Ottoman Empire

Can you answer these questions about important events and leaders of the Ottoman Empire?
Quiz by Nenadbs
Last updated: February 22, 2023
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1. Who founded the Ottoman Empire in 1299?
Bayezid I
Murad I
Orhan I
Osman I
2. What was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire called?
3. Where did the leaders of Ottoman Empire and his many wives live in Istanbul?
Topkapi Palace
Dolmabahce Palace
Anatolian Fortress
Rumeli Fortress
4. What city, today called Edirne, was the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire from 1369 to 1453, before Constantinople became its capital?
5. What army did Ottomans defeat at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389?
6. Who were the elite battle soldiers who were selected from Christian families at a young age?
Established in the 14th century, the Janissaries first served as the Sultan’s bodyguard. They were among the world’s most effective military forces in the 15th and 16th centuries.
7. Who led the Ottoman Empire in capturing Constantinople in 1453?
Suleiman I
Murad II
Mehmed II
Selim III
8. Which Genoese nobleman and captain was a defender of Constantinople during its siege in 1453?
Ludovico Sforza
Fabrizio Colonna
Giovanni Giustiniani
Giuliano de' Medici
9. What battle in 1683 is considered a turning point and the beginning of the end of the Ottoman Empire?
Samarra Offensive
Battle of Mohacs
Siege of Vienna
Third Battle of Gaza
10. How is Mehmed II commonly known?
The Bloody
The Terrible
The Magnificent
The Conqueror
11. What is the name of the period that was a time of peace when the arts flourished in the Ottoman Empire?
Tulip period
Orchid period
Lilly period
Rose period
12. Who did the Ottomans join in the World War I?
Central powers
World War I was fought between the Allies and the Central Powers. The Central Powers included the Ottoman Empire, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.
13. Which of these progressive policies was practiced by the Ottoman Empire more than most other rulers?
A slavery ban
Child labor laws
Religious tolerance
Marriage equality
The Ottoman Empire practiced religious tolerance. They allowed those they ruled to keep their individual customs for the most part.
14. What major historic event did the Ottoman Empire's capture of Constantinople in 1453 lead to?
Industrial revolution
Iron age
Cold war
When the Ottomans captured Constantinople from the Byzantines, many artists and intellectuals fled to Italy. This sparked the Renaissance.
15. Who ruled the Ottomans when the empire reached its peak in the 16th century?
Murad III
Mehmed II
Suleiman I
16. What was the name of the Ottoman levy that took adolescent Christian boys as slaves from the European provinces?
In the 14th century Christians had to give up 20% of their male children to the state so they could be converted and raised in Muslim society.
17. What tragic event is associated with the Ottoman Empire?
The Transatlantic Slave Trade
The Trail of Tears
The Armenian Genocide
The Holocaust
In 1915, Turkish leaders massacred over 1 million Armenians living within the Ottoman Empire.
18. The Ottoman Empire lost nearly all of its European possessions after which event?
Young Turk Revolution of 1908
Crimean War (1853–56)
World War I (1914–18)
War of Greek Independence (1821–32)
19. What happened to Mehmed IV, the last ruler of the Ottoman Empire?
Tortured to death
20. Who founded the Republic of Türkiye in 1823?
Enver Pasha
Kemal Atatürk
Mustafa Celebi
Abdull Hamid I
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