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"I don't need no smoke
B****, I am the smoke
Give me space"
"My E and my Q
I put the G in the Q
B****, I'm a G and I'm cute"
Triple Double
"Watch your mouth when you speak to me
I'm the new black history
Watch your back when you close to me
I keep an all-glass rosary"
06 Burst
"The sharks in the water, please partner
Watch your body, hanging on the left side
Right side, give me all of that"
"I have razor blades hidden in my mouth
I don't leave home without the pistol out my couch
Creepers at my door, I don't go out there no more"
90's Green Screen
"No, don't cry, you don't have to cry
Before you're born it's like when you die
It's all black
It's called death"
Clear Bones
"My old man was a jackboy
With the black mask and I'm just like him"
"These horns don't get bloody for no reason
This the season for open season on b**** n****s
Ditch diggin', I promise I ain't no b**** n****
Squeeze quicker, my ligaments on twitch, hittin'
Bull Fighter
"I wish all my days were a little bit longer
Wish my eyes were a little bit stronger
Live my life like I'm running from the police
Live my life like nobody"
"You a creeper in the window
You the monster under my bed, yeah, yeah"
"I apologize if I have trouble
Being all you need
Being the air you breath
The smoke in your lungs turns
White eyes pink"
Pity Party
"You can't hide
They want your soul
They want your light
They sense you're cold
I'm imaging the night"
Glacier Gallery
"You don't wanna see me here
Tell me take it easy here
I been feelin' sleepy here
Runnin' like I'm on a hill"
Poster Child

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