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Show off your Knowledge about One Piece ANIME ONLY/MANGA SPOILERS
Quiz by jtdubs24
Last updated: September 2, 2022
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The Rumbar Pirates were based out of ___ ____
West Blue
Arlong is a ____ Fishman
Who is the Celestial Dragon who is repeatedly assaulted?
Saint Charloss
Supernova with the highest bounty pre-timeskip?
Eustass "Captain" Kid
First Schichibukai to be a slave?
Boa Hancock
Second Schichibukai to be a slave?
Bartholomew Kuma
Marked with the ____ of the Celestial Dragon
The Pirate King's bounty poster name
Gold Roger
Eneru claims to be a ____
Where did the Straw Hats find Momonosuke?
Punk Hazard
Only member of the Worst Generation with wings?
"Mad Monk" Urouge
Marine who was embarassed by Sanji at Baratie?
What did Luffy punch at the end of Skypiea?
A Bell
What item did Doflamingo have information on
that the Celestial Dragons would kill him if he ever
spoke about it?
The National Treasure of Mariejois
First character with screentime in the anime?
Gol D. Roger
Ace's final attack against Blackbeard was called _____
Entei or Flame Emperor
What bodily function does Magellan have issues with?
Who did Big Mom get her devil fruit from?
Mother Carmel
Name one of the four Gods mentioned in the Skypiea arc
Sun, Rain, Earth or Forest
Rarest class of Devil Fruit?
Doflamingo's most famous devil fruit technique?
The Bird Cage
Name of the bartender in Chapter One?
Most powerful of the three types of Haki?
Sanji's name for Zoro?
Moss Head
What animal is the guardian of Alabasta?
What animal is the guardian of Wano?
What did Kaido say Roger used to "bend the world to his will?"
What arc did Sanji almost die of blood loss in?
Fishman Island
Who is the Commander in Chief of the World Government?
Who did Garp defeat to earn the nickname "The Fist?"
Don Chinjao
Which devil fruit was up for grabs in the Dressrosa Colessium?
The Mera Mera no Mi or Flare Flare Fruit
What noise accompanies Joyboy wherever he goes?
The Drums of Liberation
What does Luffy catch and throw at Kaido?
A Bolt of Lightning
Who is the God of the Giants?
Who was the main antagonist of Little Garden?
Mr. 3 or Galdino
What is Whitebeard's surname?
Which devil fruit is considered to have "the highest offensive capabilities" in the series?
The Magu Magu no Mi or the Magma Magma fruit
What animal is Chopper commonly mistaken for?
A Raccoon
What attack does Luffy defeat Kaido with?
Bajrang (Monkey God) Gun
What are the Gorosei known as?
The Five Elder Stars
Which of Zoro's eyes are closed?
The Left Eye
What leads Luffy into Shirahoshi's room?
Law's Devil Fruit (The Ope Ope no Mi) is known as the _____ devil fruit
What is Jimbei's role on the Straw Hat crew?
Who do the Marines send to Wano?
Ryukugyu (Green Bull)
What is the gathering of world leaders known as?
The Reverie
Which arc was a flag shot down in?
Enies Lobby
Which Schichibukai has the highest known bounty?
Dracule Mihawk
What color are Road Poneglyphs?
Where does Luffy fight Katakuri?
The Mirror World
What race is King?
Where did Enel go after the Skypiea arc?
The Moon
What does Sugar turn people into?
Living Toys
Where does "Dark King" Rayleigh live?
Sabaody Archipelago
What is the codename Sanji gives himself in Alabasta?
Mr. Prince
What does Yassop's bandana say?
Where is Usopp from?
Syrup Village
What race was Franky's mentor?
What is the time period that was erased from history known as?
The Void (Blank) Century
What incident has the World Government erased from history?
The God Valley incident
What island does Luffy fight Zombies on?
Thriller Bark
Who saves Camie at the auction house?
Silvers Rayleigh
Who sends an attack at Kaido that famously causes him to dodge?
Roronoa Zoro
Who did the Marines send to capture Boa Hancock?
Who does Luffy's Straw Hat belong to?
Who in Baroque works does Zoro defeat?
Daz Bones (Mr. 1)
What did Shanks sacrifice to save Luffy?
His Arm
What did Whitebeard want?
a Family
What color do swords turn when the user has mastered their haki?
Who was the Daimyo of Kuri?
Kozuki Oden
Who on the Roger pirates couldn't go to Laugh Tale because of illness?
Buggy the Clown
What animal is Kaido's devil fruit classified under?
What does Nekomomushi translate to in English?
Cat Viper
Who is known to have a "strange body?"
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)
What race is Carrot apart of?
The Minks
What are Blackbeard's Commanders Known as?
Ten Titanic Captains
What are Big Mom's Commanders known as?
Sweet Commanders
What are Whitebeard's Commanders known as?
Division Commanders
What are Kaido's Commanders known as?
All Stars
What does Sabo wear on his hat?
Who holds off Hawkins as Kid rushes to find Big Mom?
What is Jack known as?
The Drought
What was X Drake before a pirate?
Who was forced to roam the seas for 800 years?
Who attacks Luffy at a bar in Jaya?
Who is the main advocate for abolishing the Schichibukai program?
Admiral Fujitora (Issho)
What is Aokiji's real name?
Who helps Robin escape Ohara?
Jaguar D. Saul
What is Kaido's main attack? (Hybrid form)
Thunder Bagua
Which Supernova has Voodoo-based powers?
Basil Hawkins
What does Nami grow on the Thousand Sunny?
Who is Kaido's son?
Who accompanies Luffy in the freezing hell of Impel Down?
Bon Clay (Mr. 2)
What did Franky trap Caribou inside of?
A Barrell
What does Usopp want to become?
A Brave Warrior of the Sea
Who is the only female Supernova?
Jewelry Bonnie
Which Supernova is a mafia boss?
Capone "Gang" Bege
What did Kaido jump off of?
A Sky Island
Who has Piano Keys for teeth?
Scratchman Apoo
What is the name of Luffy's devil fruit?
Hito Hito no Mi Model: Nika OR Gomu Gomu no Mi
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