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1,7032022-04-28Top Five Countries by Language
8602021-10-28Most Popular Language in Every Country (with a map)
7442020-11-30Can you spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?
6332023-03-09Lowest Ranking Team in Each Confederation Entering World Cup
5892021-05-06Second Most Popular Language in Every Country (with a map)
5502022-07-21Countries that Beat Taiwan
5082021-04-18Territories Participating in International Sporting Events
3572021-05-06Third Most Popular Language in Every Country (with a map)
3132021-10-26Languages of Taiwan
2192020-12-13Most Powerful Countries of the World
2092021-05-12Five Most Gay-Friendly Countries by Continent
2082020-11-20FIFA World Ranking (Women's football)
1862021-05-09Countries that have colonized or occupied Taiwan
1772021-05-12Most Gay-Friendly Countries According to Gay Travel Index (2020)
1752021-08-25FIFA World Cup Top 8 Positions
1552021-05-08Top 10 Countries with the Most Mandarin Speakers
1532021-05-12Five Most Anti-Gay Countries by Continent
1412020-12-17FIFA members that join the "wrong" confederation
1382021-06-03Most Common Languages in Eurovision Song Contest
1292021-10-28All Countries that Speak a Sino-Tibetan Language
1272022-04-10Countries that may be considered Transcontinental
1242021-05-12Most Anti-Gay Countries According to Gay Travel Index (2020)
1232023-03-09Highest Ranking Team not able to Enter World Cup
1182021-08-23All Countries by FIFA Ranking
1062021-05-09Top 10 Countries with the Most Cantonese Speakers
1012021-03-07Modern-Day Countries of the Republic of China (1912–1949)
1002020-11-25Guess the country by its Mandarin pinyin #1
1002020-11-20Countries that have never participated Eurovision
992021-03-07Modern-Day Countries of the Qing Dynasty
972021-05-08Top 20 Countries with the Most Native Chinese Languages Speakers
952021-01-19Most Spoken Languages in Taiwan
942020-11-30FIFA Ranking for Each Continent
922020-12-17Countries that have been FIFA World Ranking Leader
882021-05-11States that are Recognized by at Least One but not all UN Members
832020-12-28Big 5 Countries in Eurovision
822022-06-24Hypothetical Countries Qualify in World Cup 2026
782021-08-12Five Top Medal-Winning Countries by Continent at 2020 Olympic
772020-11-30FIFA World Ranking (Men's football)
722020-12-28Countries "in" the UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark, and NZ
692020-12-16UEFA member country that is not European country
692020-12-28Olympics participating nation that is not a country
682021-11-30Morocco... or Monaco?
672020-11-26Countries that have the most appearances in FIFA World Cup
652021-08-27FIFA World Cup Best Result From Every Continent
622020-12-13Overall Best Countries Ranking
592022-02-08Northernmost Countries That Have Never Won A Winter Olympics Medal
582021-08-25Summer Olympics Top 10 Countries
572022-06-24Countries Could Qualify in World Cup 2022
562020-12-17Countries that have ranked highest in its FIFA confederation
562020-11-27Best country in the world according to Good Country Index
552021-08-28FIFA Cup Winner from every Continent
552022-02-22Each Winter Olympics Top 10 Countries
552020-12-29Asian countries that are “Four Asian Tigers” or “Tiger Cubs”
512020-12-26FIFA member that is not a country
512020-12-29Country that only needs one Chinese character
502021-05-17Name all the cities that were once the capital of Republic of China
492021-06-02Alternative Accepted Country Name in "Countries of the World Quiz"
472021-11-16Countries that Contain Most A-Z
462020-11-26Countries that have most active streaks in FIFA world cup
452021-05-11Countries that Change Their Name
422021-08-22Countries that participated in Baseball at the Olympics
422021-08-25Winter Olympics Top 10 Countries
402021-12-15First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Category
382021-11-19Countries Having Highest Percentage A-Z
362022-03-01Countries with Largest Percentage of medals at Winter Olympics
362021-05-16Countries Exporting the Most Maple Syrup
362022-10-02Countries Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
352022-02-28Southernmost Countries That Have Ever Won A Winter Olympics Medal
352021-08-22Most Summer Olympics Medals After Millennium
332021-05-09Top 10 Countries with the Most Hakka Speakers
322020-11-26Countries that only have one appearance in FIFA World Cup
312020-11-18Countries that participated in Baseball at the Olympics
312022-06-28Highest Ranking Team in Each Confederation not able to Enter World Cup
312021-08-24All Countries by Olympic medals
302022-06-222026 FIFA World Cup Teams
302021-09-02UN Specialized Agencies Headquarters Locations
302021-04-29Countries that have non-diplomatic representation with Taiwan (ROC)
292021-09-052020 Summer Paralympics Medal Count
282022-01-29Countries Diplomatic Boycotting 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
282021-08-24Top 16 Countries of World Baseball Classic
282020-11-25Name all the constituent countries
282022-04-13Top 10 Countries with the Most Southern Min Speakers
262020-11-19Top 8 Countries of World Baseball Classic
262022-10-02First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Category (2022)
242021-12-11Countries that have full diplomatic relations with ROC (Taiwan)
222020-11-19Countries appearing in World Baseball Classics
222021-08-25Top 10 Multi-sport Events Countries (Organized by IOC)
212021-01-23Countries that have National Anthems without Lyrics
212020-11-21Countries Baseball Ranking (WBSC World Ranking) (Men)
182021-09-02Capital Punishment Countries with Exceptions
162021-12-11Countries that recently switch relations from Taiwan to China
162020-12-13National Anthem in countries of United Kingdom and Ireland
152021-05-17Countries of the World (only accept the exact type-ins)
152022-03-132022 Winter Paralympics Medal Table
142020-11-21Countries Baseball Ranking Women edition(WBSC World Ranking)
132020-11-21Countries Softball Ranking Women edition(WBSC World Ranking)
102020-12-06Largest uninhabited islands
82020-11-21Countries Softball Ranking (WBSC World Ranking) (Men)