100 Important Battles in History

Can you name these famous battles?
Source: "100 Decisive Battles" by Paul K Davis
Not all of them are "battles"
Just type the name of the battle
Quiz by Stopperman
Last updated: September 20, 2023
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1479 BC
The first reliably recorded battle in history; fought between Egypt and a coalition of Canaanite vassal states
Battle of Megiddo
546 BC
The Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great decisively defeats the Lydian Kingdom and conquers the rest of Anatolia
Battle of Thymbra
490 BC
The Athenians repel the first Persian invasion of Greece
Battle of Marathon
480 BC
A coalition of Greek city-states destroy the Persian fleet during the second Persian invasion of Greece
Battle of Salamis
415 - 413 BC
An Athenian invasion on this Spartan-allied Sicilian city is repelled during the Peloponnesian War
Battle of Syracuse
371 BC
Thebes defeats Sparta in this decisive battle, ending Spartan hegemony in Greece
Battle of Leuctra
338 BC
Philip II defeats an alliance of Greek city-states and brings Greece under Macedonian hegemony
Battle of Chaeronea
331 BC
Alexander the Great destroys the Persian army, completing his conquest of the Persian empire
Battle of Gaugamela
310 BC
Antigonus is defeated by a coalition of Cassander, Lysimachus, Seleucus and Ptolemy in the Fourth War of the Diadochi, ending any possibility of the reunification of Alexander's empire
Battle of Ipsus
207 BC
Rome defeats Carthaginian forces, paving the way for Roman dominance in Italy
Battle of Metaurus River
203 BC
Liu Bang defeats the Chu Warlord Xiang Yu, reuniting China and founding the Han Dynasty
Battle of Kai-hsia
202 BC
Rome defeats Carthage, ending the Second Punic War and establishing Roman dominance in the Mediterranean
Battle of Zama
168 BC
Rome defeats Macedon forces and goes on to conquer Macedonia
Battle of Pydna
52 BC
Roman forces under Julius Caesar defeats a confederation of Gallic tribes, ending Gallic independence in France and Belgium
Battle of Alesia
48 BC
Julius Caesar defeats his rival Pompey, consolidating total power over the Roman Empire
Battle of Pharsalus
31 BC
Octavian defeats his rivals Mark Antony and Cleopatra off the coast of this Greek town, and goes on to become "Augustus Caesar"
Battle of Actium
9 AD
An alliance of German tribes ambush and destroy three Roman legions in this German forest
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
66 AD
Jewish rebels inflict a humiliating defeat against the Romans, leading to a short-lived period of Judean self-governorship
Battle of Beth Horon
312 AD
Emperor Constantine defeats his rival Maxentius, reuniting the Roman Empire and leading to Constantine's conversion to Christianity
Battle of the Milvian Bridge
378 AD
Eastern Roman Empire Valens is defeated and killed by Gothic rebels; often considered to be the beginning of events which led to the fall of the Western Roman Empire
Battle of Adrianople
451 AD
Roman and Visigoth forces unite and halt Hunnic advance into Gaul
Battle of the Catalaunian Plains
533 AD
The Byzantines under Belisarius defeat the Vandals, ending the Vandal kingdom in North Africa
Battle of Tricamarum
624 AD
Muslim forces led by Muhammad defeat a larger force of Quraysh Meccans; one of the most important events in the spread of Islam
Battle of Badr
717 -718 AD
This city is unsuccessfully laid siege to by the Umayyad Caliphate for the second time
Second Arab Siege of Constantinople
732 AD
The Frankish army under Charles Martel permanently halt Umayyad expansion into Western Europe
Battle of Tours
773 - 774 AD
Charlemagne lays siege and captures this Lombard capital; goes on to declare himself "King of Italy"
Siege of Pavia
955 AD
German king Otto I destroys the Hungarian army, ending all Magyar invasions into the Latin Empire
Battle of Lechfeld
1066 AD
William, Duke of Normandy defeats the Anglo-Saxons and establishes Norman rule over England
Battle of Hastings
1071 AD
The Seljuk Turks defeat the Byzantines, paving the way for future Turkic migration into Anatolia
Battle of Manzikert
1099 AD
The First Crusade lays siege and captures this holy city
Siege of Jerusalem
1187 AD
Saladin inflicts a devastating defeat on the Crusader forces, leading to the destruction of all the Crusader kingdoms
Battle of Hattin
1192 AD
Ghurid forces defeat a confederation of Hindu states, opening the doors of Northern India to Muslim rule
Second Battle of Taraori
1214 AD
France defeats a coalition of English and Holy Roman forces; indirectly leading to the signing of the Magna Carta
Battle of Bouvines
1260 AD
Egyptian Mamluks permanently halt Mongol advance into Arabia and Egypt
Battle of Ain Jalut
1268 - 1273 AD
The Mongol Yuan defeat the Southern Song and capture this city, going on to conquer the rest of China
Battle of Hsiang-yang
1274 and 1281 AD
The two Mongol invasions of Japan are both repelled at this Japanese bay
Battle of Hakata Bay
1317 -1326 AD
This city in modern-day Turkey is captured from the Byzantines and made the first capital of the Ottomans
Siege of Bursa
1346 AD
English forces under King Edward III inflict a decisive defeat against France during the Hundred Years' War
Battle of Crecy
1428 - 1429 AD
An English siege on this city is lifted by French forces under Joan of Arc during the Hundred Years' War
Siege of Orleans
1453 AD
Ottoman forces lay siege and capture this city, ending the Eastern Roman Empire
Fall of Constantinople
1491 AD
This city is captured by the united forces of Aragon and Castile, ending Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula
Fall of Granada
1521 AD
This city is captured by Spanish Conquistadors under Hernan Cortes, ending the Aztec Empire
Fall of Tenochtitlan
1526 AD
Babur defeats Ibrahim Lodi, ending the Delhi Sultanate and establishing the Mughal Empire
First Battle of Panipat
1529 AD
The Ottomans under Suleiman I lay siege on this city, but are ultimately repelled
Siege of Vienna
1532 AD
Spanish Forces under Francisco Pizarro ambush an Incan force in the plaza of this Incan city and capture the Inca ruler Atahualpa
Battle of Cajamarca
1571 AD
A coalition of Catholic states inflict a heavy defeat on the Ottoman fleet during this naval engagement
Battle of Lepanto
1588 AD
The English fleet defeat this "invincible" force off the Southern English Coast
Spanish Armada
1600 AD
Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats his rival Ishida Mitsunari, reuniting Japan and ushering in the Edo Period
Battle of Sekigahara
1631 AD
Sweden's greatest victory during the Thirty Years' War
Battle of Breitenfeld
1644 AD
Manchu forces defeat the rebel leader Li Zicheng and go on to capture Beijing, establishing the Qing Dynasty
Battle of Shanhaikuan
1645 AD
Parliamentarian forces under Oliver Cromwell defeat the Royalist forces, greatly weakening Royalist power throughout the rest of the First English Civil War
Battle of Naseby
1658 AD
French and English forces defeat the Spanish on these seaside "downs", leading to the end of the Franco-Spanish Wars
Battle of the Dunes
1704 AD
France is overwhelmingly defeated by a coalition of Holy Roman, British, and Dutch forces during the War of the Spanish Succession
Battle of Blenheim
1709 AD
Russia decisively defeats Sweden near this Ukrainian city in the largest battle of the Great Northern War, establishing Russian hegemony in Northern Europe
Battle of Poltava
1746 AD
British forces defeat Jacobite rebels in the last battle fought on British soil, ending the clan system and beginning the suppression of highland culture
Battle of Culloden
1757 AD
British East India Company forces defeat the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies, seizing control of Bengal
Battle of Plassey
1759 AD
British forces in the Seven Years' War defeat the French and capture this city, ending French dominance in Canada
Battle of Quebec
1776 AD
American forces cross the Delaware and defeat German mercenaries stationed in this New Jersey city
Battle of Trenton
1777 AD
Often considered the turning point of the American Revolutionary War
Battle of Saratoga
1781 AD
Last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War, leading to Britain's surrender
Battle of Yorktown
1792 AD
French forces halt Prussian troops attempting to march on Paris, protecting the continuation of the French revolution
Battle of Valmy
1797 AD
Napoleon defeats Austrian forces and consolidates Northern Italy under French control
Battle of Rivoli
1798 AD
The British fleet under Admiral Horatio Nelson defeat Napoleon's fleet and repel his invasion of Egypt
Battle of Aboukir Bay
1805 AD
The British navy under Admiral Horatio Nelson defeat the French and Spanish fleets, destroying Napoleon's plans to invade England
Battle of Trafalgar
1806 AD
Napoleon defeats the Prussian forces and subjugates Prussia into the French Empire
Battle of Jena-Auerstedt
1811 AD
American forces under William Henry Harrison defeat a confederation of Native American Tribes and end Native American resistance in the Midwest (and give Harrison this nickname)
Battle of Tippecanoe
1812 AD
Napoleon defeats Russian forces which allows him to advance on Moscow
Battle of Borodino
1813 AD
Napoleon's is defeated by the forces of the Sixth Coalition at this German city, leading to his abdication and exile
Battle of Leipzig
1815 AD
Napoleon's final battle
Battle of Waterloo
1824 AD
The Independentists defeat royalist forces and secure Peruvian independence; often considered the end of the Spanish American Wars of Independence
Battle of Ayacucho
1836 AD
Texan forces defeat Mexican forces in the final battle of the Texas Revolution, securing Texan independence
Battle of San Jacinto
1847 AD
American forces capture this city, ending the Mexican-American War
Battle for Mexico City
1862 AD
First Confederate invasion on the North is repelled; remains the bloodiest day in American history
Battle of Antietam
1863 AD
Biggest battle of the American Civil War; ends any Confederate attempts to invade the North
Battle of Gettysburg
1864 AD
General Sherman captures this important Confederate city and begins the March to the Sea
Battle of Atlanta
1870 AD
French forces are defeated and the last emperor of the French is captured by the Prussians in the biggest battle of the Franco-Prussian War
Battle of Sedan
1882 AD
British forces defeat Egyptian rebels and go on to capture Cairo during the Anglo-Egyptian War
Battle of Tel El-Kebir
1898 AD
The American fleet destroys the Spanish fleet in this important harbor, ending Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines
Battle of Manila Bay
1905 AD
Russian forces are defeated and driven out of Southern Manchuria by the Japanese near this Chinese city
Battle of Mukden
1905 AD
The Japanese navy destroys the Russian fleet at this strategic strait, securing Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War
Battle of Tsushima
1914 AD
German forces are halted at this river, saving Paris from capture
First Battle of the Marne
1916 AD
A German attack on this city is repelled by the French at the cost of heavy casualties
Battle of Verdun
1916 AD
Russian forces launch a devastating offensive against the Central Powers, but is cut short due to supply issues
Brusilov Offensive
1918 AD
The last major German offensive is repelled, marking the beginning of German defeat in World War One
Second Battle of the Marne
1920 AD
Polish forces, on the verge of defeat, repel and defeat the Red Army in the outskirts of this city
Battle of Warsaw
1939 AD
German and Soviet forces invade this country, marking the beginning of the Second World War
Invasion of Poland
1940 AD
Allied forces are evacuated from this French port as German forces close in
Battle of Dunkirk
1940 AD
The German Luftwaffe is repelled by the British RAF during this campaign, forcing Hitler to abandon his plans of a British invasion
Battle of Britain
1941 AD
German forces are repelled by the Soviets at the gates of this city, forcing them to settle for the winter
Battle of Moscow
1941 AD
The Japanese air force attacks the United States naval base located here, leading to the United States' joining the Allies
Attack on Pearl Harbor
1942 AD
This important British stronghold in the Pacific is captured by Japanese forces
Fall of Singapore
1942 AD
American forces decisively defeat and repel a Japanese invasion on these strategic atolls, marking a turning point for the Allies in the Pacific theatre
Battle of Midway
1944 AD
The Allies launch the largest seaborne invasion in history on this French region
Invasion of Normandy
1945 AD
Allied forces capture this Japanese island in the bloodiest battle of the Pacific Theatre
Battle of Okinawa
1948 - 1949 AD
This newly formed state repels the invasion of a coalition of Arab states, leading to its survival into the present-day
Israel's War of Independence
1948 - 1949 AD
Communist forces launch this devastating campaign against the Nationalists, ending Nationalist dominance in Northern China
Huaihai Campaign
1950 AD
United Nations forces successfully land and capture this coastal South Korean city, leading to the capture of Seoul
Battle of Inchon
1953 - 1954 AD
Vietnamese Communist Revolutionaries decisively defeat French colonial forces, bringing French colonial rule in Vietnam to an end
Battle of Dien Bien Phu
1968 AD
North Vietnamese forces launch a campaign of surprise attacks on South Vietnamese and United States military and civilian centers; named after the Vietnamese Lunar New Year during which the attacks occurred
Tet Offensive
1991 AD
A United States led coalition of thirty-five countries launch this operation in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
Operation Desert Storm
Level 76
Oct 23, 2022
Nice quiz! But I don't understand why Austerlitz and Stalingrad are missing
Level 61
Oct 24, 2022
yea i wouldve personally had them but its based on the book in the caveat
Level 52
Oct 23, 2022
The date for pavia is wrong. Charlemagne wasn't even born on the given dates
Level 61
Oct 24, 2022
mb im gonna fix that
Level 65
Oct 23, 2022
Great quiz! One minor note: you should change the phrasing of the clue for the Battle of Sedan. There are important distinctions between the titles "King of France," "King of the French," and "Emperor of the French." Given that many people died over the differences between them, it seems disrespectful to call Louis-Napoleon "the last king of France."

The last King of France was Charles X, and he was overthrown in the July Revolution. The last (and only) King of the French was Louis-Philippe, and he was overthrown in the February Revolution of 1848. The last Emperor of the French was Louis-Napoleon, who indeed lost his throne in the aftermath to the Battle of Sedan.

Level 61
Oct 24, 2022
mb i'll fix it
Level 63
Oct 23, 2022
Battle of Quebec isn't called the Battle of Quebec. It's the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.
Level 61
Oct 24, 2022
plains of abraham is accepted; most people know it as the battle of quebec
Level 70
Oct 24, 2022
Too American-centric batlles, especially 3 battles about Civil war.
Level 61
Jun 10, 2023
Level 66
Aug 5, 2023
Enjoyed that. I only got 42 but there were another 15 that I probably should have gotten including a couple where the spellings defeated me.
Level 66
Aug 5, 2023
The most-guessed one I failed to get was Okinawa. The least-guessed one that I got right was Plassey.
Level 61
Aug 5, 2023