Statistics for Turkic Empires

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PeriodDescriptionAnswer% Correct
375 CE - 469 CEShort lived empire led by Attila that ravaged much of EuropeHunnic Empire
1299 CE -1922 CE"The Turkish Empire"Ottoman Empire
1526 CE - 1858 CERulers of the Indian Subcontinent for over Three Hundred Years; known for the construction of the Taj MahalMughal Empire
1236 CE - 1502 CEWhat became of the Western Mongol EmpireGolden Horde
1368 CE - 1501 CEEmpire led by a ruthless Central Asian warlord that stretched from Anatolia to IndiaTimurid Empire
1040 CE - 1157 CEEmpire responsible for bringing Turkic culture Into Anatolia and MesopotamiaSeljuk Empire
744 CE - 847 CESuccessors over the eastern part of Number; it's people still consist one of the largest minority groups in ChinaUyghur Khaganate
3rd Century BCE - 1st Century BCEConfederation of East Asian steppe nomads that were a constant threat to Imperial ChinaXiongnu Empire
651 CE - 983 CEOnly empire in history to convert to Judaism; covered Southern Russia and the CaucasusKhazar Khaganate
552 CE - 745 CEOften referred to as the "First Turkic Empire"; stretching from the Black Sea to ManchuriaGöktürk Khaganate
681 CE - 1018 CEEmpire founded along the Danube Delta by a prince fleeing from the aboveFirst Bulgarian Empire
390 CE - 577 CERelatives of the above that devastated Sassanid Persia and IndiaImperial Hephthalites
565 CE - 835 CESuccessors of Number Two; famous for their campaigns against the ByzantinesAvar Khaganate
962 CE - 1186 CEEmpire founded by a former slave that covered Persia and IndiaGhaznavid Empire

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