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2,0472022-10-28Trick Questions #2
1,0622022-03-06Countries with the Most Internet Users
4452022-02-27Irregular Verbs Quiz
4392021-05-23Divided U.S. State Name Puzzle
4132023-02-13Easy General Knowledge #8
3242021-06-18Fast Math - Halve That Number!
2862022-02-28Irregular Verbs Quiz #2
2782022-03-20Click a Valid U.S. State - Number of Letters
2482023-02-13Easy General Knowledge #9
1962021-06-05Math Vocabulary #2
1932022-10-24Click the Missing Word - Movie Titles
1902023-01-21Think Fast - Which Half of the Alphabet?
1752022-03-13Fast Math - Random Linear Equations
1602022-06-19All Countries in Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a Map
1592022-03-01Irregular Verbs Quiz #3
1542022-05-17Solve the Secret U.S. State
1362022-10-14C Keywords Quiz
1352023-04-12Analogies #14
1322023-01-01Ultimate 21st Century History Quiz
1282022-05-17Solve the Secret Country by Doing Math Problems
1162022-04-23Crossword Puzzle - Asian Capitals
992022-04-27Crossword Puzzle - Elements
932022-03-08Trigonometric Functions Quiz
922022-01-29Word Spelling: UK or US?
682022-05-17Solve the Secret Country by Doing Math Problems #2
652021-06-26Pays avec les noms les plus similaires à Chine
642022-03-14Solve the Secret JetPunk Quiz by Answering Questions
632021-08-26Not What You Would Expect #2
632022-11-13Multiple Choice General Knowledge #9
572022-03-06Names of Alkanes - 30 Second Sprint
512022-05-20Hidden Words in Country Names
512022-07-02Programming Languages - "1+2=3"
512022-05-20Hidden Words in U.S. State Names
502022-10-23Add a Letter - Make a Harry Potter Character
502022-11-16U.S. States Featured in American Truck Simulator
492021-01-12All 50 US States by Coronavirus Cases and Deaths - Extreme
482021-06-0212 Months in 12 Languages
482022-09-25Logic Puzzles: Multiple Choice #2
472022-05-17Solve the Secret Country by Doing Math Problems #3
462022-10-10Landlocked Countries with the Longest Borders
462021-05-29Countries with the Highest GDP Decline in 2020
422021-08-11Most-Affected Countries by Coronavirus - Extreme
422022-04-02Two Truths and a Lie - Mathematics (Easy Version)
422021-06-29A-Z Random Words Quiz
412022-08-22Countries Similar to U.S. States by Area
392021-06-18Fast Typing 1 to 100 in Words
392022-11-27Most Popular Programming Languages A-Z
382022-09-01Mathematics Decoder #2
382022-07-24The How Many Quiz - Harry Potter Edition
362022-02-07Words Starting and Ending with the Same Letter Quiz
362022-04-05Chess A-Z
362021-06-26Countries with the Most Similar Names to China
352021-06-06Fast Math - Differentiation Quiz
352022-03-28Math Words Beginning with A
342022-03-12Countries I Have Been To
332022-05-21A Quiz about Computers
322022-02-10Things I Don't Like by Picture
322021-05-29Countries with the Highest GDP Growth in 2020
322021-01-22Best and Worst Countries at COVID-19 Response
312021-01-04Countries by a Single Clue - Coronavirus Edition
302021-06-17Fast Typing - The Numbers in "Lost"
292022-12-262021/22 Premier League Table - Map Quiz
272021-06-10Microsoft Office Apps to Colors Quiz
272022-06-03Math Words Beginning with P
272022-02-18Easy Tile Select Quiz #1
262022-05-29Math Words Beginning with M
252023-01-09Countries, States, Capitals, Elements: Frequency of Letters
252022-04-14Math Words Beginning with D
252021-06-27Countries Whose Letters Sum to the Highest
252022-05-17Not Quite a Quiz Title - JetPunk
252021-07-01A-Z Random Words Quiz #2
252021-07-05Top 20 Most Eco-Friendly Countries with Exceptions
252021-07-06A-Z Random Words Quiz #4
242020-12-17macOS Components Quiz
232021-07-01Two-Word Phrases Quiz
232022-11-02Frequency of Letters in All U.S. State Names
232022-10-23Countries, States, Capitals, Elements: Highest & Lowest Scrabble Score
232022-04-02Two Truths and a Lie - Mathematics
222021-01-16Coronavirus A-Z
222020-12-3120 Countries with the Lowest Coronavirus Testing Rates
222021-01-12Countries with the Most Coronavirus Cases in Each Continent
222023-01-12Frequency of Letters in Names of Top 200 JetPunk Quizmakers
222022-01-28Elements by Electronic Configuration
212021-07-04A-Z Random Words Quiz #3
202022-11-03Frequency of Letters in Names of All Chemical Elements
192023-02-03Guess the Place from the Mandarin Name
182022-11-13Countries with the Highest Consonant-to-Vowel Ratios
182021-08-06The Only Remaining JetPunk Quiz . . .
182022-04-18Is It Matter? - Multiple Choice
172020-12-23Windows XP General Knowledge Quiz
162021-01-11Countries by Active Coronavirus Cases
162022-11-01Frequency of Letters in Titles of All 100K+ JetPunk Featured Quizzes
152022-02-18Easy Tile Select Quiz #2
142021-01-06The How Many Quiz - Coronavirus Edition
142022-01-29SI Units Expressed in SI Base Units Quiz
142020-12-29Windows Versions Tile Select Quiz
142022-02-03Math Word Problems Quiz - DIFFICULT
142021-06-30Countries with the Most Similar Names to JetPunk
142022-02-14A Quiz about JetPunk
132020-12-19Top 20 Most Affected Countries by COVID-19
132020-12-26Windows 7 General Knowledge Quiz
132022-11-16Word Morph
122022-03-11Countries Where COVID Is Spreading Fastest
122022-03-15World Cities I Have Been To
102022-11-01Frequency of Letters in Titles of All 1M+ JetPunk Featured Quizzes
102022-05-10Which Year in the 15th Hijra Century?
102023-01-09Countries I Almost Went To
92021-06-28Units of Time Quiz
72022-10-04Most-Taken JetPunk Featured Quizzes with the Shortest Titles
72021-01-1210 US States with the Highest COVID Infection Rates
62022-04-16Fast Typing - JetPunk Minigames
52022-03-08Mappings: One-to-One, Many-to-One, or One-to-Many?
42022-03-19ALL JetPunk Featured Quizzes with over 100,000 Takes - Extreme
42021-06-26Countries by Chinese Meaning #2
42023-12-01What Does This C Code Do? - Click Quiz
42022-02-10Orders of Magnitude Multiple Choice
32021-07-01Every JetPunk Featured Quiz with over 1 Million Takes
32021-05-31Days of the Week in Europe #2
22023-12-01What Does This C++ Code Do? - Click Quiz
22022-03-29Top 20 Hardest Featured Quizzes on JetPunk
22021-08-12Trick or No-Trick?
12022-10-14The C Standard Library - stdio.h
12023-12-06What Does This Haskell Function Do? - Click Quiz