Mario Kart Wii CTGP Tracks

Guess every CTGP Revolution 1.03.1118-1 custom track.
Guess only CTs, not RTs.
SNES, N64, GBA... are not required.
Quiz by Booshi
Last updated: December 8, 2021
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First submittedDecember 8, 2021
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Abandoned Boardwalk
Abyssal Ruins
Alpine Peak
Aquadrom Stage
Athletic Raceway
Aura Metropolis
Autumn Leavesway
Big Express City
Big Nature City
Boshi Skatepark
Bowser's Fiery Fortress
Calidae Desert
Camp Kartigan
Candy Coaster
Canyon Run
Castle of Darkness
Castle of Time
Cave Island
Celestial Ruins
Cherry Blossom Garden
Christmas Court
Coin Heaven
Colour Circuit
Colour Wonderland
Comet Starway
Concord Town
Cookie Village
Cool Castle Canyon
Crystal Dungeon
Crystal Plains
CTR Blizzard Bluff
CTR Cortex Castle
CTR N. Gin Labs
Daisy Hillside
Daisy's Palace
Dark Matter Fortress
Dark Matter Shrine
Dawn Township
Delfino Island
Desert Castle Raceway
Desert Fort
Desert Mushroom Ruins
Desktop Dash
DK Ruins
DKR Star City
Dragon Burial Grounds
Dragonite's Island
Dreamworld Cloudway
DS Airship Fortress
DS Bowser Castle
DS Cheep Cheep Beach
DS DK Pass
DS Figure-8 Circuit
DS Luigi's Mansion
DS Mario Circuit
DS Shroom Ridge
DS Tick-Tock Clock
DS Waluigi Pinball
DS Wario Stadium
Festival Town
Final Grounds
Fishdom Island
Flowery Greenhouse
Flying Kingdom
Forest Creek
Fungal Jungle
Garden of Dreams
GBA Bowser Castle 1
GBA Bowser Castle 2
GBA Bowser Castle 4
GBA Broken Pier
GBA Cheep Cheep Island
GBA Cheese Land
GBA Lakeside Park
GBA Luigi Circuit
GBA Mario Circuit
GBA Peach Circuit
GBA Rainbow Road
GBA Ribbon Road
GBA Riverside Park
GBA Sky Garden
GBA Snow Land
GBA Sunset Wilds
GCN Baby Park
GCN Bowser's Castle
GCN Daisy Cruiser
GCN Dry Dry Desert
GCN Luigi Circuit
GCN Mushroom Bridge
GCN Mushroom City
GCN Rainbow Road
GCN Sherbet Land
GCN Wario Colosseum
GCN Yoshi Circuit
Glimmer Express Trains
Gothic Castle
GP Mario Beach
Halogen Highway
Haunted Gardens
Headlong Skyway
Heart of China
Hellado Mountain
Honeybee Hideout
Icepeak Mountain
Incendia Castle
Infernal Pipeyard
Item Fireland
Jiyuu Village
Jungle Cliff
Jungle Glade
Jungle Jamble
Jungle Ruins
Kartwood Creek
Kinoko Cave
Koopa Shell Pipeland
Lava Lake
Lava Road
Lost Fortress
Luigi's Island
Lunar Lights
Lunar Spaceway
Luncheon Tour
Magmatic Sanctuary
Mansion of Madness
Marble Towers
Mario Castle Raceway
Medieval Castlegrounds
Melody Sanctum
Melting Magma Melee
Misty Ruins
Mushroom Island
Mushroom Peaks
Mushroom Valley
Musical Cliff
N64 Banshee Boardwalk
N64 Choco Mountain
N64 Frappe Snowland
N64 Kalimari Desert
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach
N64 Luigi Raceway
N64 Rainbow Road
N64 Royal Raceway
N64 Toad's Turnpike
N64 Wario Stadium
Neo Koopa City
New Moon Manor
Nightlife Party
Pianta Shore
Pinewood Path
Pipe Underworld
Piranha Plant Pipeline
Quaking Mad Cliffs
Rainbow Road Solar Edition
Rock Rock Ridge
Rosalina's Snow World
Rush City Run
SADX Twinkle Circuit
Sahara Hideout
Sakura Sanctuary
Saltwater Lake
Sarasa Kingdom
Sea Stadium
Secluded Island
Shy Guy's Market
Siberian Chateau
Sinister Vault
Six King Labyrinth
Sky Grove
Sky High Island
Sky Shrine
Skyline Avenue
Slot Circuit
SNES Bowser Castle 1
SNES Bowser Castle 2
SNES Bowser Castle 3
SNES Choco Island 2
SNES Donut Plains 2
SNES Donut Plains 3
SNES Ghost Valley 1
SNES Koopa Beach 2
SNES Mario Circuit 1
SNES Mario Circuit 2
SNES Rainbow Road
Spectral Station
Spike Desert
Star Slope
Stargaze Summit
Summer Starville
Sunset Circuit
Sunset Forest
Sunset Ridge
Suzuka Circuit
The Rabbit Hole
Thwomp Swamp
Toad Raceway
Tropical Factory
Twin Peaks
Underground Sky
Undiscovered Offlimit
Unfinished Mario Circuit
Unnamed Valley
Volcanic Valley
Volcano Canyon
Waluigi's Motocross
Warp Pipe Island
Wetland Woods
White Garden
Windmill Village
Windy Whirl
Wolf Castlegrounds
Wuhu Island
Wuhu Mountain
Yoshi Lagoon
Yoshi's Woolly Raceway
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