Statistics for Presidents and Heads of State of France

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Who is the youngest president in the history of France?Emmanuel Macron
Which president had the French Army intervene in Mali, Central African Republic, Iraq and Syria?François Hollande
Which French president was convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years?Nicolas Sarkozy
Who led Free France, the government-in-exile during the World War II?Charles de Gaulle
Which President made gay marriage legal and accessible to all in France?François Hollande
Which president was known for his reduction of the presidential term from 7 years to 5 through a referendum in 2000?Jacques Chirac
Who was known as The Lion of Verdun who served as Chief of French State from 1940 to 1944?Philippe Pétain
Who was the first left-wing president of the Fifth Republic whose presidential tenure was the longest of any French Republic?François Mitterrand
Which president supported economic modernization and industrialization, most notably through the TGV high-speed rail project?Georges Pompidou
Who was elected first president of the French Republic in the 1848?Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte
Which President became famous for abolishing the death penalty in France?François Mitterrand
Who was the only French president in history to have passed away mid-term?Georges Pompidou
Which president was assassinated (stabbed) a few months before the end of his term in 1894?Sadi Carnot
Who was the president of France during World War I?Raymond Poincaré
Who was the first president of the Fourth Republic whose term was marked by the First Indochina War?Vincent Auriol

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