Ornamental Horticulture October

Test your practical skills knowledge so far
Quiz by Monicadcfe
Last updated: October 18, 2021
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1. What is the name of the switch that needs to be turned on when starting a 2 stroke engine from the start
On/off switch
Spark Plug
2. In terms of composting, what weed is the odd one out?
Scotch grass
Bind weed
Hairy Bitter Cress
Ground elder
3. Reducing the size of a shrub starts at ....
The bottom of the plant
The sides of the plant
The top of the plant
The center of the plant
4. The best tool for cutting a hedge is
A handsaw
The seccatteurs
The loppers
A hedge trimmer
5. Pruning of a branch must be done
Above a fresh new shoot
Beneath a fresh new shoot
Internodal cut
At the same level of previous year's cut
6. Crown reduction refers to:
Limiting the amount of branches you cut
Cutting all the branches to about half their size
Thinning out the amount of mature branches in a tree
Changing the shape of a tree from "crown like" to "globe like"
7. What type of plant is thinning out used for?
Only trees
Only evergreen plants
Only deciduous plants
All plants in gardening
8. In terms of propagation of plants, which one is the odd one out?
Seed propagation
Propagation from cuttings
9. Why is important to not disturb the soil too much
It encourages too many weeds
It changes the pH reading of a soil
It damages the structure of the soil and it's gluing properties
It would cause shallow rooting
10. Why are soils alive?
Because there are living organisms that contribute to it being fertile
Because it moves
Because it breathes just as plants and animals
Because it is involved in producing green substenance
11. What is the number one cause of house plant failure
Too shady
Under watering
Over watering
Too sunny
12. How do plants communicate?
Through the wind via spores
Through the roots via fungi
Through the flowers in pollination
Through humans... telling each other what we did wrong
13. What is the job of unspecialized cells in a plant
They are on standby until they need to learn a specific job
To provide a source of food for the plant
They are ready to attack external infections
They are involved in the process of decomposition
14. Roses are pruned at at an angle away from the bud. Why?
To encourage sunlight into the stem
To encourage apical buds forming
To provide an "arrow" indicating to the gardener where the cut was made
To prevent the opposite bud from getting too much water after it rains
15. What tool is unavailable in most garden centers?
The hedge trimmer
The oscilliating hoe
The long handled rake
The spring box rake
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