Knights Templar

What do you know about medieval knights who fought in the crusades?
Quiz by Nenadbs
Last updated: October 7, 2021
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1. When were the Knight Templars established?
2. Where were the Knight Templars headquarters?
3. What was the original purpose of the Knights Templar?
Protection of the Pope
Private army of the King of France
Protection of trade routes and pilgrims
4. Who created a military order the Knights Templar?
Guillaume de Chartres
Bernard of Clairvaux
Hugues de Payens
Gerard de Ridefort
5. How many relatives and acquaintances founded the Knights Templar order?
6. Which temple is referred to in the full name of the Knights Templar?
Temple Church
Herod's Temple
Zerubbabel's Temple
Solomon's Temple
7. Which symbol was typically used as a seal by Knights Templar grand masters?
The two riders
Maltese cross
Jerusalem cross
Square and compasses
8. What event marked the destruction of the last remaining Crusader refuge in the Holy Land?
Siege of Antioch
Siege of Jerusalem
Battle of Pelagonia
Fall of Acre
9. Who ordered the arrest and suppression of the Knights Templar in 1307?
Albert I of Germany
Philip IV of France
Alfonso IV of Aragon
Edward I of England
10. After the fall of Jerusalem in the late 13th century to which island did the Knights Templar withdraw?
11. How were the Knights Templar dressed?
White mantles with red cross
Black mantles with red cross
Black mantles with white cross
White mantles with black cross
12. Who was the 23rd and last grand master of the Knights Templar?
Thibaud Gaudin
Guillaume de Beaujeu
Jacques de Molay
Thomas Bérard
13. What are the Knights Templar allowed to do?
To swear
To gamble
To get drunk
To eat meals together
14. By the early 1500s the Templars had joined the Knights Hospitallers. What was their name after 1530?
Knights of Malta
Order of Saint Lazarus
Teutonic Knights
Knights of Sicily
15. Which Grand Master of the Knights Templar was beheaded by Saladin in 1189 at the Siege of Acre?
Landry de Lauzon
Godfrey de Saint-Omer
Gérard de Ridefort
Guillaume de Nogaret
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