, 2015
I did put "Nichijou" for an item with "talking cat" since I have no idea. No surprise, nothing happens.
Level 60
May 9, 2018
I can't believe I didn't get Dragon Ball... smh. Glad to see my favorite anime - Saint Seiya - in here, though.