Quizzes by JadedAnkylo

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user JadedAnkylo.
# of Quizzes 67
# Subscribers 2
Times taken 6,079
Quizmaker Rank # 3,333
1,0162021-01-02Pokemon Category Elimination
5842021-01-08Pokemon Category Elimination #2
4232021-02-08Pokemon Category Elimination #4
3602021-05-16Pokemon Category Elimination #5
3532021-01-09Pokemon Category Elimination #3
3252021-01-02Pokemon Category Elimination - Moves
2882021-05-17Ultimate Pokemon Category Elimination
1612022-07-13Pokemon General Trivia #5
1592021-01-30Pokemon General Trivia #2
1302021-01-27Pokemon General Trivia #3
1262022-05-05CSGO PGL Major Antwerp 2022 attendees by Country
1142022-02-23Pokemon Crossword
1012021-01-02Fire Emblem Awakening Category Elimination
942021-01-26CS:GO players with major MVPs
932021-02-25Pokemon Groups of Six
922021-02-15Pokemon General Trivia #4
902021-02-24Pokemon Groups of Nine
862021-02-19Pokemon Groups of Threes
852022-02-23CS:GO players with multiple entries in hltv's top 20 lists
842021-01-26Pokemon General Trivia
782021-01-31Three Real and One Fake - Pokemon
612021-02-25Pokemon Groups of Fives
602021-02-19Pokemon Groups of Fours
582021-02-15Pokemon True or False
572021-02-04Pokemon that evolve with evolution stones
552021-03-03Pokemon General Trivia #6
542022-02-27Pokemon Crossword #2
522021-01-30Pokemon names without vowels
512022-05-14Pokemon that do not evolve
472021-11-17Pokemon that do not have two eyes
402021-01-26Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 1
352021-06-13Pokemon with the same first and last letters in their name
332021-01-28Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 2
322021-03-03Pokemon 4-letter Chain
302021-02-06Pokemon Gym Leaders from their Pokemon
282021-02-17Pokemon from their Pokedex entries #2
282021-02-24Pokemon Multiple Choice
282021-02-05Pokemon names without vowels #2
272022-02-27Pokemon whose evolution are in a different generation
272021-02-15Pokemon from their Pokedex entries
262021-03-04Pokemon Multiple Choice #2
262021-02-13Pokemon 5-letter Chain
252021-02-18Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 5
242021-11-01Ultimate Pokemon Multiple Choice
232021-02-24Pokemon based on their Japanese names
232021-01-30Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 3
222021-01-28Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 4
212021-03-02Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 8
182021-02-06Pokemon names without vowels #3
182022-02-23Pokemon Multiple Choice #3
172021-03-03Pokemon names without vowels #4
172021-03-02Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 6
162021-11-01Pokemon Multiple Choice - Bug type
162021-11-01Pokemon Multiple Choice - Ice type
162021-02-16Pokemon Maths
162022-02-27Don't play this Pokemon quiz
152021-11-01Pokemon Multiple Choice - Poison type
152021-02-24Pokemon based on their Japanese names #2
152021-01-29Pokemon by first and last letters - gen 7
142021-11-01Pokemon Multiple Choice - Psychic type
122021-11-01Pokemon Multiple Choice - Normal type
122021-02-06Pokemon Cities from their Gym Leaders
82021-03-03Pokemon based on their Japanese names #5
72021-03-03Pokemon based on their Japanese names #4
72021-02-24Pokemon based on their Japanese names #3
32021-02-07Pokemon Battle Revolution All Stadium Names
22021-02-07Pokemon Battle Revolution All Stadium Leaders