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5,1572021-09-20All Counties of the United States by Proximity - Disappear Version
2,6252021-08-17Country Shapes Hidden in an Eagle
2,5112021-09-185 Largest Cities for Random 5 Letter
2,1932021-10-28Braille Alphabets
1,8992021-09-18Win the 1856 U.S. Presidential Election
1,6892022-07-07Largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States With a Map
1,4302021-09-19Win the 1880 U.S. Presidential Election
1,4072024-03-28U.S. States by the First Letter of its Biggest 3 Cities
1,1232021-07-08All Counties of the United States by Proximity on an Empty Map
1,0542023-08-27Countries Where Wikipedia is Banned
8542021-08-10Guess the Running Country Name #1
7412024-03-28Win the Swing States of Presidential Election : Florida
6542021-07-23U.S. States with Most Homicides
6482021-07-03Presidents on Mount Rushmore - Map Quiz
6222022-08-14Fast Typing 1 to 1000 in Binary Numbers
6042021-08-07Texas Counties by Proximity
4322021-06-04Win the Swing States of Presidential Election : Pennsylvania
4102021-05-30Provinces of China on an Empty Map
4042021-11-05All Townships in Taiwan
3362021-06-22Fast Typing Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
2682021-08-20Bopomofo Quiz 注音符號
2622024-03-28Country Shapes Hidden in a Phoenix
2612021-08-12Can You Spell Phillippinnes Correctly?
2192021-06-07Pangaea Continents Map Quiz
2152021-08-17Basic Mandarin Words
2012021-07-29Every 100k+ City in the Southern California on a Map
1772021-11-29Countries of the World - Dominos
1772021-06-22Fast Typing 1 to 100 in Roman Numeral
1742021-09-20Basic Mandarin Words #2
1532021-07-19Taiwan Counties Map Quiz
1442021-08-28All Cities in Miami-Dade County
1412021-07-29How many times can you type K A L K A S K A in 15 Seconds?
1342021-06-16Bermuda Triangle Countries Quiz
1282022-10-08Texas Counties Map Quiz
1272021-08-07States in Hexagons of the U.S. Mainland Map
1212021-07-18Delaware Counties Map Quiz
1182021-08-06Most Ridiculous Quiz on JetPunk
1172021-03-02Biggest 'beach' city in U.S.
1152021-07-06Afro-Eurasia Capitals by Map
1132021-07-16U.S. Cities With The Worst Hoods - With Map
1122021-08-17Largest City in the United States by Timezones
1102021-06-06Top 10 Most Common Spanish Last Names in U.S.
1072021-06-07Top 10 U.S. States with most Soldiers
1072021-03-07Guess the least used letter in U.S State name
1052021-06-04Five Colors of Olympics Symbol
1042021-06-01Top 20 Countries with most Air Crashes
1022021-07-04Non-Landlocked Countries of the World Quiz
1002021-05-30Top 10 U.S. State with Lowest Average IQ
1002021-07-18Rhode Island Counties Map Quiz
992021-08-21Largest 30 Ville Cities in the U.S.
952021-06-05Countries Export Most Sausages by Income
932021-06-20U.S. Presidents got Most Percentage of Electoral Votes
922021-06-19Most Common Language in U.S States Excluding English and Spanish
912021-06-07U.S State with most 100k+ cities
912024-03-28Anti-Bible Countries
882021-03-03U.S. state without letter A
862021-04-25Most common last names in each U.S. States
802021-12-26U.S. States as Last Names
792021-05-31Baltic Countries Map Quiz
762021-05-30Top 10 U.S. State with Highest Average IQ
752021-08-13U.S. Cities with Street Cars
712021-08-12Very Very Simplified Countries of the World Quiz
692021-06-29First U.S. Cities You'll See on the Google Map - Easy Version
682021-08-12Largest Cities in the U.S by States Start for A
672021-06-27Nearest Continents by Continent
662021-06-17Biggest Cities on the World by Letters Number
642021-08-11Connecticut Counties by Border
642021-03-03Biggest '-land' city in U.S.
632021-05-28Biggest '-son' city in U.S.
632021-05-29U.S State with no 100k+ cities
612021-04-26Most Populous 100 U.S. Counties
612021-06-01Top 10 U.S States with the Highest Murder Rate
592021-04-01U.S. state without letter U,S,A
582021-06-06Biggest Cities in U.S. with Letter X
572021-06-26Counties of New York City
552021-04-29US States Quiz -Devil's Version
542021-03-03Biggest '-ton' city in U.S.
542021-05-29U.S State with only one 100k+ city
492021-10-02Countries of "Dawn of the JetPunk Empires" Quiz S1 EP3
492021-10-23Countries of "Dawn of the JetPunk Empires" Quiz S1 EP5
462021-03-05Route 66 states
442021-06-08States that Smith isn't the most common last name
442021-08-23Biggest Cities in U.S. by Letters Number
422021-11-11U.S State with the Most 1M+ Counties
412021-06-29First U.S. Cities You'll See on the Google Map - Hard Version
412021-06-28Most Popular Counties in U.S. A to Z
402021-08-18U.S. States That Borders Washington D.C.
392021-08-11U.S. States Bordering Most Letters
352021-06-06Most Common Last Names in U.S. A to Z
332021-09-12Countries in Eastern China in B.C. 468
282021-05-31U.S. State With Most Rectangular Counties
232021-10-16Countries of "Dawn of the JetPunk Empires" Quiz S1 EP4
232021-02-27Most popular City/County in Taiwan
172024-03-28Name of Afghanistan