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night spirit who abducts children who don't sleep.Babai
ferocious-looking old woman who lives in a hut on chicken legs.Baba Yaga
women with fishtails bathing in waters and combing their hair. they are said to be reincarnations of women who died an impure death.Rusalka
bad house spirit who usually lives behind the stove or the cellar. used to be a traditional explanation for sleep paralysis. there are two different kinds of the spirit: one comes from the forest and the other from the swamp.Kikimora
guardian of the forests. can change size and height and takes care of children who got abandoned in the forests.Leshy
protects and looks after the house and its owners and is said to be a progenitor of the current owners.Domovoy
granddaughter and helper of ded moroz.Snegurochka
dragon like creature with multiple heads who can shapeshift to trick its enemies. may also appear in the guise of a human.Zmei Gorynich

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