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Times taken 3,298
Quizmaker Rank # 3,184
6172022-01-31Fast Typing Numbers 1 to 100
2742022-02-04Fast typing 1 to 50
1322022-03-30Who did Will Smith slap
992022-03-24Are You Lucky?
892022-03-30Who slapped Chris Rock
782022-01-13Video games by emojis
632022-01-14Movies by emojis
592022-02-04Fast typing 1 to 5
582022-03-06Fast typing 1 to 10
532022-02-07Fast typing Letter C
512022-01-27Top 20 most followed people on Instagram
452022-02-04Fast typing 1 to 20
432022-03-17Italy Trivia
422022-02-021 to 30 in 15 seconds
412022-03-14Countries in North America
392022-02-03Best General Knowledge
362022-04-13The Easy Quiz #2
342022-02-02Food by Picture
342022-02-02Food by Picture #2
322022-02-07Fast typing Letter D
322022-02-09Fast typing Letter K
322022-03-08Countries of Europe
312022-02-04Fast typing Vowels
302022-02-02Food by picture #3
292022-01-27Best General Knowledge #2
292022-03-04Fast typing Letter E
292022-02-07Fast typing letter A
292022-04-14Daily General Knowledge Question #10
282022-01-27Best General Knowledge #3
282022-04-12The Easy Quiz #1
272022-02-07Fast typing Number 1
262022-02-10Fast typing Letter N
262022-03-29Countries Smaller Than 1000 km²
232022-02-17Fast typing Letter U
222022-03-04Famous People from California
222022-01-28Currencies of the World
222022-02-08Fast typing Letter I
202022-04-16Animals by Picture
202022-04-17Daily General Knowledge Question #14
192022-02-14Fast typing Letter Q
182022-02-07Fast typing Letter F
182022-02-21Fast typing Letter V
172022-02-08Fast typing Letter H
172022-04-21make this the most played quiz ever
172022-02-10Fast typing Letter M
172022-03-18Fast Math—Half the Number!
162022-02-04Fast typing alphabet
162022-02-25Guess the number from clues #2
162022-02-09Fast typing letter J
162022-04-12Daily General Knowledge Question #8
162022-02-17Fast typing Letter T
152022-02-05Word from clues
152022-02-21Fast typing Letter Z
152022-02-07Fast typing Number 2
152022-03-04Fast typing Letter D
152022-02-25Guess the number from clues #1
152022-01-2820 most followed TikTokers
152022-03-02Fast typing 1 to 500
142022-02-07Fast typing the name of this quiz
142022-02-22Fast typing Number 2
142022-03-04Fast typing numbers 100 to 1
132022-02-07Fast typing Letter B
132022-02-25Fast typing letters by clues #1
132022-04-10Daily General Knowledge Question #6
132022-03-03What color are the flowers on the thumbnail of this quiz?
132022-01-3110 hardest materials
132022-02-08Fast typing Letter G
132022-02-22Fast typing Coronavirus
132022-02-07Fast typing Letter E
122022-04-15Daily General Knowledge Question #11
122022-02-15Fast typing Letter R
112022-02-25Fast typing letter by clues #2
112022-02-14Fast typing Letter P
112022-04-04What is the best website ever?
112022-04-07J.Bl00D fan quiz
112022-04-16Daily General Knowledge Question #12
112022-03-18Fast typing Days of the Week
102022-03-04Fast typing Letter A
102022-02-10Fast typing Letter L
102022-04-06Daily General Knowledge Question #1
102022-04-28Colors of the rainbow in order?
92022-04-29Who has the hardest slap in the world?
92022-02-17Fast typing Letter S
92022-01-31Marine General Knowledge
92022-04-13How old is the oldest man as of 2022?
92022-04-20Easy take number 112
92022-02-21Fast typing Letter X
92022-03-04Fast typing Letter B
92022-03-04Fast typing Letter C
92022-02-17Fast typing Consonants
82022-02-21Fast typing Letter W
82022-02-14Fast typing Letter O
82022-03-14What Pokémon is it?
82022-02-04Fast typing the following paragraph #1
82022-04-07Daily General Knowledge Question #3
82022-02-21Fast typing Letter Y
82022-04-09Daily General Knowledge Question #5
72022-04-08Daily General Knowledge Question #4
72022-06-05I'm back
62022-04-11Daily General Knowledge Question #7
62022-01-28Top 20 YouTubers by subscribers
52022-04-18Daily General Knowledge Question #15
42022-04-12What is the real colour of tomatoes?
32022-04-20My 110th quiz
32022-04-17Daily General Knowledge Question #13
22022-04-13Daily General Knowledge Question #9
22022-04-07Daily General Knowledge Question #2
22022-04-20quiz 111
22022-04-19Daily General Knowledge Question #16