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7612021-04-14The First 100 Words of Pride and Prejudice
3492021-04-13The First 100 Words of Huckleberry Finn
1832021-04-15The First 100 Words of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
1702021-04-14The First 100 Words of Little Women
1302021-05-31The First 100 Words of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
1052021-02-19The First 100 Words of How to Train Your Dragon
1032021-02-20The First 100 Words of Charlotte's Web
932021-04-14The First 100 Words of Anne of Green Gables
822021-04-14The First 100 Words of Little House on the Prairie
762021-06-23The First 100 Words of Jane Eyre
642021-01-09Psalm 23
622021-06-20The First 100 Words of Emma
562021-07-02The First 100 Words of A Series of Unfortunate Events
552021-04-13The First 100 Words of Heidi
422021-04-15The First 100 Words of Pippi Longstocking
422021-04-13The First 100 Words of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
402021-06-25The First 100 Words of Sense and Sensibility
362021-02-19Narnia - The Last 100 Words of The Last Battle
332021-01-07Narnian Poetry
292021-03-05Percy Bysshe Shelley - Ozymandias
272021-04-13The First 100 Words of Swallows and Amazons
242021-03-13Owl City - Fireflies
232021-04-14The First 100 Words of Watership Down
232021-01-08More Narnian Poetry
212021-01-17Jesus Loves Me - Lyrics
192021-02-19Famous Children's Authors Decoder
152021-04-13The First 100 Words of The Phantom Tollbooth
142022-09-03American Government Trivia #1
132022-09-03American Women Trivia #3
132021-03-05Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Charge of the Light Brigade
122022-09-03American Government Trivia #2
122021-03-16Switchfoot - Dare You to Move
112022-09-03American Government Trivia #3
112022-09-03American Women Trivia #2
102022-09-03American Government Trivia #4
102022-09-03American Women Trivia #1
102021-03-10John Donne - No Man Is an Island
92021-02-20Emily Dickinson - Will There Really Be a "Morning"?
82022-08-12An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
52021-03-05Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - A Psalm of Life
52022-08-15I Have a Rendezvous with Death
42021-03-30For King and Country - Burn the Ships
42022-08-19Kubla Khan
32022-08-19The Tyger
32022-08-19On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer
32022-08-12Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
32021-03-16The Therbligs
32022-08-13High Flight
32021-03-09Ella Wheeler Wilcox - Solitude
32022-08-12Breathes There the Man
32021-09-04C. S. Lewis Books by Quote
22021-03-24Leaders of the First Great Awakening
22021-06-20Major Characters in Frederica
22021-09-26Founding Members of the Detection Club
22022-08-13The Arcadian Wild - The Food Truck Blues
22022-08-14Still I Rise
12022-08-12Gathering Leaves
12022-08-14Dover Beach