Scientists and Inventors

These human inventions changed the world and transformed life on earth.
Quiz by Nenadbs
Last updated: February 14, 2021
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1. Which scientist is the founder of the quantum theory?
Albert Einstein
Ernest Rutherford
Max Planck
Max Born
2. Niels Bohr is most famous for which of the following theories?
Theory of atomic structure
Theory of subconscious
Theory of relativity
Theory of gravity
3. Who invented the light bulb in 1883?
Alexander Graham Bell
Walter Hunt
Karl Benz
Thomas Edison
4. Who invented the railway locomotive in 1814?
Samuel Morse
Alessandro Volta
George Stephenson
Henry Ford
5. Which physician-scientist was recognized for discovering penicillin in 1928?
Pierre Curie
Ernest Rutherford
Alexander Fleming
Louis Pasteur
6. Which physicist brought the theories of gravity and the basic laws of motion?
Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Richard Feynman
Michael Faraday
7. Albert Einstein is most famous for which of the following theories?
Theory of dark matter
Theory of evolution
Theory of gravity
Theory of relativity
8. Who did the Catholic Church sentence to prison because he said that Earth orbited the Sun?
Filippo Brunelleschi
Nicolaus Copernicus
Francesco Petrarch
Galileo Galilei
9. Which scientist first said that the Sun was the center of the universe and that the Earth and the planets orbited the Sun?
Isaac Newton
Leonardo da Vinci
Evangelista Torricelli
Nicolaus Copernicus
10. Which scientist improved the telescope and constructed the first one that could be used to observe the planets?
Tycho Brahe
Johannes Kepler
Galileo Galilei
Nicolaus Copernicus
11. Who is the first female Nobel Prize winner?
Mother Teresa
Bertha von Suttner
Selma Lagerlöf
Marie Curie
12. What invention is most associated with Johannes Gutenberg?
Telegraph machine
Light bulb
Printing press
13. What was the name of the famous scientist Röntgen who invented X-rays?
14. Who first stated that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction?
Isaac Newton
Georg Ohm
Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac
Albert Einstein
15. Who developed the earliest effective vaccine against rabies?
Maria Curie
Robert Koch
Alexander Fleming
Louis Pasteur
16. Who was Serbian scientist Mileva Maric married to?
Max Planck
Mihajlo Pupin
Albert Einstein
Nikola Tesla
17. What did the founder of the Nobel Prize invent?
Ballpoint pen
18. Which inventor, scientist, and engineer is credited with inventing and patenting the first practical telephone?
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
James Naismith
19. Who invented the first battery?
Alessandro Volta
James Watt
Michael Faraday
Nikola Tesla
20. Who discovered the periodic table?
Jöns Jacob Berzelius
Dmitri Mendeleev
John Dalton
Linus Pauling
21. Who invented the dots and dashes code for sending messages?
George Orwell
Samuel Morse
Louis Braille
Helen Keller
22. Edmund Jenner is responsible for saving countless lives thanks to his invention. What was it?
Seat belt
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