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1,2992023-08-0510 Greatest Generals of all Time (According to Maths)
1,0912023-09-15Bairros do Rio de Janeiro em um mapa
9742023-09-20100 Important Battles in History
9502023-09-18Suburbs of Perth with a Map
5182023-09-18Suburbs of Brisbane with a Map
4232023-08-24Turkic Empires
3562023-09-01Most Expensive VALORANT Skin Bundles
2392023-08-27Federal Electoral Divisions of Australia with a Map
2162023-08-09Win the Spanish Election
2032023-09-02VALORANT Maps to Country
1672023-09-20Ultimate Locations of the Silmarillion
1612024-03-15500 Biggest US Cities with a Map
1422023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Gondor
1142023-08-28Islamic Cities by Century
1132023-09-26Suburbs of Gold Coast with a Map
1032023-08-15US States from most Liberal to Conservative
932023-08-05Stepford County Railway Stations
912023-08-05South Australia State Electoral Divisions with a Map
852023-08-28Battle Cats Enemy Traits
722023-08-05New South Wales State Electoral Divisions with a Map
622023-08-05Victoria State Electoral Divisions with a Map
622023-09-26All 10K+ Urban Areas of Australia with a Map
532023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Valinor
502023-09-08Eurostar Network Map
492023-08-20Sydney Ferry Network with a Map
482023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Rohan
472023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Khazad-dûm/Moria
472023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Numenor
472023-08-23Australian Snacks by Picture
462023-09-03Starbucks Cup Sizes
452023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Gondolin
452023-09-01Battles of Middle Earth
432023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - The Shire
422024-03-30Most Streamed Rappers on Spotify
372023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Arnor
352023-09-18Most Populous Sydney Suburbs
322023-09-10Tolkien Region Spotlight - Lindon/Ossiriand
312024-01-04All Jailbreak Robberies and Heists
312023-08-05Best Uber Super Rares in Battle Cats
222023-09-18Canberra Landmarks on a Map
222023-09-03Australian National Public Holidays
212024-01-24The Scott Morrison Premiership
192024-03-2610 Biggest Cities by U.S. State (With Some Help)
172024-03-26WE DON'T TRUST YOU Tracklist
172023-09-04Seats of the Most Populous US Counties
172023-08-18Australian Government Cabinet Positions
172023-09-01All Collectable Zombie Cards in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
132023-09-01All Collectable Plant Cards in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
132023-08-28Leaders of the National Party of Australia
102023-09-18The John Howard Premiership
62023-09-13District of Zimbabwe with a Map