Trick Questions #2

There's something quite tricky about each one of these questions. Try and fail to answer them correctly.
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Last updated: October 28, 2022
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Where can you find success before work?
in a Dictionary
As ice melts and becomes water, its volume decreases by 1/12. What fraction does the volume of water increase when it freezes?
What has a head and a tail, but no body, arms or legs?
a Coin
What do you put in a toaster?
How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?
What type of surfing can you perform at home?
Surfing the Web
If three days before yesterday was the 17th, then what date is three days after tomorrow?
the 25th
What is 1/2 of 2/3 of 3/4 of 4/5 of 5/6 of 6/7 of 7/8 of 8/9 of 9/10 of 1000?
If 5 cats catch 5 mice in 5 minutes, how long will it take one cat to catch a mouse?
5 minutes
What will come but has never actually come?
The future
What is the shortest month of the year?
In a running race, you overtake the person in second place. Now what place are you in?
Second place
How many letters are there in the alphabet?
Rearrange the letters in the words "New Door" to make one word. What is it?
One Word
Tom's birthday is February 28 - but which year?
Every year
On a fine day, a ship was parked at a port. It could accommodate 60 passengers, but as soon as the 59th passenger got on, it started to sink. There were no disasters, accidents or anything wrong whatsoever, but the ship kept on sinking! Why?
It was a submarine
A plane crashed, and every single person on board died as a result. Yet, there were two survivors. How is this possible?
They were married
I had 27 flowers. Sadly, all but 14 died. How many are left?
Level 88
Jan 18, 2023
Love that fraction question - took a while for it to click how to do it...
Level 87
Jan 18, 2023
The plane one is great! I kept thinking that there were two people with parachutes? It crashed into a home with two occupants but they both survived? Oh come on now! Not that I overthought it....
Level 40
Jan 18, 2023
I may be stupid, but I don't understand the plane one....
Level 50
Jan 18, 2023
The question says every "single" person on board died, which means every married person survived

(a "single" person is one who's not married)

Level 72
Jan 18, 2023
I though maybe they weren’t people, perhaps someone’s dog, or comfort peacock.
Level 56
Jan 18, 2023
It was difficult for me to figure out the plane one, wow.
Level 66
Jan 18, 2023
Can't you couch surf too at home?
Level 67
Jan 18, 2023
And channel surfing too
Level 59
Jan 18, 2023
please accept "5" for "5 minutes"
Level 64
May 13, 2023
5 what? apples? bananas?
Level 72
Jan 18, 2023
Fun, but I'm afraid I don't understand some of these. I can subtract 5 from 25 any amount of times, not just once. 25 - 5 - 5 = 15. Submarines are, by convention, not ships but boats. What's the deal with the toaster question, is there a joke?
Level 65
Jan 18, 2023
If you subtract 5 from 25 it becomes 20. So after that you'd be subtracting from 20 and not 25 (and so on).

Most people reply they would put toast in a toaster. That's a common trick question.

Level 72
Jan 18, 2023
You have it the wrong way round. A ship is distinguishable from a boat because it has many sails or large engines, is meant for ocean or deep water travel and, in some nautical contexts you’d only refer to a vessel as a boat if it you could fit one inside of another vessel (hence, a cruise ship may have numerous lifeboats aboard).
Level 81
Jan 18, 2023
I tried every possible phrasing of infinity before I understood the subtracting from 25 one.
Level 76
Jan 18, 2023
single doesn't mean not married, just not in a relationship, so could you accept 'couple' etc.

Also you can subtract 5 from 25 loads of times! I did it last week, I did it yesterday, I did it just now, i can keep doing it as much as i like! you just can't do it multiple times in a row...

Level 68
Jan 19, 2023
Please accept “any year” for “every year”.
Level ∞
Jan 20, 2023
Good quiz!
Level 59
Apr 26, 2023
Wow, even the Quizmaster himself approves. Nice!
Level 70
Nov 25, 2023
For the last one: You still have 27 flowers. Just some of them are now dead. You should change it to "How many are still alive?" Good quiz though.