Hardest Marvel Movies Quiz on JetPunk

Let's see how many questions you can answer. These questions are based on the movies only and not the comics. Image from pixabay.
If you can beat a 50% score you are a Marvel encyclopedia and it's very scary.
If you only succeeded to answer the first question, well then you are just as normal as everybody else.
Quiz by gui27
Last updated: April 11, 2022
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Which really strong Avenger member has a shield with a star in the center?
Steve Rogers, Captain America
Name the neutron star in Avengers Infinity War.
Which character says : You are about to die at the hand of the children of Thanos.
Ebony Maw
What was Okoye scared of when T'Challa opened Wakanda to the world?
Olympics, Starbucks
How many tries did it take Peter Parker to unlock the time lock inside the storage volt?
What was Captain America's elite unit known as?
The Howling Commandos
What planet does Hulk reach after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron?
How old was Pietro when his parents died?
What subject does Scott Lang have a masters degree in?
Electrical Engineering
Which children's show is playing on TV while Natasha's "family" prepares to flee?
Duck Tales
Where does Thanos and Gamora first met? Gamora's home planet name.
What's the name of Dr. Strange's object to create a dimensional gateway to another location?
Sling Ring
In which city did the Black Panther car chase took place?
What fake name does Natasha use when she first meets Tony?
Natalie Rushman
What is the missing item Rocket claims he needs to escape the prison? (A security band, a battery and a...)
Prosthetic leg
What elective class did Thor take on Asgard?
Speaking groot
Scott hid an old Ant-Man suit underneath a trophy. What did the trophy say?
World's greatest grandma
What necklace does Peter buy for M.J.?
Black dahlia necklace
Where did Peggy told Steve to meet her at 8 o'clock?
Stork Club
How old were Thor and Loki when Loki turned into a snake and stabbed Thor?
What does TVA stand for?
Time Variance Authority
In the Ant-Man, what was Luis arrested for stealing?
Smoothie Machine
What 'Top Gun' character is Captain Marvel's cat named after?
What does JARVIS stands for?
Just A Rather Very Intelligent System
How many possibilities did Doctor Strange see for the outcome of the Infinity War?
14 million, 6 hundred and 5
What was Wanda Maximoff’s favorite sitcom as a child?
The Dick Van Dyke Show
What is the screenname of Korg’s Fortnite opponent in Avengers: Endgame?
Who is on the lunch box that Captain Marvel hides the tesseract in?
The “Fonz”
Where are the Frost Giants from?
What is the name of the Superhero Registration Act?
The Sokovia Accords
What is the disease Pepper is injected with?
In Black Panther, what does Okoye say T'Challa looks like when he freezes?
Antelope in headlights
What were the names of the two girls that went on a double date with Steve and Bucky in The First Avenger?
Bonnie and Connie
How long was Doctor Strange waiting outside the door of Kamar-Taj
Five hours
In the battle of New York, Captain America asks two cops to set up a perimeter. At what street does that perimeter end?
39th Street
In Thor Ragnarok, what tool does the Grandmaster use to punish capital offenses in Sakaar
Melt stick
In Doctor Strange, Strange is given a wifi password... What's the password?
What did Tony Stark's daughter want to eat after she refused to go back to bed in endgame
Juice pops
Whose serum was Dr Banner trying to replicate when he turned into the Hulk?
Dr Abraham Erskine
The Thanos that attacked Earth in Endgame, which year did he come from?
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